How many dolls are enough?

Dec 27, 2019

    1. I always said I'm happy with less dolls.
      I don't want to have too many, otherwise I can't worship all of them equally.
      But I see new sculpts coming up thinking... I would be interested in buying this or that doll.
      I forbid myself buying them directly. I try to think about it longer. do you handle your collection? Do you set yourself a limit?
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    2. My collection just sort of happened. I actually went years having only one doll, believe it or not. But I don't see my dolls as numbers, I see them as beings. Odd as that sounds. They came to me for a reason, and in turn I've given them life through my OCs.

      I don't think there is any number that is the best number of dolls. I think it all depends heavily on the person collecting them.

      That being said, I can look at dolls and appreciate them even though I never intend on owning that specific sculpt. I often lurk and enjoy other's dolls and what they do with them. I think that keeps me from constantly wanting to buy more. I'm happy with what I have, but if more come to me so be it.
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    3. My limit comes when I realize that some of them aren't being played with.

      If I'm redressing a doll putting it back down and jnot picking it up again for weeks (and then only to redrerss it again) then either that doll isn't right for my collection, or I've gone over my limit and need to cut back somewhere so all of them get played with.

      The limit does change - it's higher over all now that I've realized that I play with my really tiny dolls in a different way from my bigger dolls. But I'm curently at the limit imposed by space and really do need to spend some time making sure I get together all the outfits and accessories I have planned for the dolls I alreadyd have before I even consider adding another doll to the mix.

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    4. I rarely pick up or ‘play’ with some of mine. Partly because some have company face ups & I’m terrified of damaging them, partly because some don’t have a character attached and some are bad posers or can’t stand.

      The bad posers will get new bodies eventually, so that helps. But I accept that not all my dolls will be played with equally or taken out as often. I’m okay with that. The ones that get most interaction also get damaged most, but they generally have wigs & faceups by me so I’m not as bothered by the prospect of wiping & redoing them!
    5. I set a limit to myself, maximum is 10 dolls. Some dolls cannot match my style or i cannot take good photos with them. Then i will put them on sale list and search for new doll.
      Recently there are too much newcomers, i spend very limited time to take care them. I am planning to review if anyone should be given up.
    6. (I haven't got one yet)
      Honestly, because I have lack of space and time I decided to get four or less. I also don't like too much because I wouldn't like to get bored with them by the time.
    7. you're totally right. I
      You're totally right. I just had that experience with a doll I got this year. He was beautiful, a real nice sculpt, but I never did anything with him. I don't even know why. In the end I realized I had to part with him and sold him to a friend.
      I never missed him so I knew it was the right decision.
    8. I prefer to stay around 13 or fewer, but my personal limit is to stay under 20 dolls. More than that and I start getting overwhelmed and don’t enjoy any of them. I want all of my dolls to look nice and have their own wardrobe, and it’s just too expensive and difficult to manage with a ton of dolls.

      I don’t think there is any such thing as too many or too few. It depends entirely on the person. I say go with whatever works for you.
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    9. That's a very tricky and personal question, I fear.
      In my case, my resin family has been stuck in 5 dolls for a couple of years. I am interested in some sculpts but I don't feel the urge to buy them as I felt with the ones I already own. I think that is the trigger for me.
      Plus now that I'm a grown-up I have to pay bills and whatever and I feel more guilty about spending my money on dolls xD
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    10. I kind of got carried away and got 6 in a short period of time. Mainly because I initially ordered 2 tinies I had to wait months for, and got impatient. Then I ordered 2 resin soul minis from Denver Doll, so I was able to get them right away. Then I found a couple specific dolls I was looking for second and third hand locally and at a fair price, and so the story goes.
      I do like doing the face ups and the body blushing, and designing outfits, and shelling characters. But I’ve been collecting all types of dolls for years and have some who are older than I am. So, I’ll probably stop after I find a body for a Sarang minifee head, that came on a body I got to use for another head. The hobby can be a bit addicting
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    11. I used to have a constantly revolving group of anywhere from around 3-8. If I'm being honest it drove me nuts, as I like things fitting in aesthetically and none of them ever seemed to go together.

      Nowadays I pretty much have just the one doll, and it's been freeing to not stress out over such a silly problem as the dolls not going together! Granted, I don't have a hard rule that I'm only allowed the one, I just have yet to find another doll that would feel right/fit in. Maybe someday, maybe not.
    12. I don’t have a limit. But, I haven’t felt strongly enough about any of the new dolls to get another. Most of the newer dolls I love kind of remind of ones I already have and love. It would feel like I’m getting the same doll all over again. I’m not that kind of collector.

      Well, aside from Tiny Delfs anyway. Tiny Delfs are my weakness.
    13. Setting a limit or rules is what made me sell dolls that I regret having lost. It's too much overthinking, get what you like.
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    14. I think that the optimum time to question your motives for getting more dolls is when you realize you're doing it either out of greed, as in you don't really want to bond with your dolls, you just want to have an impressively large cast of them, or (this ties into the first point) if you become largely motivated by wanting your collection to appear cool to others.

      BJDs are a luxury product and it's nice to sometimes remind ourselves that, if anything in life is not integral to our survival and should be appreciated and celebrated purely for its beauty and uniqueness, and not its abundance, it's our little resin friends. ♡
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    15. I originally only wanted one vampire male doll, but when I discovered these dolls there were not a lot of options readily available for what I was looking for. So, as I got a few more dolls, and with the slow change in aesthetics over the years, I said I would never get more than ten full dolls, and I currently have five after more than fifteen years of knowing (and sometimes purchasing) these dolls. I don't feel the need to own more. Floating heads on the other hand.... having said that, I haven't purchased any new BJD related doll or accessory for them in almost tend years now, so I'd say I'm doing pretty good so far. (:
    16. I haven't set a limit. As long as I ave my bills paid, I will continue getting more. I do feel a bit bad not playing with a doll for a while, but even if I'm not playing with them, I still love just looking at them. I would say space will stop me, but it hasn't stopped me in any one of my other hobbies, so I doubt it will stop me in this one. If I can find room for a 55 gallon fish tank I can find room for one more doll.
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    17. I haven't set a specific limit, but I found that as I've been in this hobby over a decade now, my interest in collecting a ton of new dolls had lessened naturally. That's not to say I don't still buy new dolls, as I have a couple floating heads I still intend to buy bodies for, and every one in a while the most perfect tiny decides it needs to come home with me, but for the most part I'm pretty satisfied with my crew. I lose track of the exact number, but I think I'm somewhere around the 20 mark (not counting pet dolls) and I feel pretty comfortable with that for now.
    18. I’m like you on this “I always said I'm happy with less dolls.
      I don't want to have too many, otherwise I can't worship all of them equally.”
      Is better to have less and take care of them that having a lot and leaving them around without care. I don’t get really excited about other dolls since I don’t have anything planned.
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    19. I don't buy on impulse - but setting arbitrary limits isn't my way of collecting, either, because I don't want to regret missed opportunities. There are some truly beautiful and unique sculpts out there, with more being released constantly. I have everything from teeny Realpukis to realistic 75cm boys - and few could take the place of others, because many of them have little in common other than being BJDs. (Several are not even the same species, lol.) I'm interested in these dolls as a category, not just in a single aesthetic...but I completely understand that way of collecting, too. If I only wanted cute, mini girls with button noses and wearing frilly dresses, for example, I'd definitely have a much smaller collection, showering all of my love and attention on just a couple of dolls. But for me, there is no such thing as 'enough' or 'not enough.' I will just keep on buying the occasional new doll until the day that nothing new sparks my interest anymore.
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    20. Why limit yourself? One doll or a hundred, however many you have is right for you. It can also change. Right now I have one doll that I've bonded on Krazy Glue levels with. I won't say I'll never get another doll, but right now one is plenty for me. Chaeri's certainly spoiled enough for at least three dolls.
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