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How much time do you spend with your dolls?

May 23, 2017

    1. How often do you sit down and work on/craft for/dress up/play with your dolls? How long do you do spend doing it? How much time would you like to spend doing it?

      I usually spend a few hours a few times a week messing with them somehow. Recently, my house has been a total wreck because of kitchen renovations and I've been without a proper workspace so I haven't been able to get too much done and it's bumming me out!
    2. Some weeks not at all, other times I'm doing full outfit redresses on multiple dolls. Though I keep a couple dolls on my bes (I used to keep them all on it) so I do have them nearby every day.
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    3. I've not spent a lot of time with mine until recently. I've only started to create my own doll outfits, customise them and such. Generally in a week I would say that I spend less than three hours a day with them.
    4. I don't have any alt outfits for my dolls and I don't take photo's of them that often, however, I do keep them on my desk so they're always nearby. Sometime's I'll set them closer to my computer to help me stay focused/motivated while working and I also use them in place of a rubber duck when I'm brainstorming or reading over something!
    5. It varies a lot! I try to at least do something once a week so I don't get too bogged down or lazy about them. Gotta keep that inspiration churning somehow... When I do settle down with the dolls, it's usually for a longer crafty session, rather than short things every day. Stuff like photography or just puttering around getting inspired on the internet would be less intensive but more often for me. But again it just kinda depends on my mood (or my workload).
    6. Not as much as I'd like! I only have one doll, and she spends a lot of time in pieces lately, waiting for me to finish her paint job. But I try to take her body out every couple weeks just so I can mess around with her :D
    7. I spend time with my dolls as long as I am not busy with work by taking photos of them.
    8. Some weeks I spend every evening making clothes for them or taking pictures of them or sitting with one of them to watch a movie. Other times I go a month without taking them off their shelf. Both my free time and my motivation/inspiration kind of ebb and flow, so I just go with it. But even when I haven't really touched them in a while, I definitely don't want to get rid of them or anything. Right now I'm in the process of packing them up for an international move and it makes me sad not to see their faces in the normal spot.
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    9. I've been super busy these last two weeks, but normally, I'll have Drugo sitting on or near me when I'm on my computer and of course I'll change him and take photos sometimes too.
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    10. Depends on your definition of doll time.

      Faceups, sewing, prop making--whenever they need something, or I get the urge to work on something. Maybe once a week or less.

      Photography, some weeks are more active than others, but I take doll photos regularly, even if it's just a quick cell phone pic.

      Roleplay, character writing and checking DoA? Every single day unless something major is going on (like vacation, family event, etc). I RP at least one of my characters almost every day in some form, and I check DoA multiple times throughout the day (most often when I'm buying or selling).

      Other times, I have a doll hanging out with me through out the day when I'm doing stuff, though I might not be interacting at all, just have them in the room.
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    11. I'm a bad owner, I don't do much with them. I'll redress them maybe once a month but they stand on a armoire next to my desk. I know they don't understand why I don't play with them more. I tweak them here & there but that's about it. I'm waiting for clothes for one of my boys to come in to get him ready to wear a fitting outfit. I have good intentions but I just need to refocus energies to play with them more.
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    12. I'm constantly playing with my girl. I try to give her as much attention as I think she deserves.
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    13. I have taken a couple out these past two weekends to do photoshoots with them, but before that they were sitting in their boxes for several months. I feel bad, but I was distracted with some of my other hobbies and they got put on the back burner. I know they will always be there when I want to pull them out though :)
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    14. It varies a lot... Some weeks I'll spend half a day tinkering with them. Sometimes I'll go a month without touching any of them at all.
    15. I usually spend at least an hour a week doing dolly related thing - not always directly interacting with my squad though!

      A lot of the time I'm just doodling outfits I'd like to make (or buy) for them, looking at things like wigs & eyes, reading faceup tips & tutorials so I improve even a little next time I give faceups a try, etc.

      Right now my big thing is reading faceup tutorials, since I have 2 dolls with faces now (one of which is definitely going to be wiped), 2 blank heads (for the same character/doll) waiting for some tlc, and one doll I want to give a complete head to toe blush.

      But with so little freetime, it's still mostly reading - not doing. :sigh
    16. I only have one doll and realized that, when I'm not making her clothes, measuring her and playing with her hair, I prefer to have her stored in her box, with her limbs protected. This is because of two reasons: I get quite a lot of sunshine in the mornings, and I don't have a place for her, yet.
    17. It varies depending on my mood and how busy I am. I usually spend a few hours a day with my dolls nearby. If I'm travelling and space permits it, I will bring a doll :XD: My dolls are always hanging out in my computer room with me since I rarely put them back into their boxes.

      Faceups -- I'll spend about 4 hours+ just dedicated to cleaning old faceups off, prepping heads and then just working on faceups. Since this is mostly dependent on how the weather is outside, I'd say this only happens 1-3 times a year, more if the weather is nice and I have the energy for it.

      Sewing -- I can easily spend hours browsing fabric, but now I have a huge pile I need to get through so I've stopped :sweat The actual amount of time I spend sewing depends on my mood, if I just need to make something simple I'll just make it and then stop ( 1hr max ) or if I want to try making something more complicated it can take a few days. When I'm browsing the internet sometimes I'll save pictures of outfits I really love for inspiration. when I'm out and about if I really like an outfit I'll do a quick sketch of the outfit and a jot a few notes about it.

      Dressing -- I've spent hours dressing up my dolls. If I had to redress them all, it would take a good chunk of my day to do it. I usually only redress a few at a time since redressing usually involves finding a different doll with that one thing that I need to finish off this outfit lmao. Sometimes all I do is swap a wig or two around.

      Playing/Hanging out with my dolls -- Since I keep a few dolls near my computer, I hang out with my dolls quite a bit. Sometimes I'll turn a few so they can face my monitor and either watch whatever show I'm watching or watch me play games lol.
    18. I think it really depends. The only time I get to spend any decent "quality time with" them is on Sunday (or public holidays) LOL. But even Sunday is family time although I'll try to squeeze in as much time as I can for them if we are not going out or something. That's when I'd be doing faceups, taking photos, or sewing crappily made outfits for them, which usually takes a day (or more, which in that case I can only continue the next week). Sometimes, I might spend a few minutes (to an hour or two) on weekdays working on little projects like making their accessories or modifying their wigs and so on. But that doesn't happen every week. Most of the time, they are just sitting in my cabinet waiting for their crappy owner to take them out to play... oops.
    19. It varies. When I have some time to work, I can spend most of a weekend on crafting stuff and faceups. Usually, though, I'll just move them if they're in the way or something (because they often end up downstairs... ) at the moment, only Lee and Iker are downstairs because they both need proper photos taken, but work is tiring me out and I never seem to get round to it! They do get posed, and looked at and moved a bit. My mum likes their little clothes and shoes, so sometimes she'll pose them!
    20. It isn't consistent, and depends if you're just talkign BJ's o toher types of doll as well.

      Some weeks, I barely get to touch them, others (especially if I'm working on new outfits or gettign them redressd for an event or whatever) they're like constant companions, and there are all sorts of in-between levels of play/contact.

      I have a lot of BJDs, as well as a house full of other (of-topic) dolls (and bears etc) - so I'm usually within arm's-reach of at least one doll when I'm at home, and I often bring a doll or two to work with me and take pictures for an "on-my-desk-at-work" thread on another forum.

      I take dolls with me to reenactment events, SF conventions, Doll conventions (of course), when I visit friends (both doll and non-doll friends), on visits to historical sites, etc.... so it probably averages out to about once a day or every other day over the course of a year. But that's a rough-guess.

      I was at a doll convention for a specific off-topic doll a couple of weekends ago, so apent a lot of time in the run up and just after, concetrating on those specific dolls, but also took my three DollsTown Minis with me to show to someneone at the event. I'm fixing up some WWII era composition dolls for a neighbour who has had them since chidhood, so a lot of my doll-crafting time is devoted to them rather than my BJDs.