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How many wigs do you have per doll?

Aug 24, 2019

    1. I just thought of a question and now I'm interested to know the answer: How many wigs do you buy per doll? Do you like to switch up your dolls hair a lot, or do you prefer to keep it the same?

      For me, at this point in time, I'd feel weird switching my dolls wig a lot, because I feel like the wig is so much of the personality, I'm not sure if it'd feel like the same doll to me. That being said, I'm knew to the hobby and could end up changing my mind with time.
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    2. I stopped purchasing dolls and accessories for them around ten years ago, but my first three humanoid dolls own around four to six wigs each. My last two complete (as opposed to floating heads, or anthro) humanoid dolls only own around two to three proper wigs. I started making wigs myself a few years ago, so some of them own a few other very crappy wigs, but I don't consider them "proper-wigs," because of how awful they are. If I can get better at making my own wigs, I will make a few for all of the dolls I currently own, but I'll definitely won't be purchasing anymore readymade ones. I'm very picky about realistic hair bulk, most commercial wigs are too thick (doll-wig-like) for my taste.

      Edit: Forgot to answer the most important part of the question. I also feel like hair is a very important part of the doll/character's personality, so I always choose wigs in the same color as the character's hair color. I also used to choose similar hair cuts/styles. However, the most fun part about being able to change wigs (for me), is being able to change the whole look of the doll. I still consider hair color important, and try to keep it the same as the doll's character, but I like changing hair styles/cuts with each different wig I make (or when I used to buy, I would choose slightly different hair styles as well).
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    3. I love to cosplay with Chaeri and I love making things for her. She has lots of wigs, mostly faux fur, that I've made for her. Because I've had her such a long time, she has dozens of wigs. I literally lost count. Most of the time she wears some version of pink, because that's her "natural" color, but I have wigs of literally every color you can imagine. Except for orange. She hates orange.
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    4. I think even if your doll is always wearing the same wig, they can easily have more than 3 or 4 wigs, because the research for the perfect wig for that doll can be sometimes just a matter of trial and error, you you can buy a wig, use it on that doll and after a while buy another because "that's not exactly what you were looking for". Or buy directly more than one wig because you don't know which one will suit them better. At least that's my personal experience and what I've heard from other people too. My girl has 3 wigs for that reason, but only uses one, unless I dress her as an anime character, which would be a cosplay.
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    5. I used to have one girl with three wigs. All three same color, but different styles and lengths. But now every doll pretty much has one wig as wigs are getting expensive, and it's hard to find that perfect wig sour going through several bad ones. Soon as I have everyone situated the extras are going.

      I can say hair is key, I find some just frizz to easily so I mean towards certain companies to be sure of quality.

      Also for me some dolls only look good in that one wig. I have had several Dollshe Saints in both big and MSD and everyone of them had to have a Paris wig usually in black. Nothing else worked for them.
    6. Precisely 0,57.
      I make wigs myself, since I never seem to get what I want if I commission or buy. Currently a couple of heads go bald, but I have a vision and the materials for about every wig, just should take the time to get started.
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    7. I have 1 wig per doll. But most of the time a Doll will go through a few wigs before I find the right one. My first doll switched between 2 wigs for a while until I settled on one of them.
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    8. In a perfect world they’d all only have one or two, but I’ve had a few dolls that look almost right in everything I try so they end up with a collection while I search for that elusive perfect wig. I’d say some of them have up to six collected over the years. I started making wigs so I could just make what I want instead of having to hunt around for it and waste money.

      I’ve also got one boy whose character wears wigs to dress up, so even mostly making my own wigs he’s pretty much amassing a hoard.
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    9. How many wigs do you buy per doll?
      I have way too many different wigs to count that I have bought or received over a period of 7 years. Most have been bought with a doll in mind, but when I feel they don't go with the doll, that wig goes to a different doll whom I feel fits the doll best.

      Do you like to switch up your dolls hair a lot, or do you prefer to keep it the same?
      When I get a new doll, they go through a constant revolving door of wigs and outfits until they find the right fit. Once they get the right eyes, wig, and outfit, they usually stay with that particular style for a couple of years before I start experimenting again.

      The beauty of this hobby is that dolls are highly customizable and you can change any components at any time whenever you feel ready to change them. :thumbup
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    10. I've got like.... 40-50 wigs for my 3 msd sized dolls... those were originally all purchased for 2 dolls and then i got a third one and sadly this third one's head is slightly bigger so now i have to go get more wigs for just her...

      I prefer to switch the doll hair a lot because i feel like different outfit and eyes suit different wigs... but then a lot of times, the wig don't really fit the doll nicely, it's a constant battle
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    11. So far I have about 2 wigs per doll. Mostly because I can’t find a color or style I’m 100% keen on. It seems it’s a lot of trial and error.
    12. I have one wig per doll, if that. Once the doll has the wig that matches them I don't really see a point in having more. Probably why I try to have a wig clear out on occasion when the extras pile up.

      That said? One of my dolls just works being bald and I love it so much! No wig fussing at all. If I want to buy a new doll it is an embarrassingly big part of decision making for me whether or not the doll can go wigless or not :sweat
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    13. I have lots of wigs for my girls, after all I change my own hair color as often as I want. My guys are harder to find wigs I like so when I get or make one for them they usually stay in it unless I cosplay with them and turn them into another character. Sometimes they stay that way for a long time, because it usually takes a long time for me to make everything and I like to bask in my accomplishment till inspiration strikes again.
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    14. My dolls have 1 main wig that is their natural/default look, and then some of them have a few extra wigs that I (very, very rarely) try on for fun.

      Except Peter. He has 2 wigs at the moment that he switches between equally (I could never decide if I wanted him to have black or brown hair)

      Lately I've been thinking I'd quite like to get more different wigs to try on them. But I still would definitely prefer to keep them in their main wigs most of the time because it's an important part of their character to me.
    15. I've got two wigs per doll currently. I'm trying to find wigs that suit them, with out breaking the bank lol.
    16. I usually have a couple wigs per doll. My current favorite doll has 3 wigs they are all a little different but all they all have the same brown tones as her main wig in them (One has pink underneath and another is half shaved, etc)
    17. My first doll has had one wig for his entire, 13-year-old life. I actually tried to get him some new wigs when I got back into the hobby two years ago, but none of them work. At all. Of the others, three of them also have just one wig, and the other 3 have a couple each. My pocket fairy probably has the most (6? 7?), just because it doesn't have a set character and playing with hair is surprisingly fun at that scale.

      For the two who have a couple wigs, I change them out somewhat regularly. One of the wigs is sort of "default" hair, and the other is for when the doll wants to play/cosplay/whatever. So for Rin, bright pink instead of platinum blonde. For Storm, long reddish brown instead of super short grey, for example. I've sold all the wigs I bought trying to find the "right" one, so I don't have a huge pile in my very limited space.
    18. Usually just one becausecit’s so character defining for me, but sometimes they do get a new one over time. The only one who will actively alternate wigs is Jane, depending on if she’s dressed as her casual every day self, her Lolita style or cosplay, since her character is into all of that.
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    19. I am still relatively new and low on funds, so i dont have many wigs. But idealy, each doll will have their one "official" wig that is for their character, and then an unlimited number for when i just wanna mess around and have fun. I really love wigs so i want as many as i can get. Theres something really soothing and satisfying about brushing dolly hair. And i love how much a simple hair change can change a doll so much. My next project is going to be learning how to make them.
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    20. This is a good question. In the beginning, I felt like I bought several wigs for one doll, but ultimately only liking one or two for her face/skin tone. Plus a few of them didn't fit her character (after I really figured that out!) So now, my Yoko really only has 1-2 wigs. The others I still like and plan on using them for future dolls.
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