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How much physical contact do you have with your dolls?

Feb 13, 2011

    1. Before I really got into ABJDs, I thought they were really fragile-looking, and wondered why anyone would get something that just looked pretty and sat on a shelf. Of course now I know that resin is a lot tougher than I thought, especially now that I have my first doll.

      So I was wondering, how much physical contact do you have with your dolls? Do you touch them very little, only to pose them or move them? Does one sit on your lap when you're chillin around the house? Do you hug them to sleep every night?

      Personally, I always have mine by my side, and I even go to sleep hugging him (I'm very still when I sleep). I've heard people say that the oils from your skin can damage the doll, so I always make sure that my skin isn't touching the bare resin for extended amounts of time, and I don't like rub my face on him lol. I'm sure I'll be more hesitant to handle him so much once he gets his body blushing, for fear of it wearing off, but for now me and my doll are inseparable <3
    2. My dolls pretty much always hang out with me unless I'm sleeping :) I thrash in bed.
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    3. I pretty much always have one or two hanging out with me. Sitting with me by the computer when I am gaming, watching anime or documentaries. Sometimes I have one in my lap just because it feels cosy somehow. But most of the time they just sit beside me. But I do tend to stroke them on the head like they were pets. :sweat
      I also love fidgeting with one of my boys jointed hands, or just holding my Luts bodied Re-Che's hands because Luts hands are so cute. :)
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    4. I actually have little contact with my dolls. If I'm not taking them to a meet or store, changing their clothes, or working on a faceup (none of which I do very often) I keep them in their carrying bag in the closet.

      I tried hanging out with them, but I'm just too careless so I keep them tucked away safe and sound :)
    5. Since I modify my dolls it's a pretty hands on relationship all the time. I have parts around my desk that I pick up and put down a few times a week to help me decide what to do next.
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    6. I gace most of my dolls faceups and one a tattoo so that requires lots of handling xD I drag them to other rooms in my house to take pictures and usually stack them in my arms to save me from walking a lot. New dolls usually get special treatment and get dragged wherever I sit.
      Most of the time they just sit on their bench but I'm not afraid to handle them. They're sturdier than they look.
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    7. All my dolls get handled by me frequently. They have their own shelf to sit on, but I often grab one of my dolls to sit on my lap, just play with a bit, make clothes for them or take pictures. Sometimes just hugging one of my dolls can comfort me when I feel down. Almost all of my dolls have face-ups and/or blushing by me as well, and I hot glue sueded several of them. I'm not afraid to handle my dolls and take them apart :lol:
      I also like taking a doll with me if I go somewhere for a little while. Puki's are great for that purpose, nice and small, fit in any bag :lol:
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    8. I don't have much physical contact with the dolls - they don't spend much time out of my room unless they're getting ready for a photo shoot, or I'm making them some clothes. I will randomly play with them at times, though, but I don't feel the need to take them everywhere with me, you know?
    9. My doll shelf is right above my computer desk, so they sit up there looking down at me most of the time :whee: I do quite often rearrange them and reach up and poke them though, or take one down to sit with me. If I'm working on an outfit for a doll, then I'll have that doll down near me for measuring and fitting :) I like to gently play with them, but mainly I'm happy to just look up and see them there being beautiful!
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    10. I don't go to bed with my doll, but I love carrying her around, sitting her on my lap or just playing with her hands ^^
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    11. I carry my Ya around like a little victorian girl with a porcelain doll, haha. I don't think I touch her skin all too much though, I hold her around her tummy/torso and her dress covers that. I touch her arms though, and move them around a lot. I'm not frightened of touching her at all, she's a lot studier than I thought she would be. I hope I don't get too comfortable and become careless though.
      She sits on a little chair on my bed side table when I'm asleep, watching over me. :D
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    12. A pretty good amount, though it depends a little on the individual doll too. Some of my dolls just seem to invite being picked up and held either due to the feel of the doll or their character (or both). Mine also sit in the livingroom so I can pause and fuss with them as I walk buy. I avoid touching their faces, and their faceups do just fine. Body blushing will rub off faster due to handling which is why I gave up doing it -- I didn't want to redo it that often nor did I want to feel hesitant about handling my dolls.
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    13. I handle mine a lot! I love just carrying them around with me. They go on the train, in the car, around the house....
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    14. It varies a lot with mine... Some, like Muninn and Al (Bliss and Breakaway), I pretty much always have near-by and tinker with a lot. Others, like Palrah (my Akando), have a more "decorative" role and are rarely messed with at all.
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    15. For me, it varies. Since he chills on my computer desk, I am mostly with him when I'm at my computer and I mostly just look and fiddle with his feet and hands absently. But sometimes I just like having him around so I'll take him out of my room and watch some stuff with him. Not too much, though. I don't know, he's my first so I'm still sort of "afraid" of him, as the case may be. This may change over time. And my next doll will be smaller so I wonder if he'll be carried around a lot more.
    16. I handle my dolls a lot. When i'm at home one of my crew at least is always with me. Currently all three are sitting on the lounge while i fold washing. They have their own shelf in my room but they're rarely there aside from at night, and even then my MSD often sleeps on my bed.
    17. I guess I am a bit of an odd one out here. I don't handle my dolls much. They really only get held to change them, go to meets, or if I need them for sizing purposes. I'm not afraid thinking that they're fragile, I just much prefer to admire them. They're all directly seen from my bed, so I feel I pay attention to them, just not handle them.
    18. I don't actually handle mine that much, but it's not from any worries- I do all the face-ups, customizing, and blushing on them, so things like that are easily replaceable. I think it's more that I just don't really do much with them right now. I'm still trying to find wigs and eyes and sort out shoes and get them all "finished" so that they can start looking good in pictures -_-;
    19. I would like to carry mine around more but I have a dog that would probably lick her face up off if given the chance. That dog also prevents having friends over who are also in the hobby. :(
    20. Emily only stays in my room during the day. I have a very bright light filled house, and I don't want yellowing usless it has to. But once it's dark she is in my arms or on the sofa where I play Wow. I try to lay her in her bed at night and I pose her through out the day. So she has a ton of contact. When Yoko gets here she will be played with just as much, maybe even more cause she is so small and easyer to carry >.<