How long was it between getting your first and second doll?

Apr 17, 2007

    1. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I find it interesting. I only have one doll at the moment, but I'm already saving for another. How long did others wait? Did you feel that one was enough for a while, then see another that was absolutely gorgeous and you had to have? Or did you plan to have lots to begin with? (I know that obviously, saving time comes into this as well.)

      I'm just curious...
    2. I got Soye in September and bought a Unoa Light about two months later. However, I ended up selling her and got my second 'second doll' in May (about 8 months after Soye).
    3. Ilú came home in January of '06, and Aulen followed at the start of July (well... he arrived home at the beginning of June, but I still was in Japan for another month after that before I could come home and get him ^^; ) Since then, though, my rate of acquisition seems to have speeded up. I'm still not quite sure how that happened... :/
    4. Cam I just say that... I LOVE YOUR ILU!!! (doesn't know the keyboard shortcut for the u). I really liked the photostories you did with Kafers' dolls.

      Hm... It seems like that for a lot of people. I see some people's signitures and see that they've got around 6 or 7 dolls and have only been collecting for about two years. I'll be lucky to get one a year I think *_*

      It's interesting though, to see if most people buy their second doll within the year/six months.
    5. ^___^; I got Kichi around the end of December and am currently waiting for my second doll to arrive sometime at the end of May... So that'll be... 5 months I think?

      :sweat ; I wasn't always too good at math.
    6. I Just have one by the moment, but I think that the first make you want to have another one quickly xDD I'm not sure why, mabe because you made an history for her/him and needs company, or maybe because you get impressed with her/his little perfection and can't wait for more and more xDD.

      hehehe, I love my little Satsuko, and wanna to give her company soon (she arrive last fryday xD) but maybe i will wait some months.... i have to be realistic about the cost of one BJD, because i'm going to change my home, and get marry soon, so... i can't spend my money so easilly =_=
    7. I bought Kayin in May last year and then Astoroth in December. I waited an long time between buying my next one for a few reasons. First because I go off hobbies quickly, I couldn't justify spending so much money on a hobby that I'd just get bored of. I waited until I was sure that I'd stick with it (1 year and counting ;) ). The was also a big family tragedy at the time and I didn't want to bring home a doll at that time. I didn't want to be reminded of that event every time I looked at that doll. It's the same felling I get when I had this toy cat when I had my Kidney operation, every time I saw that cat I thought about how horrible the hospital was and how sick I was. Not good.
    8. Aww, thank you! :blush: (if you're using a UK keyboard, hold down the 'Alt Gr' key to the right of the space bar and press 'u'. You should get a ú that way ;))

      I think it's probably the case that when most people get one doll, suddenly hundreds of possibilities open up in their minds for the havoc they could cause if their doll had a lover/friend/playmate/enemy to team up with in stories and the like, so perhaps that's why there's that relatively short gap of between six months to a year in between the first and the second? That's how it was for me, at least.
    9. Well... I got my first doll around July 2005. I ordered my Shall's head in November of that year, and saved up for a body which I didn't buy until April 2006. So about 10 months!

      I was doing so well with budgeting that time... I bought my third doll in July of that year. Mostly on credit. XD (It was a Volks One-Off from last year's NYC teaparty, which I don't regret at all. I won him, so I like to think it was meant to be... =3)

      But now I'm trying to do well again. I've got a head needing a body, and I'm slowing saving up for it so I don't blow my budget. ^_^
    10. Well...Ichiro came home at Feb 23rd and i got Mieko at May 1st...
      Which means...about 2 months and 5 days? :whee:
    11. OMG I sweared I would have just a doll, but I think I'll buy a boy for my Aile before this summer... So it makes 4 months between the first and the second one... And I hope the third arrives much later or it will be awful for my bank account T^T
    12. I kinda knew I wold get another doll. I got Miles in August and I should be getting Zane sometime soon(hopefully X_x). For a while, the cost really pushed me away from buying a second and I thought Miles would be an only child. But then at christmas, I got enough money to buy a second one and still have money put away. So I did. The reason I waited until now is because my sister was going to buy one, but then after a few months finally decided that she wouldn't be able to save up for it.
    13. Well lesse, Trys arrived in August, Stumble in November, then Imp was March, Trip was April and Tally should be either May or June...sooo...pretty close together :sweat

      I should add that I never planned on more than Trys lol
    14. I actually got my first two boys within a week of each other. :sweat I'd ordered Xiyang Jin (my Hound) from Tensiya, and a week later ordered Kin (my El) from Luts. Kin came home first on August 10, 2005, and XJ showed up on the 16th.

      I was only able to afford them two at a time like that though, because I'd sold off the majority of a sizeable anime cel collection just before that. :lol: My next doll (Fei, my K-doll Kian) was just a head, and he came home in November the same year. :) I hadn't planned more than my first two though, until I fell in love with Fei's auction and had to bring him home. From there I just decided it would be better to avoid setting limits, 'cause I know I'm the type to buy something that I like, regardless. :roll:
    15. When I bought my first doll over three years ago, I had no plans. I jumped into the hobby without any research and before much information on these dolls was readily available online. I just knew I wanted him.

      Now I have four. For some reason, they've arrived in approximately 9-month intervals. ^^ I like to have an interval between dolls so that the newcomer can settle his or her personality and backstory before I "take on" a new doll.
    16. Almost two years. When I bougt my first, ABJD were still realatively unknown and there weren't many options.

      The rest of them came pretty quickly, though.
    17. Exactly 1 month apart. Lucius arrived on Feb. 24th, and Snape on March 24th.

    18. Heh. I was another that swore I only needed one. I got Caldera on April 30th of last year as a birthday gift. I saw Cocori when she was a teaser sale page on Iplehouse and new I'd crumble for her. Ironically, between Caldera and Frankie, a friend sent me a DES head as part of a trade. I eventually sold it to upgrade to an 05 Juri head, which got her body in December to become a full doll. So I guess it was 6 months to the head and another 2 for the body.

      That DES head was my crumbling point. I could have been happy with Caldera and Frankie (their characters live in a very isolated world), but the Zooka character emerged, and suddenly she's already picked out two friends, threatening more to fill my house with tinies. ;)

      If I had stayed on my original plan. I'd still be waiting to buy Frankie later this fall. ;)
    19. Jinsung got here February 2006, and Daejin got here October 2006. (:
    20. 8 months and about a week and a half.
      I got my first on January 20th '05 and my second August 31st '05.