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How many of you have big dolls? 70cm - 80cm

Apr 10, 2008

    1. Hey!

      I was wondering how many of you have big dolls (you know, like 70cm-80cm+)?

      What brands are they, and do they need different care/handling that smaller dolls?


      Thanks! I've finally decided I'm going to get a 70cm Model Doll! XD
      I cant wait to order him (I have to wait till my mum wakes up)!

      But do share if you have any stories. I'd love to hear what your big boys get up to!
    2. I do! I have a Buddydoll Mars that stands at 70cm. He's my first and so far only doll, and as far as I know he needs no special care. I've heard that the Buddydoll resin is a little thinner than most, but from what I can tell of my boy he seems just as durable as most BJDs.

      The main problem with him is finding clothes and wigs that fit (he's a 9.5 size head, wears Hound/Dollmore Model sized boots and clothes), and that can be a pain. But especially if you're interested in sewing your own clothes or otherwise modding them, they're fantastic.

      My recommendation is just to be vigilant of buying things, and making sure they'll fit a big doll. :)
    3. I've also got a 70cm doll, a Dollzone Yuu, and like Ntkufreak, he's also my first and so far only doll. ^^ I knew he was going to be big, but I was still surprised when I pulled him out of the box. Love him to death though. Clothes are indeed the biggest problem, I actually started to pick up sewing so I could alter some of the Hound/Dollmore clothes to fit him properly (their shirts are too broad in the shoulders and a little long in the sleeves, but the pants are as perfect as they can get). I don't think bigger dolls require any sort of special care, just treat them as you would any other BJD. :)
    4. My first doll was/is a DZ Yuu. And like Kalenthi, I got a bit of a shock when I opened his box, even to I knew he was going to be big. Clothes can be awkward to get for him, and my sewing is not so great, but I haunted the Marketplace and over time have managed to get him some great outfits.
      My other guys are all in the 62cm - 65cm range so are a bit easier to shop for.
    5. my first doll is a dollshe Saint he is also a 70cm doll, and indeed finding clothing and wigs can be hard.

      but extra care ...... I do not think he needs any:)
    6. I have a 70cm Dollzone Wing. He was my second of three dolls, inbetween a 60cm girl and a 25cm boy. He's a bit harder to handle due to his size and weight, but he doesn't need any special care..
    7. I have a Dollshe. I treat him just like the others; he's just taller.
    8. Most of my dolls are Dollshe or Dollmore Models, so clearly that is what I am drawn to and used to. My smaller dolls (60cm Narins) actually seem small to me by comparison.

      Aside from needing their own clothes about the only thing that's different in terms of "handling" larger dolls, is you need a bigger doll bag for them.
    9. I have a SA Bermann from Dollshe who is 70cm and I'm waiting for Soom's Mecha Angel Deneb [mod to male] who is around the 80cm.
      The rest of gang is around the 63cm tall

    10. Tall dolls are heaven, but then again I might be a little biased as all my dolls are 70cms:D Congrats on your Model boy!!:sumomo:
    11. i have hound (70cm) and sabik (80cm), as well as dollmore model bonnie (70cm) and soom vega(80cm). for the boys hound and sabik i just buy cloths made for them, and they can share shoes.... the girls cloths i have been borrowing from my 60cm girls and my 70 cm and 80 cm boy cloths , and look for stretchy cloths and skirts. if i am taking an 80 cm resin out, they will ride in a baby stroller because they are heavy!!
    12. I have a Sabik and Dollmore's Huey Lewis :aheartbea However, I switched their feet because I felt that 1) the Sabik's feet were too small for his large body, and 2) Huey's feet were too big and I couldn't get any SD-13 shoes on him. The resin match isn't too far off, either :)
    13. 7 of my 8 are big dolls. I am an SD person myself but I love my MNF shiwoo just as much as my bigger ones... (Cept Kasey is my favorite)
      Hageshiku- Luts Dreaming Lishe with a B&G boy body
      Dae' Amatae- Luts Juri 2006 also using the B&G boy body
      Eilor- Luts Elf Chiwoo... Same body
      Charley- Luts Dreaming Chiwoo (modded from sleeping)
      Kasey- Luts Dreaming El
      Astaroth- Luts Dreaming Shiwoo
      X133- K-doll Karon on B&G body til I get him a dolkot body
    14. What's a Sabik?
    15. Soom Sabik - he's a mecha angel which is the largest range of doll so far. I have Sabik and agree about the feet, but my Dollmore model Kyle was a pinky white and Sabik is a yellow normal so I left things how they were. I love Sabik, he's one of my favourites. I keep falling in love with the taller dolls. I wasn't overly keen on Vega but Deneb is winning me over. I'm waiting to see what Saiph is like then I may be getting one of the Mecha Angel females.
    16. Hm....I have a couple now.

      Dollshe Hound and a DoI Luke. Luke is much pinker but taller and more proportionate. Dollshe / Dollmore model dolls I find way more lanky and lean and just look a lot taller by themselves since a lot of their height is in their legs XD Dollzones are much more beefy than Hound so if you're looking for more hefty build that may be the way to go.

      for an nice all rounder though I love my DoI though but I haven't had a chance to play with a model boy yet
    17. We have 4, 2 Soom, 1 Dollshe and 1 Dollmore. probably add more as we fall in love :)
    18. How heavy are they??
    19. my first doll is 70 cm. DZ Dark Elf Quinn!!! Sorry still way excited here.
    20. I've got a Dollzone Yuu coming and I'm thinking of getting Saiph eventually, and Soom Vega Merman if he's still available when I get out of Dolly Debt. I love the new mecha angel range. It's fantastic. I sew so clothing is no problem, other than finding the time to make it. Shoes and wigs aren't too bad either, although I like historical clothing so I'm planning to get some Yuu feet to make shoe molds from and have a go at making my own historical clothing.