How much does your doll weigh?

Apr 28, 2020

    1. Most companies don't list their dolls' weight, but the few that do seem to have dramatically different weights, ranging from nearly 6lbs(2,650+grams) for a 45cm boy to a mere 4.4lbs(~2,000grams) in comparison for a 68cm doll.

      Do you ever feel that weight was an indicator of quality, or do you think it's just for understanding how likely hollow a body is? Would you be more inclined to pick between two similar dolls if one was heavier than the other?
    2. My biggest one is 960g and honestly I hesitate to go higher than that.

      Weight isn't necessarily a good predictor of quality or even of durability. It is a good predictor of how much blushing and customizing the pieces is going to make my wrists hurt.
    3. This is probably not helpful but when I saw the delivery box list the doll as about 1800g I wash shocked only to discover she felt like 1000g max (44.5cm tall)? Mystic Kids has very thick resin (restringing is painful due to how narrow the passage for the elastic is) but she has chipped during restringing so weight is definitely not an indicator of durability as there are always thinner parts.
      I can compare that I bought her jointed hands from resin soul and they are extremely light compared to her original solid hands, but it gives them gentleness?
      I travel and she fit in my hand luggage with my laptop just fine if the weight does concern you...
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    4. I feel like I should really clarify that I'm not looking for help. I'm really just getting a sense of what others have and what they like. I'm not concerned with durability or shipping costs, or difficulty carrying the doll. I just really am asking this out of nosiness. I am surprised that both of you have weights that are much lighter than the site listings I have seen.

      Thank you very much for listing a couple of brands! I can only imagine how awkward it would be to have the opposite situation--a lightweight doll with very heavy hands!
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    5. I was curious, so I weighed my crew today. These numbers are with eyes, wigs and clothes/shoes, since I never take them anywhere naked. :XD:

      The 1/3 crew:

      -Lily (54cm NotDoll Belladonna) - 1119g, 2lbs 7.5oz
      -Marley (56cm Impldoll Aigne) - 1122g, 2lbs, 7.63oz
      -Marci (58cm Angel of Dream ZiXi) - 1362g, 3lbs
      -Cian (56cm Luts Junior Delf Winter 09) - 1385g, 3lbs, 0.88oz
      -Ady (56cm Volks SD10 School C boy) - 1484g, 3lbs, 4.38oz
      -Sixx (60cm Dollshe Amanda/modded ALM Doll boy body hybrid) - 1522g, 3lbs 5.63oz
      -Cooper (63cm Migidoll Yujin) - 1782g, 3lbs 14.88oz
      -Harriet (56cm OfButterfliesNThings Paulette) - 2222g, 4lbs 14.38oz

      And my only 1/4 boy:
      -Amir (46cm Angel of Dream Chen) - 746g, 1lb 10.25oz

      I definitely prefer a doll with some weight to it. I know realistically that weight isn't always equivalent to quality, but I still feel like I get a better value with heavier dolls. There's just something about the good hefty weight of a BJD that makes them feel different from the others dolls I own, which are lightweight American Girl, fashion dolls and such. At least...until I have to carry one around a convention or something, and then I have a strong appreciation for the light weight dolls!
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    6. This is very interesting. All of your dolls weigh much less than I expected! I looked through my search history, and Gem of Doll seems to be where I was looking when I saw a weight listed for the first time with a whopping 2500grams for a 1/4! Truly an outlier. If their 1/4s are 5.5lbs, I wonder what their 1/3s weigh, since it isn't listed on the site. Their 1/6 are even very heavy at 2000 grams it seems. Does anyone know what makes them so heavy?

      On the opposite side of the spectrum, Angell Studio's 1/4 boy is a mere 600 grams.

      Honestly, since part of what makes a doll stand upright on its own is its weight, I assumed all 45+cm dolls weighed over 1300grams at least
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    7. I haven't weighed my dolls. But my heaviest is either my 80cm Loongsoul boy or my 65cm Fantasia doll woman. Guesstimating they are both around five to seven pounds. My other two complete dolls are 70cm and they aren't much more than a pound or two a piece.
    8. I don't know what my current dolls weigh since I only weigh them when I sell them to get shipping quotes, etc. Last time I weighed a doll it was a Ringdoll grown 71 cm and it was a good 7 lbs according to my scale. I also weighed an Iplehouse EID which was about 7-8 lbs. Big guys.
    9. No idea how much any of mine weigh, I don't think it's relevant to anythign i do with nthem so have never needed to know. I certainly wouldn't ee it as an indicator of quality,though I suppose I might thinki that a heavier doll would be more difficult to keep in a pose if the weight of the limbs drags them down instead of allowing them to stay in place.

    10. Now I wish I weighed Bibi with none of her clothes on... I don't have scales (in lockdown) unfortunately
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    11. I’m not sure. But once i let my dad hold my myou big baby and he was so surprised as how heavy it was. Im sure ive built some muscle by carrying her around for photos. He said “Why is this thing like ten pounds?!” :mwahaha
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    12. My biggest dolls are MSDs, and though I've never weighed them I know they're less than 2 pounds. What's funny is that my curvy Racoon doll weighs about the same as my Dream Valley doll. who's much slimmer, but has 30cm-ish long wings! They must have a similar amount of resin, its just distributed differently.
    13. My haviest boys - loongsoul 80, Iplehouse EID, Iplehouse SID (with wings) and Soom Mega Gem (with wings), they are about 3 000 grams weight.
      But once I had I.O.S 80 doll. It's strange, but this doll has really light weight, m.b about 1 500 grams
    14. My main concern these days with any doll's weight is if I will be able to handle it (since I have shoulder injuries). I've gone through points where I couldn't lift my dolls...and that was really rough. Thankfully, I'm doing much better now, but it's something I have to consider.

      A doll like my Idealian75 is really pushing it for me. :sweat

      That said, I do overall enjoy the feel of a doll with some weight to it. But light dolls like Dollfie Dreams certainly have an appeal!

      So in answer to your question, probably a really heavy doll might make me stop and consider before buying! It was years before I broke down and got that Idealian, hehe. But he was too gorgeous to pass up in the end. :chocoheart
    15. Volks made an adorable video where they weighed various sizes

      SD 1470g
      DD 897g
      SD13G 1461g
      SDGrG 1472g
      SD16G 1632g
      SDGrB 1789g
      SD17 1989g
      YoSD 348g
      SDM 730g
      MDD 532g

      I don't know how much it truly matters in terms of quality (durability over time, etc.) but I do tend to equate weight and texture of resin with quality when comparing bjd brands. I just natually have that reaction when handling them.