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How much was your first doll?

Oct 4, 2016

    1. I'm genuinely curious about how much your first doll cost. Mine was $180, but I'm sure most of you went more expensive! I'm not gonna say the sculpt since they are not on topic :P
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    2. Resinsoul Li at $135.00. That included a factory faceup.
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    3. Around $375 after shipping, if I remember correctly.
    4. Only $141 since he is a hybrid of a mirodoll body and Dall family h practice head :) he was cheap so I love him even more xD
    5. My first doll, Resinsoul Yao, $160. I sold her a few years ago because I thought she was too difficult to work with. After finding a great job, paying off all my debts, and spending an entire year debt free, I got a very expensive grail doll.

      I still want to re-purchase my Yao because I really miss her!
    6. My first doll was $706. He was a Soul Doll Juhl with company faceup. I saved up for a little less than half a year and I knew he was the one by the time I had the funds for him. I have never regretted purchasing him either.
    7. My first doll cost $800, but I had spent a very long time before then deciding on which one to buy. I didn't really like the idea of getting a "starter doll", so I wanted to have one who I was in love with on the first try; I was lucky and it worked. :aheartbea
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    8. My first was $183 including shipping. I did have a budget, but at the time, I honestly don't think I could have spent more and found a doll I loved more!
    9. I purchased my first doll at an anime con. I loved the dolls but had NO idea how to get one. I had only seen them carried around at the same con every year. A dealer at the con sold Resin Soul dolls, various wigs, eyes, clothes and shoes. My first doll was a 58 cm female Lian with a light faceup, purple eyes, a dress, wig, and shoes and a RS carrying bag. I paid a little over $450 USD. She was very loose and after a few years I rehomed her. That was in 2007 or 2008.
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    10. My first doll order, an Angell Studio Xi Shi, came to about $860 with shipping, but it was a fullset doll and a few extras (I wanted to make sure I had all I needed for my first doll), and shipping was quite expensive, so there's that. She was worth every penny though. <3
    11. My first one was a Iplehouse Violet. with faceup and after shipping she cost around $450 or something like that
    12. My first was an Elfdoll Rita/Mirodoll hybrid. I bought her head directly from Elfdoll; with shipping it was $125. Her body was also ordered directly from Mirodoll and cost $115 with shipping. So all told she initially cost me $240. Of course, buying the can of Purity Seal so I could do her faceup, her eyes/lashes, her Leeke wig, and a pair of shoes to go with the outfit I made her all raised that initial starting cost by a decent amount; with all that factored in, putting my very first bjd together was over $300. Still a nice middle of the road cost, as bjds go!
      (She's since become a bit more pricey just strictly resin-wise, now that I bought her Iplehouse NYID hands and Angell-Studio legs. But for the purposes of this thread, we'll stick to just what she initially cost me to put her together at the outset!)
    13. Mine was a blank WS DC Isabel from Denver Doll. She was about $620 Aussie ($450ish USD) including postage.
    14. My first doll was second hand DC Zora and came with a face up, a wig, and body blushing for a little less than 400$
    15. Mine was the Mystic Kids Lillian in my profile pic. I bought her from JunkySpot, and I believe she was on sale for$179, but I got a faceup, so about $200. I love her to bits!
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    16. My Dika Doll Chi was technically my first doll, and with the company face up and 5 part torso body he totaled around $540. I actually bought a second doll at the same time, Doll Family's Damian, who cost about $410 for the full set. Both came from Alice's Collection and I also ordered a few strands of eyelashes in case my boys' came out. All together, everything totaled to just over $995. I bought my boys about 4 or 5 years ago now and still have both of them. I wouldn't dream about selling either one <3
    17. Mine was a Dollshe re-released Husky and he was $525 blank, bought directly from Dollshe.
    18. My first doll (still on his way) is a Ringdoll Norman light 2.0 and he came with a free head so I chose Illya and bought the mirodoll 66cm new boy body (will have to do a bit of modding)
      Anyway, with shipping and a few wigs and some eyes, my blank Norman and free illya head cost about $700
      And the mirodoll body plus shipping was $194, but the head being about $125, he's worth about $320

      Since I'm getting them at the same time, they both count as first xD
    19. I got a Cerisedolls Ellana (with faceup) for 625.76 € (920.85 CAD) plus customs was 117 CAD so roughly, 1,038 CAD (788 USD) in total. I feel the canadian dollar makes it look crazy expensive. :sweat
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    20. I bought my first BJD this summer secondhand from my best friend ^^ I paid 200 euro for her and two months after I bought my first one I bought my second one for 225 euro :whee: My first mentioned BJD was Angel Fantasy Alice and my second mentioned BJD was Another Space Mint.