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How much is enough?

Dec 23, 2016

    1. I just purchase my 9th doll and noticed that some if my dolls don't come out of there boxes for weeks.
      I think maybe 8 are just enough for me..
      Do you have an maximum and how do you give them the attraction they deserve?
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    2. My maximum is the number I can display prettily in outfits that suit their characters. At 6, I don't have a lot of shelf space left for more girls and their thrones, dress trains, etc :) 9 will be my maximum
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    3. Right now I want two to be my max. I like SDs and they are expensive. Two lets me have a pair of friends that can roleplay together. It would have been one, but you know what they say. Although if I can finally find/make a particular doll I want, that might go up to three or four. Those would be little ones though.
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    4. My maximum would be 4 SDs and maybe 4 MSDs and 3 yosds...
      But that's because of my story!:)
      I think as long as you can handle them and you have fun, then you can have as much as you want!:)
      But that's just my opinion...
      Why stop something that makes you happy?:)
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    5. Usually when mine hit 16, I get antsy and sell my least favorite. Now, though, I'm down to only favorites, about 16, and I still have a category or two I want to fill. So, I don't know! :|
    6. Well at the moment one is enough. I'm still getting to grips with more clothing, wigs, shoes and accessories. I haven't found the perfect wig yet.
      I like to spend some time with one and really get to know her character and how she poses etc. I have a wish list of three more but it might take me a long time.
      I haven't been in the hobby long so ........time will tell.
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    7. At the moment I have five MSDs, two floating heads, an YoSD and an incoming MSD girl. I don't really have a maximum, but I want all my dolls to have a purpose haha. Therefor at least two of them have to go.
    8. That moment when I read your post and go "wow, 16 dolls that's so many :o " only to realize that I have 14 :doh derp
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    9. The most dollies I keep on regular display range from 6 to 10 at a given time, but I definitely own a little over 30 dolls.

      Those that are not on display remain in their boxes until I want to take pictures. I love all my dolls even when I can't spend time with all of them.
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    10. I'm only allowing myself 4 new dolls next year haha!! I know I'm getting too many because I keep spending money I should be spending on completing my current dolls' looks on new dolls :doh Time to put my foot down and give my current dolls the attention they deserve. I don't keep mine in boxes - they are all on display. So it's a constant reminder that they need shoes, faceups, wigs etc lol
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    11. I'm not completely sure yet. I have an Ange Ai Gaby but they don't take much space at all. I'm also getting a Popo Doll Wei Chen and he's going to be on the 68cm body so he's going to be much bigger than my little android. Maybe six or seven would be my max? It's less about space for me and more because I'm picky about my dolls--BJDs or not.
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    12. In my time in the hobby, I've owned everywhere from one single doll up to around 38 dolls and a few floating heads, and I've decided about 15-18 full BJDs is enough for me. When I get above 18, I get overwhelmed and sell, but I am too attached to sell enough to drop below 15 most of the time. I'm not counting off topic tinies or pet dolls. In general, I'd rather have a lot of clothes and accessories for each doll than a bunch of dolls lacking proper clothing, shoes or wigs.
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    13. i saw this meme on tumblr a while ago just remembered cause of this thread :XD:
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    14. I still can't decide yet...so many beautiful faces! But right now, I have 3 full dolls and 3 floating heads. And thinking to get 2 or 3 more full dolls *still debating with myself if I should get them* I think I will end up with more dolls than I need / can accommodate ^^;
      They are all SD too...so they will take a lot of space in my room. >>> problem with collecting males dolls only -_-"
    15. It's quite individual, of course! Personally, I'm looking to collect unique dolls that have a lot of time put into their overall display. I'm not bothered if I don't play with, or even think about, my dolls every day/week/whatever.

      I'm a fickle hobbiest. My dolls will be there when my interest comes back around, and that's what important to me.

      When I have so many that I feel ho-hum about them all... I think that's the limit. At two owned, one planned, and at least 3 more on the wishlist, i don't feel I'm at that point yet.

      All the dolls that I look at are very, very different, and that's also important to me. If I get dolls that I feel aren't distinguishable enough from another doll, that's also a hard limit. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE--

      The limit is the point at which YOU feel you can't enjoy them all, and that makes YOU sad/anxious/etc. Like I said, for me, having dolls be a part of my daily life and thoughts is not important to me. When I'm at college, I leave my dolls at home and ignore them for months on end. I know that many people in this hobby leave their dolls stored for a long time (be it because they rotate their display dolls, or just because that's where the doll belongs in that moment) and it's ok with them.

      Does it bother you that some of your dolls stay in the box for weeks at a time? It's ok to say no. In short, this is your hobby; the only right answer is what feels right to YOU!
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    16. mine are all so badly dressed, or naked, because I prioritise new resin over clothing and shoes. I think I can only really cope with about 10 dolls if I want them all to be displayed looking pretty - I don't box them once I have them, so there's no escaping the fact they need clothes! But on the other hand I tell myself there's no rush - they don't actually NEED clothes - so my naked rabble continues to grow :whee:
    17. Eh, I don't really have a limit. A lot of my dolls are in their boxes right now and it doesn't really bother me. I've sort of run out of room though, so I've been buying heads rather than full dolls lately. If I start to feel overwhelmed I'll sell off the dolls that have been boxed up the longest, but generally I don't feel bad if I can't give my dolls attention. It's not like they actually need to be cared for after all.
    18. I have 19 dolls currently, and just ordered my 20th. I was done after 19 but I did not expect a character doll to be released of one of my favorite anime characters, so here we are. I would like to slim down my collection, but I love them all so much I couldn't decide who to part with. I don't really have a limit since I would make another purchase if I really loved the doll, but I don't really want to expand my collection much further than what I have.
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    19. Real estate is really my most limiting factor... I'm out of room in my cabinets to add many more dolls and I refuse to allow them to take over space outside of those. So, yeah. "No room at the inn" is my answer to how many is too many.
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    20. I'm at twenty dolls and this is tiny up to two SD. I think this is as many as I am able to deal with. My future purchases will be only for the very special doll. I'm tired of finding clothes, wigs, and shoes that fit. I'm out of display room too!