How many floating heads do you have? (2021 & 2022)

Jan 7, 2021


How many floating heads do you have?

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    1. This is all about floating heads: the heads you received as gifts, the ones you bought, these never finished/half finished/fully grown personalities that don't have their own bodies or that need to share with the head 'that has it all'.

      Please count:
      * full heads only, the ones that have their own headbacks,
      * do not count faceplates.

      Thank you
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    2. I don't have any yet so I chose 0 for now, but I did make an order recently from April Story that consists of only heads and should arrive in a couple months.

      My biggest reason for choosing only heads for this particular order & character set is that I'll need to dye them, and I don't know how it will turn out yet. I wanted to only invest in the heads to ensure I can achieve the look I want before also purchasing bodies. If I can't, well... then I will have learned something without spending money on whole dolls! The strategy should work out well, because even if I can't get a perfect resin match on the bodies + dye later, their outfits have both turtleneck and gloves :kitty1
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    3. I have roughly 19, although, I plan to have 5 or so of them to be permanently on busts. Some are event heads, others are another version of the head (sleeping, winking, or different overall expression). I like to have a variety of heads for practicing faceups, eye modeling, and for wig making.
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    4. I guess I have five at the moment. Two are unique but may never get their own bodies. Two are alternate heads for my other dolls. Every time I look in the drawer I feel a little overwhelmed by the unfinished projects they all represent.
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    5. I've got 5. I plan to sell at least 3. I like SD sculpts but don't like the size or cost so I've resorted to buying just the head of sculpts I like. I have more floating heads than I do, actual dolls!
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    6. At the moment I have 5: 3 unoa face plates, conarium QingWu and Telesthesia doll Emperor Jun.

      I am thinking of buying a body for one of the heads. So the number shoud go down. I feel so guilty, for heads lying without bodies.
    7. I am really tempted by 3 of Rainman's heads right now, but while the heads are pretty affordable (and come with faceups) the body I found that I like and that works with the heads is about 4x as much as the heads... so if I get any of them it's going to take me a long time before they're full dolls. If I cave and buy all 3 heads instead of just 1, I'll likely buy only one body that they'll share amongst themselves instead of making each of them into their own full dolls.

      I currently don't have any full dolls or floating heads- just my one lonely faceplate.
    8. I had just one floating head for nearly two years before finally ordering him a body this week.

      I personally don't like having floating heads. Having a doll project that I can't/haven't done much of anything with just makes me anxious. Typically if they stay without a body for six months to a year or so, I end up selling them. I wouldn't mind so much if I could have them share bodies with my complete dolls, but I can almost never do that effectively because my dolls are different sizes and skin colors.
      The one floating head i've had for nearly two years has been my rare exception only because he was a grail sculpt for me since I joined the hobby and i'd likely never be able to find one again if I sold him. As for why I don't get bodies for floating heads right away, sometimes its a money thing (especially when it comes to SDs) but often times I'm just too indecisive about what body I should get them and/or too anxious if a hybrid will work. I dye the vast majority of my dolls these days so I want to be 100% certain i'll be happy with the bodies they'll have.
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    9. I have a DD floating head. I was waiting for the mochi body to come out. I also have an SD head. For her, I need an older body, so I've been keeping my eye out on mandarake.
    10. Zero! I intend to never have floating heads. This is my 4th year in the hobby, and i am still sticking to that number. :)
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    11. only floating head is a practice head so that i can practice faceups and play around with different faceup styles
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    12. I have two at the moment. One I will be trading away within the next few months, the other is my practice head that I have no intention of giving a body to. Floating heads drive me crazy so I don't like getting just heads. I always get full dolls. I did get one floating head a while back, but he got a body very quickly.
    13. I have 3 with one on the way as well as an attempt to buy one before it gets sold.

      I have my Feeple19 Juri head that I posted a faceup for a while back—I cannot find a decent body for her :pout:

      I have two blank heads; a Feeple Nanuri 17 and a Luts Mia. The latter almost had a body but my friend wanted to keep it which was A-OK with me. She’s in NS so it won’t be terribly difficult to find another.

      Lastly, I bought an Eragona head secondhand on IG. I only collect SD, but I’ve been in love with that doll since hellocreations (I think that’s the name) shared theirs on IG. I managed to find one secondhand last week and snatched her up. I now have to hunt for an MSD body :...(
    14. I have one but I just sold it! :lol:
    15. I have three so far! One needs a 69cm body, which for someone who has only ever had msd's is quite intimating and rather expensive. The other needs a 40cm body, but I need marketplace access to buy it since it's been discontinued. And last but certainly not least I need a body for my dc Hyman head, I'll probably get either a dc or dz body for him ^^
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    16. I have four floating heads with all four having bodies ordered just not shipped. I have had a couple been waiting now for five months with no word when bodies will arrive.
    17. None, because seeing the posts about resin matching and so forth of trying to get a body makes me avoid any doll that doesn't come with a body. Honestly I was nervous about the first doll I got that was completely blank, no clothes, no faceup. I don't think I could stand the pressure of having only a head and having to get EVERYTHING.
    18. 0! I've order a head last year but choose to order a body for him 2 week after that. They are united now so go back to 0 floating head. Usually I would not order any head without plan to find a body for them. Hope to stick at 0 until the end of 2022:XD:
    19. I have 2 floating heads, bodies for them have been difficult to track down but hopefully by the end of this year they will both have bodies bringing my total back to 0.
    20. I've currently only got one and I haaaaate it!! I'm the type of owner who wants a doll completely finished within a couple of days getting home. If I don't complete dolls quickly, I don't bond with them. I also don't like hybrids for the most part, but I found this gorgeous head for a really low price and my sister got him for me for Christmas because he's the perfect 70cm version of my first doll, who is 1/4 scale and doesn't fit into my crew anymore. He's currently sharing a body with one of my other boys, but I want him complete so bad before I lose interest in him. I don't plan to buy any other floating heads, with one possible exception being having an alternate head for one of my dolls to switch back and forth on makeup styles.