How many outfits do you have for your dolls?

Nov 6, 2020

    1. Each of my dolls has 1-2 outfits and a few extra pieces floating around, but I want a lot more. I know some people who have totes full of clothes for one doll. Where do you sit?
    2. I have quite a lot of similar size dolls so I put their clothes together in a labelled box although some of my dolls have a more specific style so they have their own seperate shoeboxes for their clothes :)
    3. Most of my dolls (except 2) have 3-4 outfits - one for each season.
    4. Depends on the doll - I see more stuff for sale that is "right" for some dolls than i do for others, and I gravitate toward sewing more for some of them, and some (mostly the boys) are "poor-relations" when it comes to the number of outfits they have.

      But I have a shelf spanning an entire long wall of our spare bedroom, that is stacked with boxes of dolls clothes arranged by size and gender and (some of them) by particular doll (plus overspill in other places), so collectively any given size of doll has a lot of outfit choices (although, somehow, there never seem to be enough stockings and petticoats to go around)

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    5. My two MSDs have the most clothes as they share but the rest of them have at least two outfits for the seasons. And I always want more :XD:
    6. I honestly have a hard time imagining having more than one or two outfits per doll because after waiting so long and planning the doll, the full image of the doll/character/clothing that I have designed feels burned into my mind.
      I am wondering if I'm an outlier on this one!
    7. I just keep my clothing separated by sizes and they all pick from what I've got :XD: if I had to guess I'd probably say I've got somewhere around 50 outfits.
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    8. I don’t do much on full outfits but mostly have jeans or tops. Some of mine share or have similar styles. I’m also really bad about changing their clothes... I mostly roleplay with them and that’s how I bond so they do stay in the doll room possibly a little too often lately.
    9. If you are, then I am too! Changing doll clothes is not one of my favorite aspects of the hobby, and while I keep some clothing that came with secondhand dolls and love looking (and sometimes buying) clothing online, my dolls mostly stay in the same clothing year-round (the clothing that most fits their character/my mental image of them).
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    10. I have certain dolls that have their preferred outfits, one doll that only has one outfit because she's my only female SD and I kinda forgot to get her anything other than her fullset outfit (which I like for her anyways), and some dolls get whatever fits from the general collection of doll clothes. The concept of one-outfit-per-doll for all dolls is extremely foreign to me, but I grew up playing with Barbies and whatnot, so a box full of clothes "for everybody" is old hat.
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    11. Lots of outfits for most, but barely enough to clothe one or two.
    12. I adore sewing, knitting and other textile art. I've lost count of my girls' outfits years ago.
    13. All of my dolls have a shoebox sized tote for their clothes and accessories, though some have a lot more than others. Marley and Marci probably have close to 10 shirts and 5 bottoms each, but some of my others, like Damien and Dresden, are lucky to have two outfits. A lot of it has to do with how easy it is to find things in the right style that actually fit. My 54-63cm crew have no issue finding stuff to fit for the most part, but my 70cm crew are harder, since I never know what will fit between stuff being marked Hound, Uncle, SD17, SSDF, EID, Mega Gem, and just generic "70cm". I've probably bought as many things that don't fit as I have things that do, so I'm kind of discouraged right now.
    14. I'm still building them up a wardrobe :sweat I just sold an SD and sold all of his clothes with him, because I don't intend on buying another 60cm doll in the future. My YOSDs are the best dressed out of all of them, even though two of them haven't arrived yet! There's four dresses total between the three of them, plus several more on the way, along with shoes, socks, little head pieces, etc.

      My MSDs are... not dressed. My DiM hybrid is wearing an outfit that was actually meant for my SMTB Dohwee, but his shoulders were far too wide, so she's borrowing the overalls and shirt I bought for him. She technically has a big sweater on the way, too. I've been trying to commission an outfit for Dohwee since his measurements are unusual.

      I need more clothes, I'm realizing!
    15. Honestly, a doll having a 'signature' look is really important to me, so mine end up like cartoon characters with just a singular outfit. I'm usually not into most fullset clothes as they come so I do have some floating pieces/outfits I bought to try and style a doll that didn't stick or from dolls I've sold where the buyer didn't want the clothes but I don't change the dolls outfits unless it's a complete change. ^^
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    16. I also prefer a singular outfit once I find 'the look.'
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    17. It depends for me. I "like" sewing my BJDs clothes, so it depends on how motivated I am to make clothes for them. In the beginning, when I only had two, I used to sew (crappy) clothes for them almost once every week. Once I got more than three, I kind of just sewed if I felt like it, which then turned into if I am not being a complete lazy bum. Which is what mostly goes on in recent years. I only own five complete humanoid dolls that I would make clothes for (one anthro that I don't see the need to sew clothes for), so the more "newer" ones don't own as many pieces of (crappy) handsewn clothes, as my earlier dolls. I have about four human-sized hat boxes filled to the brim with BJD clothes, I don't know what to do with. The OT dolls that are displayed, only get the one outfit they come with, if they are lucky (some are for parts, or other "donations," so they stay nude and headless). DX
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    18. So many clothes, too few dolls. I bought the dolls just so I could sew for them. They are my dress maker's dummies, so to speak. I have tried many other aspects of this doll hobby but sewing is my passion. I have a whole dresser full of doll clothes that is overflowing. I wish I could sell them, but I get attached to my work.
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    19. I have four large freezer bags full of clothes, sorted into: bottoms, tops, dresses/rompers, and then tights/underwear/stockings/hats/socks/headbands/basically anything that didn’t fit in the first three bags categorically. And that last one is the only one that ISN’T currently overflowing and unable to be sealed. I have no idea exactly how many pieces I have currently, but I did just sell around 50 items of clothing on Instagram, and it really didn’t even make a dent.

      All of my dolls share clothes, though, so no doll-specific outfits.

      Dressing my dolls up and taking pics is the main way I enjoy my dolls, so I like to have a big wardrobe for them. I need to find a better storage solution, though. :sweat
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    20. I got into this hobby with the full intention of exploring my inner designer.:) And I have truly delighted in it! Each of my dolls has a wardrobe of roughly 3-5 complete outfits (and I have 45 dolls, so that’s alot of clothes!) There is also a small handful of them who share some beautiful clothing that I’ve managed to collect over the years. But by far the vast majority have individual styles particular to their own unique characters, so I’ve made all of their outfits myself.
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