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How many outfits do you own?

Jun 24, 2018

    1. How many outfits do you own and for how many dolls?
    2. I don't think I've ever counted my outfits, but I have 9 full dolls at the moment and each doll has at least one full outfit. One of my MSD girls has about 10 outfits just for her though. xD
    3. I've got three on-topic dolls and two floating heads. Between them they have...oh, I'll say fifty little outfits, give or take. I mix and match separate pieces around a lot, so that number is free for playing with.
    4. I have about 14 five litre tubs worth of assorted clothes (not including underthings, accessories or what's currently on my dolls). I like to mix and match so most aren't full single outfits. I have 29 dolls who share the clothes.
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    5. Simultaneously too many and not enough, depending from which angle you look at it (space vs amount of dolls) :lol:
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    6. Full outfits, maybe like a handful? I tend to buy bits and pieces and change them pretty often. It helps me decide what kind of actual outfit i wanna spend alot of money on for my dolls when i decide what style i like
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    7. One for each full doll (so, the rolling heads will have to wait). That means 7 outfits. When I've got time, I want to make each of them another one.
    8. More than I can count.

      Ideally, each Doll should have 5 tops, 3 bottoms, underwear and some shoes at minimum. Some have a lot more, especially the dolls I’ve had longer. So multiply that by 18 dolls? I have a LOT of doll clothes! I often think I enjoy buying clothes more than buying dolls.
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    9. I have a few boxes of outfits. Between my fondness for crafting and length of time I've been in the hobby, the number of outfits is always growing.
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    10. I collect doll outfits just as much as the dolls themselves, so... quite a few. I have more for the SD13/Delf type "mid-sized" 1/3-scale dolls than my larger or smaller ones, though, so the distribution isn't exactly even.
    11. many, many, many
    12. I love the clothing part of the hobby. Each doll has probably, on average 6-7 outfits. I get bored seeing them in the same things all the time, and I like to dress them for the season as well.My biggest doll has less outfits, just because her clothing tends to cost more. My wardrobe stays the same. My dolls get the new stuff !;)
    13. I have around 50 BJD's (and a house full of other types of doll) and have never counted the boxes and boxes of outfits I have for them. Some of them can wear the same sizes as each o0ther and other types of doll, so that ups the numbers of outfits available to any individual doll, but most of them have their own colour preferences so have several outfits of their own in those colours.

      The boys are the "poor-relations" when it comes to the numbe rof outfits they have becuase I don't like sewing for boys as much as I do for girls, and it's hard to find clothes to buy that fit right or are in the right style for my boys without commisioning them all to be made.

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    14. This got me curious to count:
      I currently have about 45 outfits and 2 dolls, (depending on how you'd count as there are a few mix-and-match pieces which I tried to count as .5).
      The majority, 38, of those are SD10 size that only one doll wears and 5 are SD17 size for the other doll. The remaining 2 are SDGrB size, which I no longer own a doll of that size but would possibly like to have one again sometime so I'm holding on for the time being
      I've got 2-4 outfits on my wishlist at the moment and several more I'm waffling over. I'm in no way done adding to the wardrobe :whee:
    15. I have a pukipuki, pukifee, and littlefee box- each full of their respective-size clothes: some are custom handmade, others modified Barbie clothes, a few actually bjd clothes. Surprisingly, the littlefee box holds 2 dolls worth of clothes.

      Although I had to get a separate box for wigs and eyes.

      My roommate was just commenting on how prolific I am as a crafter of doll clothes, and how they wish they made more for their dolls. It prompted a whole conversation on how making doll clothes costs me less spoons than playing video games (their time-spender of choice), and how the opposite is true for them.
    16. TLDR: I have 22 dolls (some are just floating heads borrowing bodies) and way more outfits than that. All my dolls are clothed and there are quite a few extra pieces to go about.

      They usually have a "signature" look or item (Miharu has his straw hat and yellow sheep hat, Fuyuki his beret, Colin his sandals, Gin is overall more "grunge" and Keiichi has a whole array of dress shirts, pants and vests that are technically "his" alone... etcetera) but I have very few qualms to let them share things to be honest, which gives me an infinitely expandable wardrobe.

      I guess the MSD girl I no longer have but am planning to reshell in the future is the most spoiled considering I have a huge segment of MSD girl clothes and no desire to own more than one girl? xP; my MDD boys also dress in a rather girly fashion at least (no skirts or dresses but still...) so they can sometimes borrow a few things. And then there's Shecherazade who I have yet to order but she already has a considerable wardrobe amassed just for her. One of my Pureneemo girls might be able to borrow some of the pieces I got for her, but other than that her style is pretty unique, and her size guarnatees that any outfits I get will mostly be "just for her".
    17. I have 27 outfits for my 3 boys, and I plan to sell 16 of them since most of them are winter clothes, and I plan to buy couple summer outfits.
    18. I have 4 dolls, counting the tiny, and I have 2-3 outfits each for the 3 boys, and maybe about 6 for the one girl? Also, something like 20 pairs of shoes, some of which fit no one (.....yet).

      .....and add to that 4 or 5 new pairs of pants which I'm buying today.
    19. 50 dolls and far too many clothes. I sew for my guys so there's a LOT of stuff. Some are clothes horses and have far too many outfits. Others have trouble scrapping up a pair of pants and a shirt that fit. 3 of my boys actually refuse to wear clothes.
    20. I just started this hobby back in May, so I have one doll now and another still being made... ^-^

      Hopefully by the end of this year, everything will arrive. By then it will be 2 dolls with 3-4 outfits (for the girl) and 3 for the boy. I'm actually having a lot more fun looking for accessories instead---yesterday I found the perfect sword! And it helps that both of them are going to sport an ancient Chinese aesthetic, so it's kinda hard to shop for the right outfits...keeps my wardrobe dreams under control. ^-^;
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