How long do you wait before hitting the 'Buy' button...?

Jun 6, 2019

    1. I like premeditating. It can be months or years before I get a doll. I have one or two that were "quick" purchases, due to limited time sales or a mold about to be discontinued.
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    2. Depends if its second hand I normally don't hesitate, especially if its a full set with outfit and wig, long as I know I have the funds to cover my purchase, If its brand new I will take a while to mull it over and take into account having to buy extra's such as clothes, wig etc.
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    3. Never take a thinking when I see my grail dolls. Even I don't have enough money to get pay in full payment I‘ll request for layaway:nosebleed:doh
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    4. At least 2 weeks. Exception on doll that was gonna to be discontinued and I bought her right away ( last chance to get her)
    5. Usually a week for unlimited, and for limited 1-3 days. If I have the money. No money, no doll. With my SOOM Leepy and Roral, I ordered the day they were released no hesitation. With my Granado Napoleon 31cm I waited till a couple days before the sales period ended. I make a decision and get antsy if I don’t act on it, waiting just kills me. Guess I’m impatient.
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    6. As others have said, if a secondhand doll I’ve been searching for pops up, I’ll buy right away if the funds are ready. For preorders, I’ll wait until the last second.
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    7. I ussally wait 3-6 months before buying a doll (or head and body separately).the longest I have waited before buying a doll I have decided I am getting is 1 year, this doll was my Unoa. She is still incomplete needing a body. I will hopefully be ordering her body this June or July
    8. When buying the first doll (after I saw a photo of a clean head:aeyepop:) I waited about 5 seconds. When buying a second doll, I waited one night. When buying a third, I waited about 2 days. I’ve been thinking about buying a fourth for 2 years and still can’t decide:sigh.
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    9. It really depend on which doll, the price of the doll and how much money I got in my bank account. For all three dolls I own right now, the decision is made within a second, I need this doll in my life ASAP. And I have been thinking about few other dolls for many months, and still have not make my decision.
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    10. Too long. :...( I had been planning to buy an Angell-Studio HongLee head for over a year but still never actually managed to make the purchase, and when I finally decided to do it, AS had stopped selling parts separately and implied they would no longer sell heads alone even when the parts did return. :...(:...(:...(:...( So now I'm hunting for him secondhand...but I could have already gotten him by now if I just hadn't dithered for so long.

      Most of the time I do take a while because I'm hesitant to spend my money and for the most part I don't go for limited dolls. Still, I think I should try to wait a little less in the future because even unlimited dolls can get discontinued. I have gotten a few heads because I had to jump on them before discontinuation. Granted, I got no warning it'd happen for HongLee....
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    11. When II read this, I thought, Yes, this is me :-)

    12. It varies a lot. There have been LEs that were so perfect for one of my characters that I only thought about it for a day or three, and then there have been ones I knew I could get later that kept getting passed over in favor of those I couldn't for one or more years. Most of course fall somewhere in between.
      The most common reason I end up rehoming dolls is because they end up not looking right in comparison to the characters I've already shelled, which can be difficult to figure out ahead of time. It's not like I can ask the company, "hey, can you show me your new sculpt next to [some other company's doll] so I can tell if the face is going to be too thin or not?" :lol:
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    13. There's usually a bit of excitement everytime fairyland releases something, they've quickly become my favorite company with how great their last few releases have been. I don't actually consider it unless there's consistent doll mania that goes on for about 2-3 weeks (if time allows).

      Gotta see how much pining there is before committing. A few littles have recently kicked up the mania, which is weird considering I've never had interest in owning one before.
    14. It depends on how much I need the doll, how much I am willing to spend atm, if it's on sale or being discontinued, etc... so if I want a doll after a very long time of not buying any new dolls, if it's getting discontinued or the price is a good deal, I'd treat myself and buy it within a few days of taking the decision, otherwise I would wait for months until I allow myself to spend more on dolls. Another option if I am too impatient would be just buying the head first if I want the sculpt so bad but cannot afford a full doll.
    15. As previously mentioned in this thread, if it's secondhand and, furthermore, it's something I really want or is otherwise limited, I snatch it up as long as I have the funds right away. I'm not keen on layaways in that scenario, and more often than not the sellers are looking for immediate cash anyway. My current two dolls were both immediate purchases following that logic. I wanted a MSD boy and one popped up in my price range shipping from the within the US and he'd already been sitting for over a month waiting for a buyer and his sculpt was adorable so I just... haha. The other is a Loxy, which is a limited release pet by Dream Valley that I never expected to be able to get my hands on and then, once again, a US seller popped up and after I'd missed out on two others because they were shipping from the UK, well... here we are.

      I'm far slower with new purchases, mostly because I don't really tend to go for the limited releases or whatever the latest hype doll is. I buy with the intention of shelling a character, so if something isn't perfect or workable + cheap, it takes me forever to settle haha.
    16. I used to be very patient, but now I don't care to tease myself. A week ago I bought two new heads within 20 minutes of learning about the existence of their sculpts, although the purchase had no time limit. The only ones I hesitate with are those from companies with long/irregular wait times like Dollshe, from whom I have had a couple of things on my wishlist for a month. I don't want to own so many of the sculpts around so I don't get financially wrecked even if I buy dolls rather impulsively, since I find nice ones so rarely (and since Finland pays free money to students instead of taking tuition fees, and I don't have a rent to pay with it lol). And if I choose and plan with care, I tend to stress about bonding, my plans not working etc much more and ironically bond less with the doll.
    17. A long time, I had to redo my collection and I am wary that I might ruin my hard work.
    18. I try to wait it out as long as i can depending on sales period, instant love on a sculpt, and how rare it is. i do tend to fall into the buyers remorse trap sometimes, thought my yosd( currently photo to the left) was instant love. i missed out on ordering him from the initial period i saw him so i snapped him off when i saw there was one left. when i saw his msd version here too, i know hes not quite as rare perhaps, but i wanted him too... his face is just... so adorable.

      a few dolls ive ordered to replace the old characters who outgrew their current faces. i try to wait a little while, but if theres a sale or a face i cant pass up, i buy it.

      so timelines change depending on choices, but really, if theres a doll i must have, i wait maybe a week or so with seeing how long i think about him.

      im sometimes dangerously good or lucky at finding who i want so i have to be careful who i start looking for. 4 our of 4 heads that were rare ive found that i wanted within a couple weeks at most.
    19. I am very picky, and if I have anything I don't like in a doll, I pass it. My actual doll is the one I am not hesitate to pay for. I waited more than a year to get him, because I must spend the money on real life things. I like to wait as long as I am sure I want it really. If I hesitate on something I better leave it, and most of the time I hesitate on purchase a doll. ( I don't like the ankles, bust, etc.)
    20. I'm still waiting for my two very first bjds to arrive, but I've been admiring bjds since I was 13 years old :')
      But no bjd sculpt ever really grabbed at me like "I NEED THAT BABY" until last Dec when on a whim I was looking through DollMix's website and saw Doll Chateau's Charon. My heart was pounding! It was kind of like the stars aligned because I had been working a better job for a while and had enough money saved, although she wasnt cheap. I talked it over with my mom and she told me that if she really made me that happy I should go for it. Especially because of the limited release and how long I waited to get one.

      My second is a Doll Chateau Vincent head on the new horse body, but those weren't limited so I waited until March to save enough and order. There was a sale for 15% off and free shipping :) similar situation, but I took my time with that one, about 3 months! And I've committed to only paying in full, avoiding the temptation of layaways. I would rather save than have to cancel my order or something because of an emergency.
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