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How Many Dolls Did You Buy Your First Year?

Aug 21, 2011

    1. So this October willl mark my one-year "anniversary" as a BJD collector! That is, not counting the endless months we all spend researching and starting with the month my first boy arrived. To date I have two full dolls and two floating heads.

      My question to you guys is, How many dolls did you purchase in your first year of collecting? Did you stay content with your first doll for a while, did you immediately start buying more, or do you still just have your one doll?

      Similarly, Did you finish your first doll before buying more? My first still needs eyes and clothes and I'm in the middle of redoing his faceup for the third time and finishing his tattoos. I find I buy resin faster than eyes or clothes!

      What about you guys?

      EDIT: Wanted to add that, when I say your first year, I mean the 12 month period following the arrival of your very first BJD ^^ Just to clear up any confusion~

      EDIT 2 : Just saw this thread pop up and thought I'd update my response! My first doll was a birthday gift so every time my birthday comes around it marks another year spent in this hobby. My birthday is in the next few days which means I've been in this hobby for about three years now (which is not much time compared to some people!) and I have had many dolls come and go to get where I am today(: I don't have any of my original dolls from my first year anymore, but I do not regret selling them since my tastes have changed so much! I had ALL boys in the start, now I have one boy and three girls *O* What a change! To everyone who is celebrating their first year in the hobby, congrats and I hope you have found a hobby that will stay with you for many more years to come!
    2. I honestly don't even know. This December 3 years ago I bought my first doll. in that time I have had over 20 dolls (and heads), but no more than 8 at the same time.
      So uhm... I think it might have been 4 in my first year, with maybe a few heads... I don't even know anymore man D:
      But I was just trying out to see what I liked and now I know, so now I don't really have impulse buys anymore and I am permanently happy with the dolls I buy, instead of selling them a year later.
    3. You make a good point by saying you found what you like so you don't buy quite as many anymore! I always wondered how people could afford so many dolls but I think many of them buy and sell to afford new ones. I may not have as many but the ones I do buy I love to death and wouldn't want to trade in for others.
    4. Well, I bought two that first week - one from ebay, the other from Luts. My third I bought on a whim from ebay six months later. By the end of the first year, I had three dolls with two on the way. For the time being, they were all "finished". They all look different now, but at the time I was satisfied with how they looked.
    5. I began my foray into ABJD collecting with the intention of getting only 3 dolls, and yeah...came away with a lot more than planned as that first year ended with 14 dolls (12 full dolls, including hybrids, and 2 floating heads). So I stopped making plans altogether since it's been proven that I don't have self-control (it's that Zack Fair Minimee that strayed me from the original supposed-to-be-only-3 :sweat ).

      I consider them finished when their eye-and-wig combo's were chosen, but their looks and characters are always evolving.
    6. I bought 3, my first bjd in Nov 2010 and 2 more before Christmas 2010.
    7. Yeah, for me it was a lot of buying and selling. Overall I didn't actually lose a lot of money on it or anything.
      But now I have found what my taste is, what my favorite company is and what kind of styling I like. Of course, my way is probably not the best way xD
      It would have probably been better if I had gone to a bunch of meets to see dolls in person, but I felt like I needed to own them to be sure.
      Some dolls stayed with me for a year or so, and some didn't last a few weeks.
      You don't need a lot of dolls to be happy. So it's good you found that out ;)
      I have 8 dolls at the moment, but I have a pair of twins, and a pair of triplets, so I actually only have 5 different molds. And I'm happy with that xD
    8. I think I bought two, the second some months after the first, then I had those for a while before I decided to change them and I have changed them round since 2006 but have been more settled these last couple of years.
    9. I will have bought three within the first year... (I'm not counting on getting any others soon, even if I know that is a dangerous thing to say.) Oh, plus a floating head that serves as a practice head. I always forget to include him, because he's never going to get a body.

      In fact, it's worse: I will have bought two dolls and two heads within my first three months in bjd-land. Funny enough, though it all happened really quickly, I'm very happy with my dolls and can't really see myself selling or swapping them.

      As you can tell from my "one doll a month" strategy, I don't finish one doll and then buy another. I have sniffed out the sculpts that I want, bring them all home as soon as I can, and then work on them.
    10. I feel like a crazed collector. I started in the bjd hobby actually in september 2010, so it has not been a full year yet but I have bought 26 dolls in the past 11 months. I've traded and sold so much this year that i'm back at 12. Is that a bad thing?
    11. I got all five of my dolls this year, and Im planning on a sixth, but I think that will be all.
      I always get a dolls wig and clothes before the doll arrives. Its all ready for them when they get here, so no worries about finishing them:XD:

      I love my first doll, but I guess being content with her wouldn't be the word. She awoke a fierce love for all things bjd that I couldnt ignore; thus all the other babies joining her.:sweat
    12. Oh wow, when I look back, it seems that I bought 6 dolls my first year as a collector. Four SD sized, and two minis.

      I didn't actually start with just one doll, though. I bought my first two within a week of each other, and they arrived within a week of each other (though in the opposite order I bought them!) I'd originally intended to just have those two, and had a lot of furniture & clothes already at home and waiting for them when they arrived. They kickstarted my interest in the hobby though, and afterwards I decided I wasn't going to try and limit my dolls by number, just by what I liked and could plausibly bring home. ;)

      Of the 6 I bought that first year though, the only one I have left is the sixth, my Sweet Dream Lucas. I did keep the others for about two years and enjoyed them while I had them, but in the end they helped me see that they weren't for me while my SwD Lucas led me to my more focused collection of today. :aheartbea
    13. I... bought one (I think XD) She came with a basic wig and eyes and a faceup, so all I needed to do was buy clothes for her. So she was technically finished then, but I updated her look a couple of years later, before I sold her.

      I stayed content with her, because I didn't think I could afford another one at the time!
    14. it´s been nearly a year now for me collecting dolls... and i have... 1 XDDD 1 MSD boy but i got my friend into the hobby so i caused the purchase of a second one XD (and i got myself a azone ( off topic here but still a doll))
    15. Hmm... I bought 1 doll the month I joined DoA, but he didn't arrive until February the following year, so technically I guess that was my first full year as a BJD collector, and I bought 3 dolls and one head. I think this year has been the year of the doll for me though, I've gotten 3 dolls assembled, and one full doll, as wells around 4 heads... =__= durn MP with all those good prices...

      I agree with this ^ though, although I still can't really say that all of my dolls are 'finished', but some are, with the eyes and wig colours that they're going to stick to for the rest of forever even if they haven't gotten the right wigs or eye types yet.
    16. I think I almost threw in my entire savings?@_@
      I've just entered my first anniversary....And I did sell away some dolls,
      so if you're to include those that I've sold I think it may even cross the 30 line...
      I sold away to keep my crew within 20 and I managed to for a short period of time,sadly I have to raise the limit by a little,to 24 now-__-||
    17. How many dolls did you purchase in your first year of collecting?
      Four dolls. A Boy & Girl Sky type 2 , Bluefairy Special Jasmine , Resinsoul Mei and Dollcatch Jade/Aod hybrid.
      Did you stay content with your first doll for a while, did you immediately start buying more, or do you still just have your one doll?

      I started buying more , ofcourse (-: ! in just 3 months after my first boy arrived I orderd my second doll , wich was a fullset.
      Did you finish yoiur first doll before buying more?
      Oviously not! My first doll is actually the only unfinished one out of all my nine dolls *facepalm*!
    18. I bought 7 dolls and one head my first year. Of those, 4 and the head (now a full doll) are still with me, so I consider them my first 5 dolls :3

      I don't consider my first doll finished more than three years later. He's a continual work in progress.
      I don't consider a doll finished until they're completely faceuped, body blushed with all their tattoos or scars (if any), have at least one outfit that works for their character plus the right eyes and wig.
      Sometimes things happen and body blushing and tattoos must be redone...it's hard to consider anyone finished in that respect...XD
    19. If we count a year as a 12 month period from when I bought my first doll as being the first day; I got three in my first year. If we count it by the actual year though it was two in one year, as some were 2009 and one was 2010. But for a 12 month period it was those three. I bought the first two within 2-3 days of each other (one was bought second-hand on the marketplace, the other was a custom order that took several months after placing the order) and I didn't finish one before buying more. I'm not sure how much it matters though, since I've sold all my dolls since then to start over with new sizes and to have a more focused collection of exactly what I want; not just what I like at any given moment when I see it. :P
    20. oh. I didn't think of it as a 12 month period...I was thinking 2008 XD
      I guess I got....uh...way more than 7. I can't even remember because a great deal of them I sold.