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How many dolls do you purchase at year?

Sep 26, 2016

  1. Just one at year

  2. Just two at year

  3. More than 2 at year

  4. More than 4 at year

  5. More than 6 at year

  6. Not even one yet

  7. I will never buy one! I just like watch the photos in forums

  8. I buy dolls but after few months I sold it already

  9. Some years more than one or two, some years not even one

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    1. How many dolls do you purchase at year?
    2. Hmmm....I'm not sure how to answer because I've been in the hobby for almost nine years, and it changes each year. For example, I only got three lower priced MSDs my first year, but when I was making good money, I was impulse buying dolls or putting them on layaway every month. Sometimes I would buy or start paying on three dolls at the same time. Now I'm a housewife with no income, so my buying has been greatly cut back. I have acquired five dolls this year, but I've sold more than I've bought, so I guess I'm in negative numbers?
    3. well I'm new in the hobby and last year I purchased 4 dolls. this year so far I only purchased 1 with plans for 2 more before the year ends. if not purchase outright at least to start a layaway on one. next year I plan on saving all year so I can finally purchase my grail doll then I'm gonna not buy dolls for a while after getting my grail lol
    4. This is tricky to answer because I'm on high speed shelling characters right now. After one year in the hobby, I have six dolls and six floating heads, with more paid and on the way! In the next year, I plan to finish my collection. After that, I'll spend more on outfits and things for them, but I won't be buying anymore dolls (unless I'm still waiting for a couple of the harder to find dolls to show up in the MP, but hopefully it won't take that long).
    5. It varies a lot... Some years I've added many to the crew and some years it's only been a few. Some years I've sold off more than I purchased. Some years no one leaves at all.

      On average, I seem to end up with ten or twelve... and after almost twelve years of collecting, that kind-of adds up. :sweat
      #5 Brightfires, Sep 26, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
    6. I've only been in the hobby for a few years and already for me it varies. I try to keep it to two dolls a year but of course it seems like a few extras (mainly floating heads) slip into the shopping cart every now and then.
    7. That is difficult to say. For me it varies too. This year it is 5 plus a few heads. I hybrid a lot, so I have bodies to share for those floating heads but I prefer to have whole dolls. I do have periods where I sell dolls and heads again - so my collection has stayed between 25 and 40 dolls for the past few years.
    8. Usually one per year but this year...4 :sweat
    9. It is a difficult question to answer. If my last new doll had arrived earlier, I would not have bought the second one. There is the problem of new sculpts which are too good to resist as well.
      I am unlikely to buy one next year, for instance, due to having no dolls money, though this could change as well.
    10. Like everyone else has said, it varies. I tend to shake things up in my collection when life is stressful and that leads to not only buying but selling.
    11. Like many others, it varies over the years. Some years I'll get 4, some 1. It all depends on who speaks to me to be shelled. This year, I've bought 2 (with a possible 3rd, waiting to hear if the doll is still available) and had a doll bought for me as a gift. Additionally, I've bought a doll for somebody else as a gift, so technically, it's 4 this year although only 3 are actually going to be staying with me.

      Whether or not I purchase any more this year will depend on a variety of things. If a certain company offers what I want during an Xmas sale, I'm doomed. I'm also not counting the possibility of purchasing of bodies for the 2 floating heads I have. That purchase can happen whenever and I'm still trying to decide on the one body which company I like best for the character so it's highly likely that'll be a next year purchase. or at least my wallet hopes that's the way of it.
    12. I got my first bjd doll this year last month and in december I'm planning to buy one more doll. I prefer msds and I think 2 dolls in a year is a good number, if I have a chance to buy more than 2 I will
    13. I got 3 bjd dolls more than 5 Jenny dolls (the size is similar with Barbie but the face is Asian comic style) this year. But I didn't buy any bjd doll at the year before last year.
    14. No idea how to vote. I've been collecting BJDs specifically for 12 years, fashion dolls even longer. I have had crazy years like the one where I went Puki crazy (I added over a dozen in a year) to like years like this one where I've only bought 2 so far. I fluctuate as well and have no exact trend or rule that I follow.
    15. Well, it used to be an average of 3 dolls per year - sometimes more than that, sometimes less than that, depending on money available and whatever doll popped up that I absolutely HAD to have. But ever since I discovered Mandarake that rate's almost doubled ... All those good deals ... All those pretty dolls ... And I dunno what it is but whenever I a doll that's kinda hard to get catches my fancy (as in "I really, really want a ...") it tends to show up on Mandarake shortly after that, for a price that's just too good to pass up on it. *lol*
    16. It really just depends! Certain years I buy a few, and other years maybe just one. It always just depends on what other priorities come up during that given year. For instance... This year I purchased a few camera lenses, which really put a crutch in my doll plans! But, next year I think I may be buying a few... There are about 3-4 I'd love to be able to buy whenever I get the chance! It's always a toss up how many I will buy in a given year!
    17. it varies over the years, in 2015 I have bought 3 and only 1 in 2016!
    18. 0 to 2 per year here (so, average, one per year?). Well, if you go by arrival of bodies, max 2 in a year, lol--this year I finally bodied a floating head and put my grail/unicorn on layaway. And as for 2013/2014. . . Two dolls arrived in 2014, both preorder, but one I paid for up front, while the other I couldn't pay for till she shipped. So in 2013/2014, the shipping notices say one thing, and my bank statements said another. XD
    19. Usually, less than one full doll. Most of the time, I buy a head and then a body when I've got a bit more money saved up. And since I'm on a tiny budget, that doesn't happen often :).
    20. Totally varies. Most years I buy two or three, but some years I don't buy any at all.