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How many floating heads do you have? (2017-2018)

Mar 7, 2017


How many floating heads do you have?

Poll closed Jan 11, 2019.
  1. 0

    41 vote(s)
  2. 1-5

    205 vote(s)
  3. 6-10

    34 vote(s)
  4. 11-15

    4 vote(s)
  5. 16-20

    2 vote(s)
  6. over 20

    11 vote(s)
    1. This is a poll I've never come across.

      This is all about floating heads: the heads you received as gifts, the ones you bought, these never finished/half finished/fully grown personalities that don't have their own bodies or that need to share with the head 'that has it all'.

      Please count:
      * full heads only, the ones that have their own headbacks,
      * do not count faceplates.

      Thank you
      #1 Lilla, Mar 7, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 7, 2017
    2. I'm probably not representative, but at the moment I have 0, though as soon as my latest order arrives (sometime this summer) I will have two, one I have a plan for and one I have no idea what to do with ;)
    3. I have 2, which I guess means I have to get bodies for them. Or do most people just share bodies? I'm kinda at a loss with that atm.
    4. I've got 8. :doh
      Most of them will never get their own bodies :sweat and only one head will ever have its own clothes as it shares one body with the 'official head' and is a character I am keen to develop.
    5. Um... About 21?! I have two free modoll heads, two Mirodoll heads removed from the bodies they came with so I could hybrid, four Modoll heads I have to work with, five Whispering Grass heads (one of whom is waiting for his body, on order), two Namonaki heads (one also awaiting his on order body!) and nine (yes, nine) Namonaki heads that are all the same: I had Iker custom made and minimum order was 10. So one got a body and the other nine are floating. I'm like a crazy head hoarder. I have plans that take ages to realise!
    6. Too many comes with sleeping head incidents so I believe I have 7 or 8.... I decided to sell a lot of them but the ones I'm keeping is for modding into other characters so maybe bodies ... one day haha.
    7. I try to keep my floating head count as low as I can. I'm too lazy to switch heads when I want to take a picture of my dolls so I'd always try my best to complete a doll before purchasing my next one. :3
    8. I currently have two; or at least, I have one in my posession and one on the way. There are a couple sculpts I want that have to be bought as heads though, so I'm sure I'll have more eventually... I'd like to get at least Riichan a body though before I get anymore dolls.
    9. Right now I have two:
      An SD Luts heavy moded event head (which is an infinite work in progress), that one I don't think i'll ever get it a body, it doesnt even have a character, but I use it as a practice head for mods and makeup.
      The other one is an SD April Story head, which is waiting to get a faceup, so his body is currently used by my SD Switch head, who does have a faceup and it's all finished.
      I am currently waiting on his own body, but till then, my dolls are all mixed up hahah
    10. I have one floating head I intend to actually get a body for (a SheCow Vampire Mara), and then we have 6 others that we use for faceup and modding practice rolling around. One was an event gift, one was the sleeping head from a doll that sold but the buyer didn't want the sleeping head, one I bought for a character then changed my mind about (I should really sell that one), one was left with us in extremely bad condition, and two were miscasts from a friend's artist doll.
    11. I've got six. :doh I want to get bodies for all of them but I end up with another free head or buying one that I "have to have" and buying the bodies gets pushed back.
    12. I have 2 different heads that have faceups & share a body with another doll.
      One is like an "alternate personality" of a character, so consider it complete doll that just has 2 different heads/egos, they are a very similar sculpt from the same company and represent the character's human and non-human/beast form.
      The other one is my Flam event head from FL that shares a body with my Fairyline Sia - the parts are all interchangeable and bodies are expensive so I don't really feel the need to purchase a separate one for her.

      I have a blank Mfa 2016 head from FL that will most likely share the same body as well once she gets a faceup.

      I also have sleeping heads for both Sia and Rohan from FL, if you're counting those. Fairyland has alot of event heads & sleeping head options, so I find myself accumulating them over time.

      So 3 total, unless we're counting sleeping heads, then my count would be up to 5.
    13. Since we're not counting faceplates, I have one. I split a doll with a friend, she got the human body and I got the head and fantasy parts. I plan on getting her a body when I can afford to, but it'll be a while, sadly. I'll probably get at least one more floating head sometime too since I want to start doing my own faceups and I'll need a practice head, but that can wait for now.
    14. While they haven't arrived yet I have two! And they're both for the same doll, a sleep and an OE head. I try to never keep more than one floating head at a time, and I'm about to buy the body for those heads in a few days.
    15. I have just two - a Fairyland Feeple60 Rona and a minifee head I got with my tan Feeple60 moe Mirwen. Neither one has a faceup right now. My Rona I would like to keep and the minifee goes to my daughter.
    16. I have four right now! ...I think?
    17. I currently own no floating heads. I highly prefer buying full dolls, so that I don't have to worry about body hunting. :)
    18. I have 2 at the minute! One was for a body that I had but the colour match is waaay off so I'm not sure what to do with it now and the other is a female head which I don't have a body for so when I can find one I like then it will no longer be a floating head! :lol:
    19. I currently have 6 heads without bodies :(
    20. All in all, I have 4 floating heads.

      Extra Impldoll Akasha head that has a few imperfections

      Impldoll Deborah head

      The Addiction fantasy Iplehouse Stella and Grace heads that hijack other doll's bodies most often than not.