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How long was your biggest waiting time?

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Waiting Times.
      If you like BJD's you must have patience.

      I want to know how long was YOUR biggest waiting time?

      Well,... mine is around 9 month^^; can you beat that?

      They have bet me!

      1. gridbug: Waiting 11 month for heliot!
      2. Guide: Waiting over 10 month
    2. I waited about that long for a Dollshe a few years back, but he was totally worth the wait. When I'm waiting for a doll, I just try to put it out of my mind until they arrive. By then, it's been so long since I paid for it, it's almost like getting a present in the mail.
    3. Yes that's right^^; but you're wonderring where your money is xD''

      The waiting time from my first dolls I made a mark everyday in the calendar xD'
      that was really hart. everyday you sad about a new mark^^;
      so,... that's not a good idea.
      know I try to ignore the waiting time but when that's not so easy^^;
    4. A week.

      Blue Fairy rocks my socks.

      <3 ali
    5. I'm pretty sure my longest wait was for my Soom Amber, paid 2009/02/08 (the order was placed a day or two sooner, it takes some time for payment to process), and received her on August 13th, so 6 months, 5 days total. (The Soom MD I ordered a month after her arrived a week before she did...)

      Thankfully, the shipping times have actually improved, and I had only about a 2-month wait on my latest one. ^_^ Every other doll I have was a basic from either a dealer with stock, or a company known for quick turnarounds.

      Er, scratch that... my longest would be my Ed Elric Minimee head... which is at 6 months, 30 days and counting. Hopefully it's at last into the final month...
    6. My Soom Heliot, Amber and Glati. Both took around 8 months to arrive... although Glati almost reached the 9 month mark. I'm glad they're getting faster now... :sweat
    7. my hz ao ze tian was around 5 months i think
    8. I think the MD's are one of the longest waiting time companies :lol:
      The problem by my MD Chrom is I'm in a splitting with layaway. and my splitting leader has to extend the layaway time because she had an accident and have to pay the doctor cost.
      so it delayed.

      Anyway.. vicemage
      congrats to your Amber! I try to find a second hand amber in the marketplace >.< she's a wonderful doll!

      Tell me when you get your Edward Elric *__* I'm very curious about him because I was a big FMA fan
    9. I hope I'll never be able to beat your 9 month wait! The longest wait I've ever had was for my Soom Glati and Glot. Ordered the very first day they were released... so that was the end of February... they were shipped at the end of July, so that makes it 5 months or so.

      Every other wait time was pretty much standard between 1 and 2 months. I've never had a doll ship to me in less than a month before.
    10. Mine was about 5-6 months for my Soom Glot

      I second Aralyne, I don't wanna beat your time lol
    11. I'm amused that most of the big numbers here so far are from Soom... :lol: All told I think my Topaz took around five months from ordering to arriving.
    12. The Soom waits are making me feel better about my 6-month CustomHouse wait for a limited. But at the 2-month mark, they'd said they'd be doing the limiteds FIRST, before the regular dolls in their sale!

      If you want pure shipping time waits, I had a doll coming from Germany that took about a month and a half in transit, in the middle of July!
    13. Mine wasn't actually that long.. 3 months.. but still with soom ;)
      My (sadly enough, sold again) Soom Dimo
    14. I have not yet finished waiting for a lot of my dolls.... for now the longest is 30 days to now, and still a few days untill I receive it =3

      But I currently have 3 dolls in the making that will take about 2-3 months =P
      I dont mind the waiting, and I make sure it is worth it too ;3
    15. Waited five months for my Sould Hye.

      Three months so far for CustomHouse..... still waiting!
    16. 3 months for a first-run Rosette Doll--which are produced by SOOM. I'm not at all surprised that SOOM is the leader in this thread! XD
    17. Poor Soom xD" but seriously... it's worth that! and when we note how popular are soom's md's it makes sense that they are really busy, right?

      My experience sad me that Dream of Doll needs long too!
      My biggest waiting time was 15 weeks for a Camine and a Sha
    18. With Shinta, my first. I think it was about 6 weeks till he arrived at my friend who had arranged the group order. And then it was another week to pick him up (she lives some 300 km away). His arrival was delayed due to delays at Bobobie (the face up artist had a sick kid to look after). But I haven't had very long waiting times yet.
    19. My Migidoll Ryu was von April 2008.Last december I has send him for face up to Beijing and today order his body!It´s a long time to wait xD

      My longest waiting from order a doll was my DoD I-ra,order on 24.11. and on 24.01. she was here!
    20. Oh Bobobie! we (my sister and I) waiting for a Bobobie Mei at this time^^
      we've waiting a month now... maybe it will be 6 weeks too!