How many BJDs do you have? (2021 & 2022)

Jan 7, 2021


How many BJDs do you have?

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    1. I am very curious to know how many BJDs DOA members have. I find fascinating to see how ownership spreads out in the community.

      Please count:
      * only on-topic BJDs
      * only full dolls
      * don't count heads as full dolls.

      Thank you!
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    2. Currently, I have 5 dolls at home. I have three more in the process of being made that I won't see until the spring.
    3. I have 3 on-topic bjds. A 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4th scale doll. All female, I would like each of them to have a friend.
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    4. I've got 4!
      Two 1/6ths, one 1/4th & one 1/3rd.

      I LOVE them all. I am quickly learning that I definitely have enough doll-love to go around. Which is a good thing... I've got so many on order or on my list of wants, and at this point I'm already certain that each will be able to add more and more warmth to my heart!

      Should we update our answers at a later date when we get more dolls in? Or should we leave our answers of a snapshot of the moment we first see this poll?

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    5. I have seventy full on-topic BJDs- closer to seventy-nine if you count the floating bodies, gift dolls I am waiting to give, and the dolls I have up for sale. I've had as many as eighty-some at a time.

      ...I still need to decide on heads for those bodies. It never ends. :lol: Some people plan to get specific dolls, and they have this precise outcome, but for me, the hobby is ever-evolving, and I don't know if my collection will ever be 'done'. I had a few moments last year where it felt almost complete. But after getting rid of dolls I thought I'd never part with, I've realized that I'm happier when things are in constant motion. I like tweaking dolls and updating them. So even if it takes a while, the stopping point isn't tangible for me yet.
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    6. Twenty nine for me plus another 10 heads that need bodies if you include the doll being delivered today and the one that was ordered in November. I didn't realize just how many full dolls I owned honestly. I started out with one tiny and then I got a mnf and three heads to share the body with.
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    7. Lol, at first I voted 16-20 at 17 but then I remembered I forgot to count 4, so its actually 21. Plus a vinyl version of a resin sculpt and an (I think) off topic resin doll.
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    8. I have 6 dolls. Five boys, of which 4 70cm, and 1 is 65cm. And a girl of 60cm. I want another girl at some point to finish my collection with, and that's it. But not this year.
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    9. I have 4, 1- 1/3, 2- 1/4, and 1- 1/6, all are pretty much cozy and complete with eyes, wig and clothes.
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    10. 51 BJD
      6 Smartdolls
      8 pets (2 are 3D printed)
      9 floating heads

      I have one BJD and one pet on the way to me now and they’re included in the # above. One on the layaway (I don't count until I paid them off).
      I intend to get one or two more BJD sometime this year but that’s all I plan to. I hope my spending on dolls didn't go out of control this year like it did last year where I bought like 35... eeps.
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    11. I only started in the last year, so I currently have 1 with me, and 2 ordered/on their way. I have plans to buy two more during summer event time.
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    12. I currently have 8. Waiting on one full doll, a new body for one of my current ones, and will buying another in a few weeks. Also have one I am waiting to hear if its on topic so I didn't count her.
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    13. I have two on-topic dolls - one with me and the second incomint - and two off-topic "pets" - again one with me and the other incoming. I'm hoping to buy two more on-topics this year and maybe another off-topic pet.

      All of my dolls are either 1/6s or tinies, and so are the dolls I want to buy!
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    14. I am starting off the new year with 3 full dolls, one of which is pretty much complete. Another just needs a new wig and the last one is still a work in progress. I actually downsized my collection last year, and I am quite satisfied with it at the moment. I feel like I finally found the perfect dolls for me :3nodding:
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    15. Currently, not counting heads, bodies, or anything on order, I'm at 54. I think I have 3 on order, I generally don't think about those ones until they get close to shipping.
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    16. TOO MANY!
      That was my answer way-back-when, when I only had Harumatsu and Tien Jen, and I'm sticking to it. :lol:

      (The real answer would be more like "quite a few". I actually haven't counted in a couple of years, and would waffle about rather or not some of the oddball 'creatures' and animal dolls that I have should really count or not, making the final total uncertain, even if I decided to try coming up with a number now... )
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    17. I have two so far, but one is on their way ^^
    18. 6 at home if you count pet dolls. 1 is being shipped at the moment which would make it 7. Plus a Volks lottery would make it 8, if I win.
    19. Technically, 6 full dolls.
      I currently have 5 full dolls in my collection and 1 doll that is technically my friend's but thanks to Covid-19's effect on the postal system she's on an extended vacation here.
    20. Currently 11 full dolls home, one paid for and shipped, and one paid but still waiting. So I claim 13 total. Even though two aren't home, they are still paid in full and technically mine.
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