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How much did you pay for your second hand doll?

Apr 10, 2017

  1. Less than half price of a new doll (0 - 50 %)

    14 vote(s)
  2. More than half the price of a new doll (50 - 90 %)

    25 vote(s)
  3. A bit less than the price of a new doll (90 - 100 %)

    39 vote(s)
  4. Exactly the same as a new doll

    6 vote(s)
  5. A bit more than the price of new doll (100 - 110 %)

    7 vote(s)
  6. Significantly more than the price of new doll (110 - 150 %)

    6 vote(s)
  7. Up to double the price of new doll (150 - 200 %)

    5 vote(s)
  8. I really have no idea/didn't check

    9 vote(s)
    1. I have bought and sold some dolls second hand, but I don't feel super familiar with the market.
      Therefore I got a bit curious about how the prices actually are, compared to the asking prices I sometimes see and compared to the prices of new dolls from companies and so on.

      So how much did you pay for the doll(s) you bought second hand?

      If new price is 100 USD:
      50% = 50 USD,,,,, 90% = 90 USD,,,,,, 110% = 110 USD,,,,, 150% = 150 USD​
      If new price is 200 USD:
      50% = 100 USD,,,,, 90% = 180 USD,,,,, 110% = 220 USD,,,,, 150% = 300 USD​
      If new price is 300 USD:
      50% = 150 USD,,,,, 90% = 270 USD,,,,, 110% = 330 USD,,,,, 150% = 450 USD​
      If new price is 400 USD:
      50% = 200 USD,,,,, 90% = 360 USD,,,,, 110% = 440 USD,,,,, 150% = 600 USD​
      If new price is 500 USD:
      50% = 250 USD,,,,, 90% = 450 USD,,,,, 110% = 550 USD,,,,, 150% = 750 USD​
      If new price is 600 USD:
      50% = 300 USD,,,,, 90% = 540 USD,,,,, 110% = 660 USD,,,,, 150% = 900 USD​
      If new price is 700 USD:
      50% = 350 USD,,,,, 90% = 630 USD,,,,, 110% = 770 USD,,,,, 150% = 1050 USD​
      If new price is 800 USD:
      50% = 400 USD,,,,, 90% = 720 USD,,,,, 110% = 880 USD,,,,, 150% = 1200 USD​
      If new price is 900 USD:
      50% = 450 USD,,,,, 90% = 810 USD,,,,, 110% = 990 USD,,,,, 150% = 1350 USD​

      If you have more than one, just make an average and/or feel free to comment below :)
    2. I could probably pick each of those results.

      After a while you will come across some super great deals and sometimes you will have to take a deep breath and buy that doll for double the price it was when it was released.
      The "too late" tax can be brutal on dolls, especially if you want a long sold out limited.
      Sometimes you can get a new doll for just a little less, sometimes a doll is damaged and thus cheaper (but can still be saved easily with the right knowledge).

      I made 120$ by snatching up a cheap full-set Amber and selling everything but the head I actually only wanted.
      I got a 80$ mint Soom Heliot head with default face-up and eyes by watching Mandarake like a hawk and being there at the right time.
      I got a vintage Dollshe Hound with an old company face-up for 150$, by a person on ebay who had no clue what they had bought through a garage auction and was happy to get offered so much for it.
      However, I also paid 600$ for a Volks Ryoma Sakamoto head, and a little less for a F-38 head :sweat

      Second-hand market is not only DoA. If you know where to look and if you are patient you can be at the right place, the right time and snatch up a doll for less.
      Doesn't mean though that this is the doll's true value on the market. Sometimes people just have no clue how much something is worth in their hands, or they are forced to sell for less because they need the money right away.
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    3. Same, I could pick a lot of options for different dolls I've bought second hand. If it's a doll that's still being produced and isn't limited, I'd pay the same or less than the company price (unless it's something like Doll Chateau with a six month waiting time, I might pay a little more to get it right away). If it's limited edition or no longer being made, it just depends how bad I want it!
    4. In general I only buy dolls for under the company price for a new doll would be - BUT - if I buy IN-EU I may pay more than the company price (as I am "saving" in customs fees. On average they're probably in the 90% ish or 80% ish mark.

      Unless it was a grail of somesort, I probably would be very hesitant to pay more than the company cost.
    5. Yeah, I've paid a LOT more than a doll's new cost, around the same, and a lot less. It depends on the doll, the market at the time, and the luck of your circumstances.

      Examples: I paid almost 1200 for my grey DOD Delphine the year after her release (she was a limited period doll and not many people bought her in grey. I've only seen a few for sale since then). Her price from the company was 700-800, as I recall.

      But I got an AngelRegion Halloweird for 125 last year - a fraction of her original price. She was also a limited doll when she was produced. The difference is largely demand - AngelRegion has been out of production for so long that I suspect most of the newer members of the hobby haven't even heard of them, and her aesthetic is not really what's popular right now. The other difference is condition - my Delphine was still pretty new and came with her fullset, while my Halloweird was over 10 years old and was nude. (I'm not even sure there was a fullset outfit for her to start with.)

      In general, if the doll was from a more expensive brand to start with, you're more likely to see a markup on the secondhand market, but availability, popularity and condition also play into it.
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    6. Usually if it is new @$100 I would offer between $70-$90. Usually the median and go with $80. :)
    7. I've paid under retail for a common doll, above for something uncommon and made trades based on resale or new prices, it just depends. I check the graveyard and the original price, but a lot has to do with condition and availability too. There are some dolls that I've rarely seen offered for less than new retail price unless they are damaged and then some that don't seem to hold their value. I won't ever throw a low-ball offer but I'm also not shy to make a reasonable lower offer and negotiate if the same doll has sold for a lower price within the past year and the seller states that they are open to offers. I've seen a few cases of a firm high price and the doll doesn't sell and just sits on the MP though.
    8. I could pick a few different in the poll. My last one I'm assuming I paid probably close to his retail price but not sure as he's no longer available from Le Legende to purchase so no price is listed.
      I've bought others that I know were cheaper then their original prices.
    9. I'm all over the place on the poll. I've bought some bits for well less than half price, and I've paid quite a bit more for a limited or very hard-to-get doll. But, I'd say my ball-park average is to pay about new price. These aren't the sort of thing (IMO) that really depreciate in value simply because of age, and I'm not going to be unreasonable and demand a seller give me a cut rate just because it's an older doll, particularly if it is in good condition and the asking price is fair (comparable to prices on other markets, to similar dolls of that age, etc.). By the same token, unless it's something I need immediately for whatever reason, I'm not going to pay much more for a standard doll that is easily available, just because I can get it within a few days as opposed to six months.

      I like a bargain, of course, I don't think many people are opposed to getting a real deal, but I'm more than willing to pay a fair price.
    10. I've bought so much secondhand, I couldn't choose just one answer, sorry!

      Normally, I try to stay in the same as new or cheaper categories because I usually want standard edition dolls, extras don't matter, I don't care about faceups or blushing, and I'm usually okay with some yellowing or minor damage. Of course, any flaws or damage will lower the amount I'm willing to spend.

      The only time I've ever been willing to pay MORE than the original value has been when I wanted a specific discontinued doll, the wait times for new dolls were unbelievably long (like over 6 months, often into the year+ territory), or it came with a lot of extras that I also wanted. Otherwise...nope. Even when I do spend more, it's probably less than 10% more. I refuse to pay extra for something I can buy new for less.
    11. Most of the dolls I have purchased 2nd hand were 1/3 or 1/4 of what they cost brand new.
    12. It's varied a lot for me, honestly.

      I have a couple that I bought for a song compared to their original price. We're talking about well under half... Less than a third in my "project doll" Muninn's case, due to the amount of damage he had.

      Most have either been a little under original price or a little over, depending on rarity, condition and other factors. I'd say within 10-15% in one direction or the other.

      A few have been substantially more than their original price. In every case, those were hard-to-find Limiteds in great condition, so I didn't mind paying a premium for them.
    13. It has varied for me, but most of my secondhand dolls have been moderately less than their original prices, which is how I think it should always work x') but sometimes it doesn't. I'm generally not willing to pay more than the original price for a secondhand doll, because well, it's secondhand. If it's seriously in mint condition then I can see paying the OG price, but if it's been played with or painted before, it's used, and that should automatically lower the market value. I always check on the original price if I'm interested in a secondhand doll. Most of mine have been in good condition but definitely not new/mint condition when I got them, and were probably 80-90% the original price.
      But... I did make an exception recently :sweat I've been really wanting a Volks DearSD, and my favorite sculpt that's been offered is Kun. Volks didn't have Kun in the latest lottery, but I was planning to enter anyway as I would be happy enough with any DearSD... but literally THE day it opened (which was also my birthday eue), someone posted a DSD Kun in my favorite fullset, the pink Shirring Babydoll JSK, on the MP and I was ON THAT!! I'd say I paid about 125% of the original price. I'm justifying it to myself as paying extra for the privilege of not having to stress over a lottery :thumbup (and honestly, it was the lowest price I've seen so far for a Dear on the secondhand market, so I was super happy). So, if a doll is limited/hard to get and I REALLY want it... I'll shell out the extra, hahaha.
    14. So it seems most people pay a bit less than original price unless it's something special ^^
    15. I paid $300 for a fullset pukipuki cupid ($30 more than the original price), but this was when rumors were going around that that size doll was being discontinued, plus that particular fullset was my grail at the time so I bit the bullet and grabbed him. Same goes for the DollZone Lulu I had, she was my grail for ages and I snapped her up for about... $80-$90 I think? Nowadays the only time I'd pay more than the original price is for Marchen Waltz heads since the company is gone.
    16. i paid US$199 for a 2nd hand Limhwa Leda. a local seller near me was selling her
    17. It depends. Most of the second-hand dolls I've bought were at lower prices than the original release, but a couple of them were LEs that were not available new and not likely to be available again, and those two were higher (in one case I was the third buyer and ended up paying less than the second buyer had paid, but more than the original retail cost).

      Unless there's some spectacular faceup or included clothing, I can't imagine paying the same price for a doll that's still currently available from the company. And to be honest, for all people talk about BJDs holding their value, nearly all the dolls I've sold have been sold at a fraction of what I paid for them, so I think it's true for most other people as well.
    18. I've generally paid the same as what the doll sold for when new. A few times I've gotten wickedly lucky and snagged an amazing deal. I managed to get a Unidoll UH-08 Elf for like $250, which is well below what he sold for new and Unidolls are extremely hard to come by as the company has been gone for about 7 years. I also managed to snap up a SoulDoll Double boy for a great price not only after they discontinued the line, but one of less popular sculpts, too.

      I have seen 2 dolls I'd really like in the MP but they're selling for well above what their original prices were. they were limited releases, but I'm not willing to pay 1.5 or even 2 times the original price for them. Fullsets and default face-ups mean nothing to me as when I purchase a doll, they're a character of mine and I have a very specific look in mind for them and it usually isn't whatever the fullset/default is. I also won't pay extra because it has a special/custom face-up as I'd most likely have the doll wiped and re-painted to my specifications. If the doll comes with extra parts and they work into the character, I will pay more for that as long as it's a reasonable price.
    19. I think when people sell a doll, unless they really feel they having something special, they are naturally going to list it for a little cheaper just to entice buyers to buy the "used" doll instead of going through the company. I actually had someone quite rudely once PM me just to let me know that I *couldn't sell for full price because it was used. Now that was just wrong, obviously I can list for whatever and people can make offers if they are interested.

      My point is, maybe it's less that buyers are "getting" for 80-90% off retail and more driven by sellers are "offering" for 80-90% off retail. Shoot if you need the cash, you'll accept less to have it in your pocket now.
    20. My secondhand JID was $200, which was a really good price for her - the sculpt was still available at the time from Iplehouse, and would've been about $350, I think, with shipping.

      But my secondhand KID was sold as a fullset of her limited edition, and I paid as much for her secondhand as I'd paid for her twin directly from Iplehouse a year earlier.

      And then there's the secondhand (third hand, really) Magical Angel doll that I got for $100 plus shipping, because she was damaged. So even with my tiny collection, I'm all over the place with prices I've paid.