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How many of the same molds will you get?

Jul 6, 2011

    1. i'm not sure if this has been brought up but i'm really curious as to how many of the same molds would you get if you reallyreally love the mold and just feel 1 isnt enough!

      for me its the mnf woosoo[since i cant afford the SD ones...] but the mini one is just perfect!
      i got 1 3years back and is planning to get another 1 hopefully soon
      with the sleeping head and a body for it
      so 3 woosoos!

      some might think i'm crazy and that i'm wasting money but just 1 mold could have so many different looks!

      and i just wanted to know if theres anyone that thinks the same :D
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    2. You are right! I always feel that there are usually lots of potential in each mold since one mold can achieve different looks depending on the wigs, eye, outfits, faceup and so on. Personally though, the most I'd ever buy the same mold of would be 2, and that would be my twins! XD
    3. haha yeah!
      but if i where to get a new woosoo y not get the SP head as well and a body for it MUAHAHHA my excuse to get another woosoo hehe
      and they're not even gonna be twins coz if i where to think their twins they'll tend to look the same and everything they wear would be similar as well.
    4. I have two Elfdoll Soah heads (one normal and one with closed eyes) that are twins and I have three dreaming El heads for the same character. The Els are all faced upped differently and modded to have a slightly different expression so I can switch looks without removing and redoing the face-up all the time. I also happen to have a LittleFee El and a Chic-line El, but I'm not sure if that counts. ^_^
    5. I have always wondered why people buy more than one of the same sculpt (unless they want identical twins of course) but recently I have been wondering about getting a second head. I have a Peakswoods Skiya and have tried all sorts of other heads from PW to be her sister but I just love Skiya way more than the others and my eyes always go straight to her face. I wondered, why not get another Skiya to be her sister, do the face-up differently and so they are closely resembled sisters rather than twins... I probably won't do it but at least the compulsion to repeat buy heads is starting to make sense.

      I ahve always understood the desire to have multiples of one body sculpt though. Some bodies just pose way better than others and so why not get more than one for your favourite heads?
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    6. Two!!! Because I'm a sucker for boy-girl twins.
      I have 2 LTF Shiwoos (boy/girl) and both have their own open-eyed and sleeping heads :D
    7. I'm planning on 5 ^^;; Bluefairy Louis is my favourite mould, it's one of the few I can never get bored of looking at. I currently have the msd NS and WS version but I also want the valentine head, sd version and yo-sd sized doll :D (if they ever release the last 2 and I hope they will xD).
    8. I love Resinsouls Song sculpt. I have 2 (one in green and one in light tan) and would consider more if it fit the character. I love how different my boys are despite being the same sculpt, with the default face up. Quinn (Lt tan) has a bit of attitude and loves attention while Oren (green) is super shy and sweet.
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    9. Oh, I would definatly consider buying multiple heads of the same sculpt.With dollmore`s zaoll for example. I have a beautiful muse that I`m in love with.But I would like another muse tu be a more fantasy character and then a zaoll luv , dreaming luv , and a ramie wich they say is zaoll`s sister , but they have the same body and verry similar faces.So I guess in the end I am gonna end up with 5 zaoll dolls:D. I guess it sounds a bit much and exagerated , but I think this sculpt has so much potential ,and they can look so different and versatile that I just want them all , besides the dreaming muse , wich doesn`t really atract me.
    10. I have two Minifee Marcia's at the moment and I want one more, on a different body. So I will have three in the end. I also have two Littlefee Ante's and if Fairyland makes tan Littlefee's, I will be getting one more.
      They all have their own look and personalities.
    11. hahaha guessssss i'm not crazy after all!!!!!!!
      truthfully i've got more than 10 dolls back and forth but theres only 1 that holds me heart all this time
      and his my minifee woosoo![his like the 4th doll i had and i just love him when i saw the SD ones before mnf even came out] i could never get sick of his cute little face
      but others tends to come and go like the wind..
      my very first dollzone cherry is staying with me though but i've got no intentation to duplicate her >.<
    12. I have doubles of a number of scuplts. I like to make twins but seeing how different I can make the same sculpt look. The potential of sculpts I love interests me.
    13. I have two minimee heads the same( they came in pairs), but they aren't remotely like each other now. I also have two Heliot heads ( it just happened that I wanted a partner for the other and a head was for sale), but I modded the eyes open more...
    14. Right now I can't see myself have more than one of each. But I've noticed that I'm often drawn to molds that have similar features. But who knows what the future brings if I really fall for one.
    15. See, I'm the other way around. I can understand wanting to have two of the same face-sculpt, but having multiples of one body... that feels odd.
    16. I was thinking two would be the most I'd ever want of the same mold and went for twins (Migi Mihos) right when I got into the hobby.
      Lately though, I've been thinking of getting two additional Soom Dia boys on top of the one I already have, since the characters they'd be representing are supposed to look almost identical anyways. Plus, I have an undying love for that sculpt to begin with, so I'm quite sure I won't get bored of them any time soon.
      Now here's to saving up and debating who comes home first: them, or someone else from the wishlist.
      Decisions, decisions.
    17. My thoughts exactly. Bodies are relatively expensive compared to heads, so I want to get the most out of my money.
    18. [​IMG]

      At the moment, I have three, and I'll have four if Soom ever bothers to ship him. *grumble*
      Euclase is the sculpt I compare all other sculpts to when I'm out shopping. I love his elegant eyes, his little smirky lips, his narrow face. <3

      I did also recently get a tan DollZone Chen head, and I already have a white one, but I haven't any pictures of them yet as he just arrived. :3
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    19. I wouldn't mind having two of the same face sculpt for twins or something if the sculpt was right for them. I'm not so sure of having two of the same bodies with it though. Maybe it's just me, but if I ever do get twins, I think I would have one boy and one girl, rather than two the same sex.
    20. I have several duplicate tiny dolls. I buy two of some dolls usually because I want to mod one of them and also like the original version. If I had another bright idea, I can totally see buying even a third doll.