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How Long You Wait Before You Start A New Project?

Sep 27, 2010

    1. I find with my bjds I get so excited about making them new things that I'm starting on a new outfit every time I finish one. So they stay in about the same outfit for two or three days before I have a new one all ready for them. Anyone else with that problem? Or you give them some more display time before getting them in something new?
    2. I have too many ideas and not enough atience (let alone time) so new projects get started beofre I've finished the previous many.

      Sometimes I even finish them.. but there's usually and "eventully" in there.

      Current BJD clothing projects on teh go that I can think of off the top of my head about 15 - probably more.

    3. You actually finish a project before starting on a new one?!?!

      I normally have two or three going on simultatiously (painting/blushing during the day, sanding at night, hand-sewing at work when it's slow, and fabric shopping whenever I need to get out of the house) not to mention my commissions! And then there's all the ideas in my head and I have to firmly tell myself to finish something first before starting on that.

      I envy the people who can calmly do one project, complete it, then move on to the next.
    4. Mmm, yes! I have a whole list of reference pictures and written ideas of clothes that I want to make for each boy, and so I'll usually do a piece from one, piece from another, just because I want all of them right then and I can't pick just one to start and finish. Eventually a whole outfit gets done, but it's not long after that another gets finished, and I stick them in that one, and then another, etc.
    5. Me? I am the queen of unfinished projects. I will have an idea, and if it ever gets off the ground, life gets in the way and it gets put on the back burner. :sweat

      Ongoing projects:
      Buckler (materials bought, metal bits painted)
      Bag for my tiny girl (materials bought, fabric cut, bag partly assembled, still need to cut padding and plastic sheeting)
      Halloween outfit for my tiny (materials bought, pattern sketched)
      Manicure for one of my girls (sill trying to decide on nail color)

      And this is just the doll related things. I think I am too tangent driven. *_*
    6. Hw long do I wait? I don't. XD I start as soon as they're something I want to make, if I have the materials. Unfortunately, that means that my school work takes the back burner constantly, but it does that with my cosplay too.
    7. I have a bazillion projects up and running at any one time. I immediately start projects, or sketch them out, as fast as I can. Priorities include holidays/birthdays, charity projects, and commissions. Any of my free time goes to whatever I feel like.
    8. I always have a million projects on at one time. I start when I have the materials I need, and when I get a new idea for something that I want to do. So yeah...I don't really wait at all :XD:
    9. Waaaah i want more hours in the daaayyy!!

      I usually have two sewing projects going on at once , NO more, because I do want to finish, but also be able to grab my Muse by her tail when she rears her head :D That way I leave myself room for both.
      But, yes always something in the works. Inspirations are way ahead of actual production time sadly. Always five ideas ahead. Just, life is busy busy.
    10. There are people who actually finish projects? What a concept! My brain is buzzing with ideas; getting them done is a problem.