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How long did you wait to get your first doll?

Dec 4, 2017

    1. I'm extremely new to the hobby, but I've become obsessed with BJD's and am eager to get my first one! I had always seen them online (and I'l be honest I did think they were a little odd at first...) but a year ago I saw a booth at my local con that was selling clothes and they had their doll on display. Ever since then it's been on my mind!

      I was curious how long you waited before getting your first doll vs. when you heard/took interest in the hobby? I'm thinking of waiting until either after christmas or my birthday in December, just to make sure I have enough funds (: How about you all?
    2. Mine was about three months. Before that I was in here doing research every day. I bought two heads at once, one on the MP, one from the company. Now over a year later I have two full dolls and two heads I am trying to complete.
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    3. I had seen them at cons and admired them, but didn’t know where they came from or anything. Then on a different forum (i.e. not here) there was a thread talking about them, and there were names of shops, and links even! I held off a couple of months, but then took the plunge.

      I just hadn’t known where to get one, or had any idea what they were even called to look it up, so I didn’t wait that long afterwards. Then again, I have a stable job and living situation, which helps in a hobby like this for jumping in.
    4. Hmm, I remember seeing a BJD at a convention when I was 16 and looking them up. After seeing the price tag I decided that I’d never be able to afford it and didn’t really look more into it. (Edit. Also there was not allot of info about them back then, lol)

      When I hit 18 and had my first “real” job I jumped in head first and only spent bout 3 weeks researching before ordering a Dollmore Ipsea, who I’ll always remember fondly :)

      For me this worked out, I’ve been in the hobby for a decade now ^^
    5. That seems like a reasonable amount of time! Did you start with other dolls before you decided to commit to resin dolls? That's awesome how your collection has grown!

      The stable job definitely helps! If Christmas wasn't right around the corner I probably would have bit the bullet way sooner and bought one already! When you got your first doll, did you get her a ton of outfits, wigs, etc. or did you you already have some/made some of your own?
    6. I had bought one dress and wig for her from the same company to make sure it would fit, lol. I’m not particularly crafty, and as stable as my job is, it sometimes is exhausting and full of overtime, so if I depended on my skills to dress my doll, she’d be naked until the apocalypse.
    7. That's sweet! Since you had your first real job, did you spoil your doll a lot? That's my biggest worry is that she'll eventually have nicer things than me! :lol: That's incredible you've been in the hobby for so long! It makes inspired newbies like myself feel hopeful and excited! :D
    8. I've been interested in the hobby since I was a teenager, so around 10 years i went just admiring them and looking at pictures but never being able to afford one....I finally ordered my first doll last month ^^
    9. I've known about BJDs since I was quite young, I'd say about 12 maybe? And even though I was smitten with them upon learning about then, the price range seemed so beyond anything I could ever afford, so I admired from a distance. Eventually I forgot about my interest in them. But earlier this year a friend of mine started picking up the hobby and I remembered how I felt all those years ago and the obsession boiled back up again.
      I just recently received my first doll and I just adore her!
    10. I jsut found out about BJDs about 2 months ago but wont be able to order my first doll till spring. Till then I am learning to sew so I can make lots of cool clothes for her.
    11. Nope! I figured that if I spent money on other dolls as starters, it would take that much longer to save up. So I jumped right in with my favorites. Unfortunately, I haven't had steady work until now, so they have very little. But I'm getting things while I can afford them.
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    12. From hearing about the hobby to buying a doll? Probably about 2 years, give or take a bit. I can't remember for sure, because I didn't care about it at all back then. It was all lolita girls carrying lolita girl dolls, which is very much not my aesthetic. :lol:

      From actually deciding to buy a doll to buying a doll? About a month, maybe? My roommate picked him out for me, and I ordered him when I got my tax return for the year.

      From becoming legitimately interested in the hobby to buying a doll? Uh... that was about three or four months after I got the first one? I honestly wasn't that interested when I got my first boy; I was planning to make clothing to sell at my Artist Alley table at conventions, and have a doll that kind of looked like one of my oldest OCs (since I'd always wanted some kind of a poseable figure of him, but there weren't any action figures that were a good base for a kitbash). I wasn't going to get more than one. After all, they were expensive! And most of them (of what I'd seen at the time anyway) didn't fit my aesthetic, so why would I buy them? It was when I found some that were more on the affordable end of the scale, and also fit the look of more of my OCs, that I actually started taking an interest and really took the plunge into the hobby. :3nodding:
    13. I would say about four months. I saw bjd for the first time on another doll forum that was Nov 2005, sold most of my reborn dolls by January 2006. Bought my first BJD in February. It was an Elfdoll Wu from Denver Doll.
    14. Oh...something like 5 years, I think?

      I first saw them when I was in college. I had a lot of fashion dolls and handmade rag dolls and others, but I fell in love with Volks. As much as I wanted one, there was just no possible way of getting one. I didn't have a job, was a student with very little exra money, and there was absolutely no way my parents would buy me one. After I moved out and had a job, I wanted to save up, but even then, money was just too tight to realistically buy resin. I just kind of put it out of my head for a few years, then eventually came back to them after I was out of school and working regularly, and by then there were more companies and options. I ended up selling my fashion dolls and lots of other things I had and didn't use, and finally bought my first doll, an AoD Chen, from JunkySpot. He was in stock and arrived in about a week.

      When I first found out about BJDs, I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford even one of them, it would just be a lifelong dream. Fifteen years later and I own 18 of them. :)
    15. I found out about bjds in 8th grade, so... 2009? 2010? And I ordered my first bjd in January with my Christmas money, since that's mostly what assorted family members gave me last year. It was sort of a case of "I don't really need clothes or anything and I have waited long enough!"
    16. I first got interested way back in middle school but didn't start taking the hobby seriously into consideration until 2 years ago, but I just ordered my first doll in September because I finally had enough funds to afford one! I bought a few toy store fashion dolls in those 2 years because I thought it'd fill my urges for a BJD but they didn't so I justified with myself that it would be better for me to buy 1 nice doll that will last longer than a bunch of cheaper ones (though, I'm already saving for my second one).
    17. I waited a couple of months and did a lot of research with what I wanted. I would recommend you look at as many bjd as you can and familiarize yourself with terms like yosd, etc it helps when your looking for doll items like clothes. Good luck on finding your first BJD and welcome to the hobby.
    18. Honestly I ordered my first doll within the first month! I was working my first job and had extra cash, so I was able to afford her pretty quickly :)
    19. I first learned about BJDs a few years ago, but I had no intentions of actually purchasing one at the time. I rediscovered the hobby this year and ordered my first doll a month after I started looking for one to buy! I have no regrets. :3nodding:
    20. Found out about them 5 years before I got one. I simply didn't have the funds at the time.