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How many BJDs do you have? (2019/2020)

Jan 18, 2019


How many BJDs do you have?

This poll will close on Jan 18, 2020 at 7:30 AM.
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  9. 51-100

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    1. I am very curious to know how many BJDs DOA members have. I find fascinating to see how ownership spreads out in the community.

      Please count:
      * only on-topic BJDs
      * only full dolls
      * don't count heads as full dolls.

      Thank you!
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    2. I currently have 18. I have spare bodies & heads too, but they’re not ‘paired up’ so I’m not counting them. I’m not looking to buy any more right now!
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    3. I have 34. Most of them are itty bitty though, so they aren't overwhelming like if they were all 40+cm. I'm a collector at heart so I don't think the crew will ever be "finished". So long as artists are making dolls I like, It'll keep changing!
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    4. I have ONE - and he is 72cm. Im interested in knowing the size too because someone can have 30+ but they could be tiny ones.
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    5. I have four, with plans for two more. Not sure if that will change before 2020, but we'll see. Oh, and that's three SDs and one tiny.
    6. Currently I believe I have 22, but I may be miscounting. I also have #23 in the mail arriving any day now, and 2 more in production, so... heh...

      The size breakdown is 16 MSDs, 1 SD, and 5 YOSDs.
    7. I currently have 7 (and also waiting 2 dolls). And probably will be buying more ^^
    8. Of my 18, I have 13 SD, mostly 68-72cm. Also, 3 yosd and two mature tinies... one of those was a free gift, though! The gender split is 16 boys & only 2 girls (one of whom was the freebie).
    9. I have 2. 1 SD girl (60cm) and one slim MSD (42cm) girl. My next purchases are planned to be 1/6 or tiny. I'm just not 100% sure yet which size I like. I'll probably get one of each size and then maybe make a more conscious choice, rather than just falling in love with a doll and buying it.
    10. Far Too Many - starting small with four RealFee and working up in size through 50 dolls to a Lusion.

      Plus all the other dolls of various off-topic types, and bears, and other stuffies...

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    11. I have 9 but more will be added. I heard about Switch's new color product and I'm waiting for it.^^
    12. i have three! one vinyl sd, one msd, and one yosd!
    13. Just 2 MSDs :) 1 girl, 1 boy.. <3
    14. At home I have 2 full dolls, but I have 4 full dolls coming home in 2019!
    15. 4 right now, but expecting a package of 3 more today!!
    16. 28 SD's, 9 MSD's, 5 tinies.
      Thirteen years in the hobby.
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    17. I currently have 3 and soon to be 4.
    18. Still "Too many!", as always. :lol:

      I may cull the herd a bit this year. It's been awhile since I did that... but it's tough to decide who to send off.
    19. I have 1 SD and 1 MSD :)
      Waiting on a few more to add to the growing collection :)
    20. For on-topic I have 7 with number 8 on a long layaway. One 1/4 and half a dozen tinies, number 8 is considered 1/6 so most of the crew for the next while are going to be on the small side.