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How Many Outfits Per Doll?

Jul 11, 2007

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    1. Just curious. About how many outfits does each of your dolls usually have? (or how much would you like them to have?) I understand some dolls in your family might have a lot more then others, but on average, or minimum amount per. ^^
      Please explain. Thank you~
    2. This is really hard to figure out for me - each doll has some outfits that are theirs alone, but then there are lots of separates that they all share (well, all of the same size!) and recombine into different outfits. I'm not making individual jeans for every doll.

      The one doll who has the fewest outfits is my Chii, and she also doesn't share them. But when I figure out how many hours each one took to make, I don't feel so bad about it :).

    3. That does vary wildly for my guys, especially since quite a few of them share clothing. But even so, Ilú has over 20 different outfits, while Aulen has only two to his name. It just depends on character, really: Ilú's a real clothes horse so he gets a lot, while none of my other boys really care all that much and they get less accordingly.
    4. Well, I'd be getting this doll with the intention of sewing for her. In fact, one of my main reasons for getting her is to have someone to practice my sewing and photography on. So of course I'm going to make LOTS of clothes for her. LOTS. XD But, I'm pretty sure that when I get new dolls with a similar size, they'd end up sharing some stuff...
    5. however many my fingers will be able handle pin/needle pricks from :aeyepop:
    6. I have way too many outfits for my dolls but only a few are higher quality ($50). The rest of my stuff is Friends2BMade, used items bought in the Marketplace, inexpensive handmades, etc. For the tinies, mostly clothes made for commercial vinyl dolls. I did, however. spend more on some good shoes and wigs.

      I wish I had not bought so many and had instead picked up some Mio (hmm how many Friends2BMade does a Mio outfit cost though?)

    7. Mine only have 1 set of brought clothing each, and a very few items that I've made... one or two more sets? I want to buy them more still.
      Im not sure if they share, unless I make them, but they're layed back about most things.
    8. My boys tend to share clothes and outfits alot, they're all SD sized so they can easily fit each others clothes^^
      I only have one girl- and she is my baby, she has more outfits in her name than the boys. On average I'd say each of my darlings have about 8-9 outfits each.

      When it comes to shoes it's different though- they only own one pair each. Why? Because shoes are expensive to buy- while i'm able to make the outfits myself ^___^

      (this thread is interesting btw)
    9. Well... I intend to have a wide range of outfits for each of my dolls. Ideally 10 or more, but it'll really depend on how many dolls I end up with (and whether or not I go bankrupt in the meantime.) ^^;;; Right now I have two dolls with 9 outfits between them... I've bought most of my doll(s) outfits so far, but I'm working on sewing some myself. Let's just say, the things (can't even call them 'outfits' really) I've sewn as of yet have been somewhat short of successful.

      Hopefully I'll sew well enough, eventually, or else I might just have to wrap them in toilet paper and call it a dress...
    10. Each of my resins has a large box of clothes, Trys has two boxes, so I'd have to go with the 10+ average. It totally varies depending on the doll tho :)
    11. My mnf Shiwoos, have wey to many clothes... spoilt 100%, my SD size dolls tend to have around 4/5 outfits each but all share so a mix n match aswell

      and lets not go with shoes, lol
    12. oh geez, I can't even count. my MSD's all share clothes but each of my SD's has a filing cabinet drawer all their own filled to popping with clothes. And they don't share at all. Not to mention shoes which go in yet another drawer...so I'd have to say about 8 to 10 complete outfits apiece.
    13. I've said 2, even though Remy only has one pair of jeans, 2 t-shirts and 2 jackets. My incoming girl has 2 full outfits bought from the marketplace here. I would like a few more for Remy, as he is sick of wearing basic black, but I think I'm gonna have to commision what he wants as it looks like no one makes stuff for 70cm DZ guys.
    14. I mix and match alot with separates. My two boys share clothes. My girl does not. :P But the boys do have some clothes that only they wear. I would say each have about 5 outfits they could call their own. They seem like they have more clothes then that but they don't. ^_^

      I should go through all they have to get an idea.
      To break it all down (even breaking apart true sets). I'm going by memory here so have some room for error.
      girl pants:1
      girl tops:4
      shoes:14 (omg! I didn't realize how many shoes they had! ^^; )

      Whoa...when you break it down like that it does seem pretty much. :sweat But it is all split between 3 dolls. :)
    15. I have no idea, since it varies widely from doll to doll.
      Some have only one main outfit, which they are quite happy wearing, plus a small assortment of shared clothing.

      Some have one or two outfits which are theirs alone.

      Then there are my demons...

      Freyr, who will mostly only wear camo, his green sweater and hat set with the leaves on it, and busy prints of leaves or trees, plus his tan sneakers or his fur topped boots.

      Wraith, who will only wear clothes with bugs on them, either insect prints, or embroidered bugs, and only his pink saddle shoes.

      Signey, who will only wear Gothic Lolita outfits.

      Salem, who only wears white or very pale pastels, and either his black zori or his white boots.

      Lord Shigure who prefers elaborate ceremonial robes.

      Finally, there is Lucifer, who has more clothes and shoes then I can count...almost three people sized drawers full.

      Lue adores getting new clothes, and will wear anything he knows he looks good in; from leather and corsets, to t-shirts and jeans, to traditional Japanese attire.

      fortunately he's pretty good about sharing...at least some of his clothes anyway. ^_~
    16. At the moment I plan on having one outfit per doll until I finish buying all of the dolls that I want. Then perhaps I'll focus on expanding their wardrobe. :)
    17. I think my dolls have about 3 different outfits / doll. I haven't bought any of them (: but maybe someday.
    18. This question was a no-brainer for me, sadly. My dolls wear casual clothes rather than special or unique outfits, so I "have" to get them each lots of mix-and-match pieces. For starters, I have at least 20 pairs of MSD jeans and 30 pairs of trousers...then count the T-shirts and the button-up shirts and the girly tops and skirts...
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    19. Hmm... I'm having trouble getting the clothes to keep up with the dolls lately.
      Ichigo's the clothes horse. I'd say he has about fifteen outfits, give or take.
      Then the Littles (MSDs) share those size clothes among them. I've made them a bunch of shorts, but they're mostly embarrassing holiday themed ones. I'm finally getting them non-embarrassing clothes. :sweat They threatened to gang up on me.
      I'd say they each have at least one outfit each.
      But poor Renji. Not much out there fits him, so I've had to make stuff for him.
      He's got two pair of pants now, but the jeans don't have any pockets and are elastic waisted so they fall under the category of embarrassing right now. :lol:
      So he's stuck with just one outfit right now too.
      I'm getting an outfit together for the new boy, so he'll have one outfit to wear when he finally comes in. :)

      *chuckle* :sweat so if you look by outfits, it's easy to see who's the favorite!
    20. Did you make them? I make all mine now. The bought stuff is OK but I prefer homemade. The more I have sewn the better I have got! Probably 4-5 outfits each.