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How long did it take you guys to learn?

Sep 8, 2007

    1. How long did it take you all to learn so much about these dolls? Ive been in love with BJDs for a while now and im still feeling swamped and overwhelmed with all the information out there...sometimes i feel like im in a big black hole and ill never get the hang of it all......:roll:
    2. *joins you in feeling swamped*

      I only found BJDs about a month ago, so really, I know next to nothing, but I spent the first three weeks after I saw my first one absorbing things like a sponge. :) At least now I can understand most of the terminology. I still have a long way to go though...
    3. I actually had a good friend who got me interested in dollfies quite a few years back... in 2003 or 2004. I didn't join DoA until way late (and idled quite a bit due to real life carp happening). She had a gorgeous model with black hair, one of the original models of Volks, forgot which one right off hand.

      I fell in love with the beauty of the doll, and the way the doll moved, as well as was a bit awed by how expensive they were. Needless to say, I saved up a bit and got my first doll, thinking about my second >> And it took a long while to learn about the differences in companies and models, woo.

      But keep asking, I don't think anyone will get sick of you here... last time I knew, everyone was pretty easy going ;3
    4. When I first started, I was surprised by the different terminology and confused by all the different brands. Eventually you get used to it, it took me a couple of months to start sorting all the dolls, companies and names out. Then when I got my first BJD, it was interesting, a few things happened that I wasn't expecting - like having to find eye putty. I'd bought wig, eyes, shoes, but eyelashes (they usually get damaged en-route), eye putty. My first doll meet was a bit overwhelming, trying to remember all the different brands. The longer you browse and look around at people's dolls, the easier it gets.
    5. I've been in love with BJDs for years... only I didn't know they were "BJDs", I thought they were all called "Dollfie", and that they were all made by Volks. :sweat

      Now, I know the truth, of course, but even though I've been into BJDs for so long... I just joined DoA a few months ago. Kinda sad, how long I've been interested in them.
    6. heh heh :sweat
      Still learning, here! :)
    7. I felt like that at first. I know theres still a lot I dont know but I've learn loads and I can recognise loads of molds thanks to DOA so I'm still learning but it does get easier :D
    8. I've been into them for awhile, but only in the *Browse Luts and DoD and drool* sense. It seemed every two months or so, my friends and I would hit those sites, and do the whole, "I want this doll...well, maybe someday" thing.

      But they were so expensive that I figured I'd never get one, so I never really looked into it. @_@; I remember being all, "What? They STRING TOGETHER?!" and being absolutely horrified...for some reason.

      And then finding out they were resin:

      "Isn't that like WAX?! How does it not just FALL APART?"

      ...I'm a little better now than I was back then, glad to say. XD But I still don't know too much. Most of my BJD info directly pertains to dolls I was considering buying, skintones I was considering buying them in, and basic care.
    9. There's so much to learn about BJDs *_* This time last year i was in the same boat as you! But the more you read up and the more you look around the more you learn! Having a doll itself is the best way (the amount of mistakes i've made with poor Seath) Eventually you'll be able to look at a doll at instantly know it's mold =3

      But everyone is always learning, because all the time new dolls and companies are appearing!
    10. It takes time. As you browse the forum, particularly the marketplace ( FA/FS/FT OOAK NRFB NS SwD SDC OMG! ) you're kinda forced to learn. x3 Companies will probably come first, it makes information hunting easier.

      I don't think anyone will ever learn everything. We'll never know just what goes on inside the factory, or know every name of every BJD artist, but you will certainly be able to grasp trends, meanings, and a general ability to find what you want in the shortest amount of time. :D
    11. I think I probably it took me 2 months to get the basics down. But I'm still learning a few things almost everyday! :kitty2
    12. I dont think there is a real end to the learning. I find out about new stuff almost every day, be it a company i've never heard of, or finding out some interesting resin facts or anything else. Theres so much that goes into this hobby it can be overwhelming, but i find tha tpart of the beauty. Anyone you find who owns these dolls and roams this board isnt half-heartedly in it, you cant be.

      I joined DoA in june, for the sole purpose of learning all i could about these dolls to see if they were righr for me. I was a bit intimidated by all the stuff you could do--or had to do--but it settled in my mind and i knew it was right.

      Theres so many questions that need answers when you first get into this, and in some cases theres a billion answers to the questions.

      ..the way i figure it, if you're in love with thema nd you kno wyou want one, then go for it. jump right in and take the chance, because if you're willing tospend that money for the doll, you'll be willing to take care of it and continue to learn all you can about them ^.^
    13. What's essential for a confused castle?

      ....bafflements .... *cheesy grin*

      But seriously, I'm still learning what everything means, I'm still very new to dolls. I knew they existed, for quite a while in fact, but it's since Amecon (August) that I've really gotten into them, before that I'd only really looked at the Volks dolls (only brand I knew!)
    14. I have to agree totally with all thats been said here..i know im absorbing alot and i hang out here as much as possible simply to learn look and drool lol
      And its definately helped actually having dolls...makes the headache more worthwhile lol.
      I guess i just want instant knowledge and that so isnt going to happen....but im sure given time ill get there...x
    15. I joined DoA earlier this summer with the intention of learning everything I could about BJDs. I've learned so much so fast! At first all I knew were they had ball joints, were dolls, and Volks and Luts were two of the companies. And that I wanted a Luts doll.
      Now I still can't tell what mold a doll is unless someone tells me, though I can guess most Luts dolls ^.^ And it's not that hard to tell the company.
      And then there are all the details about taking care of them! It didn't even occur to me that they might yellow in sunlight, and I'm still working on a safe place to keep my boy when he gets here. All the things there are to remember, it's really overwhelming.
      But DoA is a great place to learn, and so far I haven't seen anyone get mad at someone else for asking a question.
    16. I tend to absorb information rather fast (thank you genetics, lol), so it didn't take too terribly long to get the basics down. Of course that was after browsing through DoA's FAQ section and staring at it for a few hours XP
      But even so, with the basic terms and companies down, I have a TON more to learn. I'm constantly stumbling across new things.

      I think after a few months you'll end up having the basics understood, and after that you won't feel like your brain is about to pop :lol: Everything after that will just be something new and interesting to learn about ^^
    17. It took me awhile to figure out what things were. I knew what face ups were and such but was in the dark about everything else XD I've been a member since...er...don't remember, a good 6 months and it took around 1 month or so to figure out what people were talking about and to recognize sculpts. It helped that I pretty much immersed myself in the fandom so I learned quickly ha ha. I think >.>
    18. Im still learning im afraid, ive pretty much got a good understanding of Sd size dolls and stuff. Im waiting my next doll to do a faceup on as im feeling confidant enough to do one myself, im also gonna try my hand at hotgluing as soon as ive phyced myself up. A month ago i wouldnt have done this.

      Im now getting a tiny so im learning all over again!
    19. One more in the swamped club here. I've known about them for almost a year but only started really learning a few months ago when I joined up here. However, I still know next to nothing other than that I have to have one. But I guess that's fine. I'm still not as informed as I'd like to be but the enthusiasm is there and I think that's really what's important.
      Sure it's fun to know off the top of your head what people are talking about but if you don't oh well. At least that's my opinion anyway. I'm still learning and even when I get to the point of being able to recognize sculps and artists, there will always be stuff about them I don't know.
    20. Oh, on the subject of faceups...

      "Wait, you have to pay EXTRA for the painting?...awww. ...But what if I get it and I don't like it! ...oh, it comes off...wait. IT COMES OFF? WHAT A RIP-OFF!" D:

      ...was my reaction. Because I didn't realize that you can do them yourself with relatively low-cost supplies. XD I thought I'd need to ship it back to the factory everytime the paint wore off (and also that the paint would wear off in no time -- I was thinking it was like normal make-up where it just rubs off).

      I'm currently trying to learn as many companies as I can, and as many molds/types as I can, but I still feel ashamed of how little I know. xD It seems like I discover a new company every day, and that just when I think I know the basics, I'm confused again.

      Like my mystery of the day is: SD versus SD10. Same thing, yes or no? xD

      I feel so clueless. Less so than before, but still totally clueless.