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How long did you wait?

Jun 6, 2008

    1. I am curious to know how long people waited to buy their dolls?

      I became interested in bjd's about three years ago. I had been saving for all those three years to buy my first doll and right before I was about to. (About a week before actually) my computer was stolen and I had to use the money I was saving to buy a new one. Now my father has agreed to lend me the money I would need to buy one. Should I jump on this chance or wait and see if my feelings change?
    2. I think I waited ever since I discovered them - two years ago. But on finally deciding on an actual doll - two weeks.
    3. If you think your feelings might change...I would wait. If you know you'll want the doll anyway, get it while you can.
    4. I first came across 'dollfies' in a random google search, thought, 'hey, they're nice!', forgot, found them again and about 12 months later began to seriously consider aquiring one!

      As for your question - Its great that your dad has recognised your interest in these dolls, especially since you used the money you had saved to replace your computer. IMO I would say 'yes, please!' and pay him back. There is a large market for your chosen doll to be re-homed if you decided that you weren't that into them after all, so there is no need to worry about white elephant syndrome.

      Well, thats my 2cents!
    5. I'd say take it. If you've been saving for 3 years and still have an interest it's bound to only get stronger.

      I had the same feelings when I was waiting for my first doll to arrive. I thought that I'd have him for a week then get sick of him. Once he got here though I was so in love with him and I just fall more in love with him whenever I look at him.

      I'm sorry about your computer too, btw.
    6. ozzie: Yes you are right! I have always been such a hesitant person about these things without any reason. I know that I want this but my mom has been hounding me about the money so much that I almost forgot how much I love the doll. I'm going to go for it! (fire in my eyes)
    7. You know we're gonna want to see pictures. ;)
    8. rose: of course... but that would involve a camera... (thinking: I'll have to make friends with someone who owns a camera before my doll arrives... :cheer )
    9. nox: thank you so much for your concern.
    10. Yay! I'm now a dolly enabler!

      You go girl! And yes, we will want pictures - which doll are you getting? :love
    11. I was one of those people that jumped right into the hobby. I'm still new to the whole BJD hobby, but in the past month and a half I've learned an immense amount of information that it's almost scary XD

      Anyways I didn't wait very long. After about two weeks of looking and obsessing, I saved and ordered my first BJD, a DoD Sha. That was April 20th (I still haven't even received him XD) Since then I've gotten a DZ Megi from a member here on DoA and I'm ordering a MD Miho coming up ^^ My next goal is a Shushu by next month XD
    12. Wow Kiihay, when you say you jumped right into it, you mean it! Good for you. ;)
    13. I model that I JUST ordered is a leeke world mabel! I even bought a wig for her! (off to ebay to find shoes and clothes!)
    14. kiihey: Wow that quickly? O..o
    15. Akasora, sorry to hear that...it's really bad luck. I've only got to know BJDs 3 months ago, I'm totally in love & just ordered my first doll yesterday. Before this I'm not a doll/stuff toy person at all... It was pretty fast.

      I decided to get one as I like the creative part of posing & photographing the dollies. At that time Lati was still opened for ordering, so I thought of buying it during the next re-opening which on next week. And it was a quite an agony wait but it gave me time to be certain I really want the particular doll

      Yeah, I also have the same worries that I may not like it after the novelty pass. If it happens (which I hope not), I consider reselling it to someone who have love her more :)
    16. joztique: yes with the help of the people here I was able to overcome my uncertainty about the issue.
    17. I waited about 5 months before I bought my first head.
      But I couldn't order it during that time anyway. P:
    18. I waited years until something I knew I couldn't live without appeared. It was relatively easy to come up with excuses to avoid buying until then.

      ...so now it's just been 52 days waiting since the order went in.
    19. Been in the hobby for about a year now and still no doll ^^; I hope to finally acquire one by the end of this year though even if I'm still debating "MSD OR SD?! AGHH!" XD
    20. Just started concidering buying one, and i'm already saving for my first (two), hopefully before X-Mas, so i can ask for clothes for my boy(s) for X-Mas. If not, i'll be asking for money for my boy(s)