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How long is too long for wait times?

Apr 12, 2018

    1. I'm just curious for opinions here, I currently have a doll ordered from Dollzone and it looks like the waittime is going to be somewhere close to 5-6 months. This was a super hard decision for me since I'm so desperately impatient, but I fell in absolute LOVE with the Seventeen sculpt and figured the wait was more than worth it.

      So I'm curious. Is there any limit for you, personally, on how long you would wait for your doll? Does waiting time play any factor for you at all, or is it a non important factor in deciding which dollls you want?
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    2. It's a hard question because it's depend on people. I personally don't like to wait too long because I'm very impatient too, and when I wait a doll for too long, I just don't want this doll anymore... I would say 4-6 months for me.
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    3. Ive done a couple 7-8 month waits and Im not in a hurry to do it again. I would have to really love the doll.
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    4. I´m still waiting for a Doll I ordered back in december 2016 -.- Still no shipping notification... It´s for a Dollshe Diana.
      The latest mail from them said they might ship her this month... I hope so...
      I often waited around 1 year for a Dollshe Doll but this time the waiting is crazy...

      The only reason i buy these Dolls is that i absolutly love them. They are perfect, beautiful for me and fit my ideal, asthetics and the charas i have in mind...

      I think normal waiting times for other companys are around 4-7 month. It depends on the company...

      The shortest waiting time was around 1,5 - 2 month for a Iplehouse Doll. They are really fast!
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    5. 3-4 months is ok for me, otherwise I would better buy a secondhand doll. I'm ready to wait longer if I'm REALLY in love with the doll and the company has a good feedback. I had a bad experience with 10months waiting 2 times and I absolutely don't want to face these problems again.
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    6. The worst I ever had to wait was a year and a half for a doll which was not a fun experience, 3-4 months is the usual wait which is just about doable. :sigh
    7. Holy smokes that’s so long!!! That’s amazing that you can stand to wait so long, you must really like the sculpt. I don’t think I could do that, I’d be so angry at the company.
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    8. I love Kaye Wiggs dolls and their wait times are usually around seven months.
      I also love Dollmore and their wait times are generally around two months. I once got a doll, complete with custom faceup, in exactly one week. I assume Dollmore had a spare from a cancled order or something and just took that week to give him the faceup and ship him. lol Unfortunately, it never happened again.

      I'm also very impatient, which is why I buy either secondhand or from official dealers who keep dolls in-stock (like Junkyspot) whenever possible, to shorten the wait. lol

      Even clothing wait times can be excruciatingly long sometimes! Ordered a couple of limited outfits from Soom and it took about three months to get to me. I ordered two wigs from Amadiz and they took four. lol Developing a sense of patience is very important in this hobby or you'll drive yourself batty with the waiting. Or else fall into the dreaded "impulse buy syndrom" to ease the symtoms and end up with like two more dolls and a bunch of unneeded accessories before the first order ever arrives!
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    9. If I go in knowing it'll take ages (Dollshe, looking at you) and want the doll, I have no upper limit.

      If I go in expecting the regular 3-4 months wait, I get annoyed at around 8 months.
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    10. I wouldn't be able to wait as long as a year for a doll unless I had a few other dolls to occupy me while I wait. I haven't had to experience wait times yet as all my doll heads and the one body I have are all secondhand. My LittleRebel head was new but I had him on layaway for only a month.
    11. No wait time is too long after you've waited for Volks preorders :P One year, enough said.
    12. I've never had to wait longer than four months for a doll, but usually my dolls arrived within a month - a month an a half. I've been pretty lucky. ^^ I think if I had to wait longer than 6-8 months I'd be pretty antsy!
    13. I have been waiting for my Dollshe Saint about year. (My first doll from this company arrived after month I'd ordered it. ) And now I'm in doubt about this doll because I'm so angry with the Dollshecraft. But I'm 100% sure that this is my last order from this firm.
      I think that the normal period of waiting for a doll is exactly as much as it mentioned on company's site.
      #13 Etaniel, Apr 12, 2018
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    14. I just ordered from Alice collections a dollzone minas head and it took 3 months so I guess it just depends?
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    15. Dollshe orders can be over a year... which I guess is okay if you were aware before hand (I was aware of long wait times).

      I’ve waited 5-6 months regularly for many companies. I think the quickest I’ve had was from Daydream, which was about three months, but he’s only small, whereas most of my dolls are 68cm+. Plus, where you live can affect the shipping time a lot, especially if you’re in a country that holds parcels at customs (although U.K. customs do release fast once you pay the import fee).

      Generally, this hobby is not great for the impatient! I think we learn to live with wait times and sometimes when a doll makes it home faster it’s a nice surprise! ^-^
    16. I waited about 8 months for my Dollzone girl and then I got an email from them to say that my doll had been lost and I would have to wait another half a year for them to make a new one and send it out to me! But luckily my doll was found and arrived to me about a week later :sweat
      It was definitely worth the wait in the end though!
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    17. I used to wait a year for every Lati Yellow I ordered and finally got sick of the wait and stopped buying. It seems as 3 months is the standard wait time these days for dolls I order and by the time it nears the 3 month mark, I start to get antsy.

      For me, a year wait time really can kill the desire I had for the doll when it was ordered. I'm patient, but after a year of waiting it's kind of hard to care about the doll when it finally arrives.
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    18. Depends a lot to me on what the company claims and what the waiting rooms are seeing. My biggest gripe was when I ordered a body with a two month wait time that the waiting rooms were approximately matching. I didn't get it for over six. I have theories as to where the issue was, but it's long in the past now.
      Generally speaking, I put a lot of hesitance if the estimated wait times are over six months posted.
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    19. My wait time for the longest is 2 years and 3 months, and I am still waiting. Hoping by the end of this month he will arrive.
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    20. As for me personally I would prefer not to wait longer than 3-4 months, otherwise I lose interest in the doll and sell it again right when I got it.
      However, for my grails I would definately wait longer since I want them since a long time now already and did not lose interest so I guess it depends on the doll and my relationship towards this doll.
      I would never ever wait over a year tho, so no Dollshe for me xD
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