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How long is your wishlist?

Apr 7, 2017

    1. I've been thinking about this a lot...my wishlist is super long, because I love planning characters and finding dolls for characters I already have. Sometimes I feel kind of silly making a wishlist and actually writing it out, because I know there are many on the list that I probably won't even get, but there's something really fun about planning a doll to me.

      How long is your wishlist? Do you plan a lot and keep track of dolls you want, or just buy on the fly when you see something you like? How often do you cycle dolls in/out of your wishlist? I'm curious! :3nodding:
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    2. Like you I love making wishlists in general and have one for dolls I know I'll get, and another for tentative dolls. My list for dolls I'm considering is long on its own. Probably about 20+ dolls on top of the dolls I know I'm getting.

      I bump things on and off my tentative wishlist often, probably every few months which is why I made it lol. I also have lists for clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes and accessories too. I'm really obsessed with organization, lol!
    3. I have lots of wishlists, I think because I like listing things. Lists of people I'd like to commission, dolls I'd like to get, dolls I'd like to photograph, clothes/props I want for different characters/dolls. A lot of it is just for the sake of having a list, because even when I do have spare money, I tend to just look for new things to add to the lists. I can say that when I do spend money on doll stuff, it tends to just be a great deal or something that really fits a character I found browsing the marketplace, etsy, or instagram.
    4. I'm getting better at not impulse-buying dolls, and narrowing down my wishlist to a "top 5" most-wanted. I try to revise it as often as possible and I'm being more critical about what goes on there. I try to sell a non-bonded impulse-buy dolls before I buy one from the wishlist.

      Mountains of dolls are delightful, but my house is tiny and I'm running out of space. :lol:
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    5. There are really only two dolls left on mine... And one of them is so rare I honestly doubt I'll ever find one.
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    6. My real wishlist, meaning things I fully intend to buy within the next year, is very short. I want a body for my floating head, and that's all the resin I currently have on that list! Though I always want more clothes, shoes and accessories, THAT part of the wishlist is never ending.

      Then I have a sort of...fantasy wishlist. This one is comprised of things I really like and might like to have, mostly fantasy or anthro tinies and minis, maybe a few human sculpts I have no character for, sometimes really expensive props that I'll never really buy, or it's very unlikely I'll buy. The sort of things I might indulge in if I randomly ended up with $1000 in hand and nothing else I really needed or wanted at the time, but I wouldn't work extra hard to save up for them.
    7. I don't buy on the fly. I study websites, look at head sculpts, bodies, etc. Then I buy several from that particular
      company. I like the different dolls to be harmonious!!!
    8. Mine's not too terribly long. Mostly more Shiwoos, specific parts, and some SD-sized heads for characters who fit that size. All of them are pretty much eventual purchases, with the "probably never" grails a rarity if I ever find them.
    9. Down to just two on my doll wish list, and neither currently exist (haven't been made yet). Maybe one day, I'll be happily surprised when a company actually makes them, but it's nice not to be collecting dolls anymore. Now my wish list of items to get or make to finish up my dolls is growing. That list seems to have no end in sight!
    10. I tend to a bit unsystematic about my doll purchases, I buy what I like when I can afford it and if I can't pay for it in full I just won't purchase. Written lists tend to make me feel more stressed than organized, unless it's something simple like for groceries.

      I have a short mental tally of favorite dolls that I would like to have in the future, and when they get released I usually act fast to obtain them, especially if they are offered in a limited skin color or limited faceup. I'm open to unplanned doll purchases as well, if I find one I simply adore, but I'm a bit more hesitant to buy a doll that I might consider an impulse buy - especially if they are a full doll and not just a faceplate or head. I'm the type of collector that's fine with my doll's sharing bodies, so I don't feel especially pressured to purchase as many full dolls. My weak point as a collector are dolls from my favorite company, Peak's Woods, I tend to buy most of my dolls from them as they are so sweet and friendly and I love their sculpts.

      There are also some dolls that I dream about having, but know that it is very unlikely for me to purchase - like Doll Chateau Delia, I love her so much in photos, but I find she is just too high fantasy for me to add to my collection.
    11. My wishlist is very small, since I have to both make sure I actually want the doll, and then gather funds, too. I can't impulse buy since I have neither the space nor the money. I don't cycle dolls out of my wishlist very often since new releases tend not to grab me.
    12. I prefer making my wishlist into one that is more realistic and short right now, but I can see a wishlist can also be a way to keep tabs on doll sculpts that I like.
    13. I guess my wishlist is pretty long, since I usually just add all the dolls I like and would likely get if I have a money tree to it. However, there are some dolls that made it to my priority wish list which are the dolls I like the most and are those that I'd definitely buy if they are available, and will buy first over all the others in the "normal" wishlist, because sadly I don't have a money tree. But sometimes, I might get a doll in the normal wishlist home first if there was a good promotion going on for it.

      Those priority dolls are usually those that I already have a character or concept in mind for them; I just need to get them home if they ever become available/re-released so I track them quite a bit LOL. But I do realize that sometimes I might just fall in love with a newly released doll so once in a while I end up getting a doll that wasn't planned or in the wishlist, like my Luts Summer boy.

      Dolls in the "priority" wishlist usually stay there for a long time until I get them, whereas I occasionally update/add/remove those in the normal wishlist whether or not I might end up getting them or if my taste/doll plan changes.
    14. Mine isn't super long, mostly because i'm not 100% sure im actually getting the dolls im wishlisting for and i'm super picky with the stuff i want since the main doll i'm wishlisting for is an oc
    15. Waaay too long. Some are never going to be, and there are lots of characters that I'd love to get if I suddenly became super rich, but are very low priority to me when I think about how long it takes me to save. I try to focus on one or two favorites at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge list... of course, who the one or two are is always changing.

      (also right now it might be more like three... one couple I finally found sculpts to fit after thinking I'd never be able to make them work, and the one I thought would be my next doll... er, one doll ago.)
    16. My wishlist is rather long but it also changes a lot over time. I take rather much time looking at different dolls and deciding wether I should put them on my wishlist or not. I think at the moment there are about 7 dolls on the list.
    17. I almost wish my wishlist was a little longer. Right now I only have two dolls I'm eyeing (Fairyland's Celine and Little Monica's Sophia), and Dollfie Dream I might get if she turns out cute (Re:Zero Emilia). It rounds up to four if none of the sculpts I want work for an OC I want to shell, but that's really about it for now! (Clothes and things, on the other hand... Now that's a long wishlist.)
    18. My wishlist is very small and exists only in my head, and is a bit vague

      Some of the dolls on it I'm unlikely to ever get, either due to scarcity or ridiculous cost. These dolls are specific sculpts e.g. Volks Suiguintou.

      Some of the dolls are a bit more vague, as in I know I want another PukiFee, but that's as far as I've gotten.

      I'm waiting for my first SD sized doll to turn up, so no shopping will be happening until she turns up. It will be interesting to see what I think of the sizes when I get her, I've got a ~15cm PukiFee, ~45cm Kid Delf and this will be ~60cm.
    19. Actually not to long, but that's on just now. I'm sure it will grow! Like a lot of people I have characters I want to base the doll on, so for a matter of most of my doll wishes I just haven't found the right sculpts yet ^^'
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    20. I have a couple wishlists. One is dolls I definitely will get, and right now, there's only one doll on it. The only reason I haven't purchased the doll is that the body version I want hasn't been sculpted yet, and I want to see pictures before I commit. This doll's an SD, from Impldoll, and would go with the majority of the dolls that I have.

      I have another list which isn't a fantasy list so much as it's a bargain list. If I find the doll for a certain price (cheaper than buying it from the company), I'd probably buy it. These are dolls that I like the concept of, but I would need to change them significantly (which is a lot of changes, as I routinely mod and dye dolls), in order to like them. There are some Xagadolls and 5Stardolls on the list. The more mods and hybriding I would have to do to like the doll (like 5Stardoll's praying mantis doll--I'd have to change almost everything), the less I am willing to pay for the doll (heads would be ideal).

      Then there's a list of sort of equal weight to my bargain list (in terms of whether I would actually ever buy the doll) of sculpts I like which are cheap, that I'd love to try some extreme mods on--so like an extreme mods list. One of those is the Resinsoul Mi body, as the torso is so long (and Resinsoul sells parts), that I think I could add a second bust joint and a hip joint to the torso, and perhaps a waist joint, and it would look more proportionate than it currently does. I'd love to hack up the body and try it, but I don't know if I'd want the doll afterward. I keep waiting to see if there's a strange head I could put on it to justify the purchase, but I haven't found one yet.

      My final list is sort of a grail doll list. I'm not searching as actively as I was for the grail before, as I've realized it's actually too big for the character I wanted it for, but if I ever see a WS Or-Doll Anderl head for sale, I'd probably buy it because I like the aesthetic. It'd probably be a floating head for a while, because I have no idea what I'd do with it. It's the only time I'd consider getting rid of the Or-Doll Orlando head I currently have.
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