How many times have you changed the face-up on a single doll (not including practice face-ups)?

Apr 13, 2021

    1. Just wondering if anyone has changed the face-up for a single doll multiple times? If so, how many times? And why?
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    2. Hm. So far Amyas, my Delf Soony, has gone through three face ups— and will probably get at least a touch up sometime soon since there’s a small chip in their face, if not a whole new face if I can’t seem to match it. Most of the reasoning was simply because I didn’t like the previous ones anymore :sweat
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    3. One of my girls seems to shed faceups, so I've had to redo it several times becaue it flaked, or rubbed, or whatever.

      And I've had a couple redone because they faded and a couple redone because my faceup wasn;t very good so I wiped them and sent them to more talented artists.

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    4. I can't even remember how many faceups most of my dolls have had. Once I was comfortable with doing my own faceups and did them on all my dolls, not just a few, I would do them over whenever I felt I could do a better job. Some of my oldest dolls have had lots of faceups.

      My first doll came with a Dollmore default, had two faceups done by a local friend who did commissions at the time, then had god knows how many by me once I felt I could do him justice. He's going to be 13 in May, and I plan on redoing him again because he deserves a makeover for his big anniversary.

      My Migidoll Ryu has had almost as many, his first came from his previous owner. I loved it, because it was done by the same artist that two of my other dolls had been done by, so they all matched (and he was only my fifth doll, so that was more than half my dolls!). I eventually had to redo it because every time I posted a photo of him, I got comments like "OH IS THAT *insert name of previous character from his old owner*?!?!" and I got super-tired of it. So I redid him myself, and then redid him many times after that for the same reason I kept redoing my first doll. I was better at faceups, and wanted my dolls to reflect that.

      Sometimes I redo dolls when I'm tired of their look - my FL F60 Elf Karsh girl has had the same faceup since she was a boy, and I'm finally about to get around to giving her a new one, in a more gothy-witchy style (my preferred look for my girls). This will be her first faceup, since 2012.
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    5. My first doll has had so many faceups, I lost count. I’ve had him for 13 years and while I never considered any of them as practice, I did wipe and redo him pretty regularly as I improved my skills. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s probably had around 20!
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    6. A few of my dolls have had their faces redone 5-6 times. I like to change it up every now and then; try different styles or expressions, something new if I'm feeling bored with the doll, etc.
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    7. Every once in awhile, I'll just wipe off everyone's face and start over. So 3+ on most of my dolls.

      It's good practice for me, and as my faceups improve, my dolls look better and better each time.
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    8. I want to learn to do faceups purely so I can redo them if and when I feel like I can do better or I'm changing the style direction of the doll. At this point, though, pretty much everyone in my collection still has the faceup that they came to me with.

      I can't wait to get a blank head and start practicing!
    9. I have painted and repainted a lot of my floating heads many times not for practice necessarily (mostly because I suck, but enjoy painting more than life itself), but I have probably redone my fourth and largest BJD the most. I would guess I have repainted that doll around twelve to thirteen times, mostly because I am never satisfied with my crappy paint jobs (I suck!). I also enjoy modifying my dolls, but also rarely feel satisfied for long after modifying them -- I feel "okay" with the mods when I am done with them, then I obsessively criticize every little flaw I could have done "better," and try to fix it by modifying it again, in an never ending cycle. At least, I used to be like that when I was younger, now that I'm an ancient old fart, I rarely obsess as much. I still look at my dolls, and feel I could improve on the work, but I am a much older lazier version of my past self, and so I just cringe and leave the doll be. DX

      I was planning on redoing that one doll I repaint and modify (obsessively) again this year, but then I forgot to place my Aves' Apoxie Sculpt in the freezer, and it's pretty much unusable now. I might still try, but I don't mod large areas at a time, so even the tiny containers last a lifetime (for me). I don't know how wasteful I want to be ordering more Apoxie, if I'm not going to use it all within the year, and forget to put it in the freezer again. >_>;;

      If anyone is curious, here are some progress photos of him through out the first six years of his (unfortunate) time with me, he currently looks like this. (:
    10. I can't keep count. I change face-ups at least once every 1-3 years?

      The only exceptions are Dollzone Lumu and Batchix Clever Little because both of them have the tiniest faces and I can't deal lol

      And Dollmore Dell is too new to need a new face-up.

      I usually do a new face-up when there is scuffing and when I feel like I could do a better job painting.
    11. I think 4 times. Character changing, updating and figuring out exactly how I wanted the doll to look were the reasons. I hope repair doesn't get added to that little list.
    12. I have one that I redid four times before I was happy with it,
    13. I repainted SOOM Hyperon romantic head 4 times. The reason was that I could not bond well with romantic head so I keep changing his faceup. I end up move/change him to SOOM Hyun and now I am happy.
    14. My poor Volks F57 practically counts as a practice head, I’ve repainted him so often. He is, in fact, just about to go in for yet another lmao! Sometimes refining the look takes a super long dang time.
    15. I think Huaisang, my DF-A Angel, has had at the very least 7 or 8 face-up... but he's an old boy, somewhere around 10yo at this point, and I've only recently really found who I want him to be (this being said, 3 of those face-ups were done in the past 12 months because I needed him to be perfect)(he's not perfect, and will probably get a new face in the future)

      Little Ghost, my honey delf Pudding, has also had around 5 or 6, but she's even older than Huaisang. I don't think I'll change her current face-up again any time soon though, because I like her how she is. Unless I get a major sealant issue, she's staying like this (also because her face-up was more complicated to do so I'd rather not go through that again for a couple years)

      everyone else has had maybe 3 max, but they're all much younger dolls so it makes sense
    16. I’ve only changed faceups twice on one doll. Very happy with her current face but my tastes may change!