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How many people have permanently displayed homes for their dolls?

Jan 16, 2007

    1. Hi everyone,

      As a newbie who's decided to eventually create a series of furniture in which my dolls can live, and having seen the kind of things that LadyWithTheDog has, I was wondering how many of you have a permanent set rather than keeping them somewhere else (shelf, drawers, fulls-size chairs?) and then posing them for stories (as for example Loki@Street Of Dreams).

      I admit I can only design and build the framework for the beds and so on and will need to get someone else to sew the covers and cushions, with fabrics from Liberty's or John Lewis or some of the shops in Soho (Chinatown), but with a double bed working out at about 67*50cm, never mind tables and sofas and possibly cupboards, that's taking over an area of 2*4m, which is large. Even with bunk beds or sofa-beds, or perhaps the kind that hinge up into a cupboard, there's the logistics of fitting that into the back-story of the characters, and even if two of the boys weren't sharing the double (yes, another shonen-ai fan!), putting that into the same bedroom as the girl's single just doesn't seem right.

      (I'm lucky in that I do have a spare room, but that's used for exercising, and though the mini-gym only takes up one corner, the rest of the floorspace is needed for myself when I'm training.)

      As you can probably gather, I'm trying to make as 'real' an environment as I can, but given the limitations of space, I was wondering how others had got around it? At the moment, I'm creating a sort of neutral space of floor and walls, into which I can then place various things as and when I need them to illustrate a story, but I hate getting things out all the time even if it means they get dusty.

      Anyway, I'd love to hear how you have done things...

    2. Hah! Well I'm currently having this dilemma at the mo.....
      I have them sitting on a shelf in my office ( which I like because I constantly peer at them), but I would also like to have a little set area for them too, but as you say, it takes up a bit of space.....
      Maybe I'll just go for a sort of backdrop that I can get out easily and just put away as a whole in a cupboard...still not sure yet as I have an idea for a room I'd like..Ohh decissions decissions:lol:
    3. Well, I started out just having a "set" for photoshoots, but after a while, it got left out...everyone got used to it...and then it stayed there, so yeah, I do have a "house" for them all the time now :) It doesn't suck up a massive amount of space simply because it's just in a corner of a room, and I like the interplay between their teeny stuff and my big stuff :)

      My situation is slightly different tho because I have mini's, so their bed is 1/4 scale not 1/3rd :)

      This is their "house":

      All of that is out all the time...mainly cos I'm too lazy to put it away, but I have to say, everyone who comes to my house always thinks it's great and on the rare occasions I've moved it, people ask where the boys stuff's gone :lol:
    4. HEY!! I have a room in my house...in fact, a living room in the living room!! THey even have a fake window. I haven't made any photostories yet and I sadly don't have a picture but I'll try to post one as soon as I can!!

      I could'nt stand them liyng around or just sitting there...I found a good size bookshelf in the garbage...and transform it into a perfect dolly living room!!
      They got chairs, a little table and a nice "commode" to put their jewelry in!!

      good luck!
    5. I'm a newbie as well. My first bjd is suppose to arrive today. I've been thinking about where I plan to put her along with the 2 others I want to buy. I have a fair sized armoire in my bedroom. The tv in the bedroom is currently in the top portion, but we never watch tv in there. I'm thinking of moving the tv out and using the top half to store them. Close the doors and it will remain fairly dust free and limit their exposure to light. It would be large enough to store props and sets too. That might be something you could consider.
    6. Mine lives in my bookcase at the time being. Not a lot of room though, and hopefully I can get something better in the future, but for the time being, it works well...

    7. Lulu and Shayi, your room are great! I love your scale furniture Lulu. But you must not have pets if that room is at floor level! :lol:

      I have a bureau that has the pull down top (like an old desk) and I'm planning on making that into a room for my BJDs. That way I can close the lid when I don't want to display them and they can be protected from dust and light. And there is a little shelf at the top of area that can be used as bunk bed lofts for the littlest kids.

      The pullout drawer underneath will be used for their clothes and accessories.

      However, most of my BJDs are tiny or mini. I don't think it would work for full-size dollies.
    8. I only have one chair for Ophelia.
      Though, for my future Narae I've got to buy another chair so they can sit together.
      I know this isn't the best picture. But you can see where she's sitting.
    9. I have a very large shelf (almost like a desk) and it has room for Umeko's box which, with her bunny blanket and pillow, I have turned into a bed. All in all there is room for 4 "beds" and my SD sized torso so thats where Umeko lives ^^
    10. Really really blurry picture of what I have near my bed in my room:

    11. My lot have their own chairs but they live with my things. When I shoot them I tape fabrics to the wall or clip it to the bookshelves to make different grounds. I'm fairly sure more furniture will happen and I have a tiny flat...

      Watch I'll be sleeping on the couch and they'll get the room.
    12. My dolls permanent place in on top of my husband's dresser. They have some furniture but I haven't fully decked it out, yet. I'm still waiting to see if my husband's patience wanes.
    13. I have a pretty large glass display case that currently contains my other dolls like Barbies and assorted porcelain and resin dolls, but I want to relocate those dolls and set up the entire case as a big display for them. I havent decided whether to make it a room setting or an outdoor looking setting now that Loki has gotten his horse (will post some pics soon!). The case is all glass on three sides so I want it to be something special. When its done I will take many, many pics and post them here!
    14. Thank you! :) I actually dogsit for my mother a lot and her dog Digby's never bothered with any of the stuff, he falls asleep with his chin on their bed more often than not :lol:
    15. The only one of mine that has an entire in scale room is my Cutie Delf girl, since she's smaller. However, I have a lot of inscale furniture placed around the living room for them to sit on and my two mini boys have their own bed.
    16. Ain't that the truth! Just like one pair of my Hound's boots costs more than the last two pairs of shoes I've bought myself!

      I've accrued some furniture, but no steady place out yet. I do have plans, though....provided I can actually clear - AND KEEP CLEAR - a large flat area in my storage room.
    17. lol, my dolls take up a good chunk of my room, I'm already maxed out, and I'm thinking about getting more, oh god. >< They have beds, chairs, drawers, and i recently made a kitchen table and chairs, and shelves with little food. ^_^
    18. Our dolls have a home set up, it consists of a few rooms (a large living room and dining room mainly). Plus we have extra furniture to set up other places (like a resturant, etc).

    19. My dolls have little vingettes set up in my large display case where most of them live, furniture & props & such & they're doing things in there. I have more furniture that I'll set up just for photo shoots. I can't really leave little rooms out other than in the case as my cats believe all doll furniture is meant for them.
    20. My Girls have entire shelves devoted to them, plus I have a large glass doll case (which used to be a large china case) but they share space in that with my other dolls. I actually want to build them their own "house". I have started on the plans for this project, and my other half is a carpenter so as soon as we figure out where to put this, we will start to build it. I have also started making furiture like beds, tables etc. I wish I had a whole room just for my bjds. Sigh!