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How long did you doll search before you fell in love?

Sep 20, 2016

    1. I've been searching hard core for about 5 months to find "the one" with no luck. I've found plenty of attractive dolls, but none to which make me go "he is the ONE". So my question is, how long did you research dolls before you found the perfect first?

      (also, if it makes any difference in the replies, to clarify, I've messed around with it for 5 years, but I've only seriously started searching once I got the money to buy one. )
      #1 MemeNiehe, Sep 20, 2016
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    2. I am for 3 months search . :lol:
      Actually i'm always collect a girl Bjd and now in search for boy BJD , but i never found out one the most i like .
    3. Don't worry about taking so long to find your dream doll. You have to make sure you REALLY want what you're getting.

      My first bjd (a girl) took indefinite time before I settled on her. I originally wanted another company's sculpt, but the price was breaking my heart so I had to tear through plenty of catalogues to find other options. My upcoming boy (head) was a semi-impulse buy because he's a limited ed. With the kind of male sculpts I wanted, I knew it would be some time before I find someone like him again.
      #3 AntarelNefertili, Sep 20, 2016
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    4. I spent a long time looking at dolls and telling myself I could never have one... So when my wife told me to pick one out I looked for one that... Looked like her, hah... Round face, soft features, big eyes. The blanchet from luts had a face up option I liked too. The whole model was just very attractive to me. Then she arrived and I loved her instantly, she was perfect.
      For my boy, I just wanted him to match my lady and not have a baby face. Luts had a doll for that too. He hasn't arrived yet, but I doubt anything less than a chip will make me dislike him when he arrives. I love him already. We looked for him for... Two years? Again, I had been telling myself I could never have one, so I had done a lot of window shopping!
    5. Oh gosh, more than a decade! I've wanted a BJD since I was a pre-teen and I always thought they were so pretty... However, it was only recently that I finally found a sculpt that I absolutely adored and just must have + now that I'm a working adult, I can actually afford them without too much trouble. I've come a long way!
    6. For me, not long at all!! But when I started collecting, there where like... 4 companies to choose from (I'm definitely exaggerating but there was a whole lot less choice). My friend had gotten a Dream of Doll Camine and everyone was really into DoD at the time so I got a DoC U :) No regrets!!
    7. Two months... then I got swayed by a limited doll and put off getting "the one", then "the one" was discontinued. It took me seven years to get the doll I first wanted. Six of those years after she was out of production and when she did pop up for sale I would either not have the money or she was missing the default faceup I wanted.
      I in no way regret getting the other doll. In a way it made me finally finding the doll I wanted first more special. :)
    8. It didn't take me fall for BJD Elf Dolls. But once the feet started to drop off due to the screw in thing, I changed to another company, and another until I found my dream companies. Been with the one for 8 years and the later for over 2 years.
    9. Not very long, if we count starting from the moment I realized I could actually afford to get into this hobby. I'd admired these dolls for years before that but I didn't think I'd ever be able to get one so I never bothered to really look into them much, so I wouldn't be too tempted. After I started actually looking into sculpts, it took me... I think about two or three months to decide on the doll I wanted as my first? Of course then things happened and I ended up getting a different doll as my first, but I've since obtained all the main candidates I had for my first doll, haha. Generally speaking I love the look of a lot of dolls, but don't actually love most of them enough to get them for myself, so when a doll clicks with me, I just know. I was constantly told it could take ages to find the right one though so definitely don't rush yourself! You should wait until one really clicks with you, I think.
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    10. Probably about two years. Then once I found him it took me about 3 years to finally get him. :XD:
    11. I spent along time looking for my first doll. I also looked at all the information that was associated with bjds too
      I wait a whole year before buying my first bjd. I knew I had to get her I couldn't get her out of my head
      There no rush at all... But lately I've been seeing people being in a rush to buy their first one and wanting to know what a good "starter doll" is which most times would be the cheaper company bjds. I guess there's nothing wrong with that but I would rather have one I absolutely loved and couldn't get out mind about it then the one I was in a rush and it was the cheapest one
      Hope you find one you love
    12. A few years, but not very hard. I wanted to buy a doll in person, with one of my BJD expert friends along. I finally found one that suited me at a convention this past summer after having dipped my toe in with some cheaper vinyl dolls in the past.
    13. I casually looked around for probably around 4-5 years, but once I finally decided to go straight for it and seriously get one, maybe a couple of months.
    14. Don't worry hun, I'm not worried about the "good starter doll" as a pressure. I already know I want a handsome uncle sized male doll to which price range is 9/10 times $1000. The only pressure I have is that I don't want to wait any longer to have my doll, I just still don't know who he is *_* I'm way to picky about how he looks. :XD: I'm glad you were able to get that doll you couldn't get off your mind, I hope I can find a doll like that soon~
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    15. Actually, I wasn't interested in bjd until I saw, "the one". I was aware of them but, never saw anything that made me think I would pay so much money for one.
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    16. I think technically I was about 7 years from when I started seriously looking and buying the "one". After that though ... the floodgates have opened.
    17. I'm finding that my tastes are constantly changing. I have purchased some bjds for my daughter. I am still on the hunt for the perfect doll - also making sure that it fits within my budget.
    18. i had liked bjds for a long time but it wasn't until this year that i decided it was time for me to get one. i had Some specific things i was looking for in my first doll and while i found some dolls that i liked,I couldn't decide on the one to get, so It took me about maybe three months of searching and comparing dolls until i came across the one that i knew would be perfect as my first and fit just what i was looking for
    19. A question to those who have waited so long trying to find the right doll, how hard was it waiting so long?

      Everyone here seems pretty chill with it taking 1-5 years of research, but for me every day is utter heartache and yearning I just want him so bad, but I don't know who "him" is yet. This doll wont just be a something beautiful I dress and take to cons and photo shoots, I am going to take him with me literally everywhere. :atremblin

      I plan on bringing him with me to my Japanese class, with his own miniaturized version of Genki (our textbook) and laptop, because last time I brought Mr Bones (my Halloween skeleton) to class, he was a huge hit with everyone.

      I plan on taking him out when I hang out with friends, different outfits for different events. Cold day? have a winter jacket. Regular hanging out? T-Shirt and jeans. Ball dance on campus? Forget real men, my baby's in a tux. Halloween in cosplay together. You name it, I want show him off. :love Around 6 years of being obsessed with these dolls, how could I not?

      So, for me, not being able to find the right one is a daily devastation. Did anyone else have these issues? How hard core did you search? Do you regret the time you were without one? This question isn't for those who were already in love with a doll, and simply waited to buy them (unless you couldn't chose between a few. God I wish that was my issue :love )
    20. @MemeNiehe I suppose I had more of an attitude like... Until I find the right one, my interest in BJDs will be purely from the outside looking in. I didn't want to get a doll just because my friends did or even because I wanted it to fulfill a particular need. I didn't feel like I was missing anything in those 10 years... More like when I finally saw the doll that pushed me over that threshold, it created within me a new need that could only be fulfilled by me purchasing it. I do hope you find your destined doll someday, though! :thumbup
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