How much would you pay for a doll outfit?

Dec 14, 2020

    1. *For a head up, this post is mainly for SD and MSD outfits*

      I ordered some outfits from companies like LoongSoul, Telesthesia and DC and noticed some price difference. I haven't got the outfits yet so I can't compare the quality. But then I wonder how people manage the budget for their dolls, especially big dolls because everything for them costs much more than smaller size dolls. I want to do a small survey to understand more about people's choices in this hobby.

      So my question is, if you aren't skill enough in tailoring, how much are you willing to pay for doll outfits? I'm more curious about the fantasy outfits or something looks unique and not basic day-by-day outfit.

      Which companies have you order the outfits from? How much are they? How are their quality?

      Do you often commission a tailor for a project? If so how much would you pay for that?

      P/S: thanks for all your information. I noticed some people mentioned one piece/item, so I realized I forgot to be more specific in my post. So here are some more questions if you don’t mind to answer:

      Would you like the outfit to come with accessories (bracelet, necklet, headwear, etc.)? would they be a factor for you to purchase the outfit more? Or you prefer to have options to buy each item separately?

      If the outfit is limited does it make you want to get it more than unlimited outfits?
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    2. The most expensive outfit I bought was around $260 USD. That's really expensive already but if I really want the outfit, I will be willing to pay for it but I probably won't go over $300.

      I mostly order from Odd Numbers aka Aristocracy from Taobao.They make fancy more fantasy/JRPG type clothing. I think the majority of my outfits are from there haha. Quality is generally good though some parts might fall off, but easily glued back on as well as some buttons might be missed being put on, but you can sew them yourself. If you order straight from Taobao using an agent, it's much cheaper than Legendoll (the only other place that I know that carries this brand). Prices range from just under $100 to around $125...pretty good for what you're getting tbh.

      I order from other companies, I have a couple Angell Studio costumes with questionable quality for some parts of the outfit, though overall I'm satisfied. I paid around $100 - $150 for the outfits. Ordering from either a dealer or from their taobao store doesn't save you much money though.

      Also order from Volks which the prices and quality are good ($75 - $90), but even their more fancy outfits can look a little plain. Their female clothing is nice though but I have no girl dolls to dress them up in!

      Rarely commission. There aren't a lot of commissioners around that would make clothing to my liking unfortunately. Only ran across one person who does commissions to my liking...prices vary depending on complexity though, so can't really pinpoint a price unfortunately.
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    3. I have payed 100e for Soom outfit and I think I'm not going to spend that much again. The outfit is 10/10, but that is a huge amount of money for me. I actually have two Soom limited outfits, but can't remember how much I payed for Breccias outfit. The quality is very good, they fit like a glove and outfits feel easy to work with without feeling that I could accidentally rip something.

      Nowdays 65e is definetly my max amount I could spend. I'd love to commission some fantasy outfits, but I feel like I just can't use that much for single outfit anymore (the commission costs are totally fair, btw. I use those two outfits almost all the time on my dolls). I have commissioned some pieces for my MSD before and I think the person I commissioned could have asked even more. I would make fantasy styled outfits myself, but the fabrics and small decoration items are bit hard to find.

      But yeah, for a detailed fantasy styled outfit, the fair price can definitely be +150e (kinda also depends the style of outfit?), but personally closer to 200e would make my wallet cry. For day to day outfit I could pay 55-65e.
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    4. I think the most expensive I paid was also barely under the 300 mark. I did groan a bit, but it is one of my favorite outfits and the doll has been wearing it for years now because it's hard to top it :lol:

      I personally try to shop the basics for a low price (usually on Taobao), like simple pants or shirts. For the rest I try to find a few really good outfits that has pieces that are really elaborate or detailed. There I am willing to spend more. But I'd say above 300 would be too much for me too.

      It's true that with big dolls and collections it's difficult to cough up all the funds which is why I kept my collection manageable. Especially because a lot of mine can't share clothes (due to different sizes or because the outfits are very character specific), and good wigs and such cost money too. I personally just save and make sure the outfits I buy are really worth it.
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    5. im living in an asian country here, so i dont need to add much shipping cost into account. using the US dollar, fancy fantasy outfits, below $130. casual everyday outfits, below $40. anything over that would have to be something i really want for a specific doll, and even then i wont go over $200.
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    6. Most of the dolls of mine are SD sizes and above (58-70cm), and the most expensive outfits (that I still have with me) were around 350ish USD/set, not more than 400 USD, and I think that is the max budget I got for 1 set of doll outfit. They were from Nalisinko, Lunarmare and Mable The Grace. Pretty well made with great quality of fabrics and trimmings, lovely and spectacularly detailed designs.

      For the rest they are mostly between 80 - 150 USD. They are mainly man outfit sets with more than 3-5 items for a set, I am a fan of Asado, YO, Gloomy Classic, Midnight City, MdeH, tous les garcons, etc. They were produced in bigger quantity but still have good QC. For dresses I mainly got a few from each small brands on Taobao lol and they are pretty too!

      I still haven't commissioned any of the artists as the ones I like were pretty pricy uwu they design for smaller dolls (around 30 - 40cm like Popovy Sisters, Pasha Pasha, Metis Doll etc.) and their works are so delicate and breathtakingly beautiful...
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    7. My most expensive outfit is $250 for the Maestro set from Freedom Teller.

      I generally don't buy a lot of clothes because I can sew, I am picky, and I like historical clothes on the more accurate end of things.

      Freedom Teller has some of the best tailoring on the market as far as suits and blazers go. Sadol is my second fave, but they don't always pick fabrics that are as nice (like some of their go-to-school sets have stiff and scratchy trousers compared to Freedom Teller who always has very soft fabric) and sometimes their sewing is a little bit troublesome with shirts and vests that need to go over the head and shoulders that are overly snug.
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    8. I commissioned an outfit and it was about $45? It's well made, but the fit is pretty off?? Most clothing I have bought has been around that mark or lower.
      I think I'd personally be willing to go $100+ if I REALLY liked the outfit, but I don't know if I could justify it going $200 or above. Then again, who knows?
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    9. The most I’ve spent was about $200, and I’ve done it twice. One was a suit from Freedom Teller. It was for my doll’s wedding, which is why I was willing to spend so much and it was one of the highest quality pieces of clothing I’ve ever owned. The other was a commissioned 18th Dynasty Egyptian outfit for a doll because I couldn’t find what I needed in the right size anywhere else. It was beautiful and fit perfectly and was good quality. Despite being happy with both outfits, I probably wouldn’t spend so much again. In both cases, the outfits were special occasion and specific to the individual dolls. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend so much on an outfit that won’t be reused. Now I mostly go for casual mix and match clothing.
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    10. Most of my "nice" outfits ran me somewhere in the vicinity of $100, for full outfits of very nice quality. Most of what my dolls will wear is custom made, but occasionally I find something suitable like those outfits, and it's really just happenstance that they've all been about the same price.
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    11. The most I have ever paid is for Cheerydoll dresses. One dress was $176.00 and the other $150.00. But it was totally worth it. The quality is great and they look fantastic on my 1/3 and 1/4 scale girls. I want to save up and eventually get one of their special dresses that can range from $176 - $323.
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    12. I don't think I've paid over $100 for a single item. I don't buy outfits as my dolls are dressed modern smart/casual. I prefer to buy pieces from Etsy and sometimes commission to get the exact size if it's not offered. Having a piece that fits perfectly is amazing.
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    13. I'd say $80 as of right now, however if I find an outfit that fits a character perfectly or I just have to gave I'd be willing to go higher ^^
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    14. The most I’d be willing to pay for a set of outfit is about $150 depending on complexity (bonus if it includes accessories) and how much I like it in general. But for the most part I try to get things from second market at a lower price. They still add up to be super expensive anyways because there are so many outfits I like. My favourite brand is still volks just because I know quality is good and will always fit. I’ve ordered from various taobao shops, got my friends to order stuff for me at doll events in China, various other unknown brands from second market in Japan.

      I had commissioned people on taobao to create Rozen maiden outfits and Harry Potter robe outfits for my dolls since they had special doll commission taobao shop. I normally don’t really commission unless it’s some kind a doll cosplay outfits that I just can’t find elsewhere.
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    15. If you include things like shoes, hats and belts, I've probably gone over $300 a couple of times...and depending on the doll, I might be willing to go higher. Each of my crew has their own style, so while some may wear nothing but tees, jeans and boots, others have very expensive tastes. :sweat

      When I first got into the hobby, I swore that I would never spend more than $500 on a doll, and over the years I have somehow convinced myself to spend several times that amount on more occasions than I care to admit. I never say never anymore, even when it comes to clothing. :XD:
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    16. Among my on-topic dolls, the most expensive outfit anyone has is my Resinsoul Xun's - about 75$, not including shipping and including the materials for her shawl, which I made myself. And she doesn't even have shoes!

      I would happily pay more than that for the perfect outfit, but I'm not sure what my hard limit would be. All at once, I think it would be hard to stomach more than 100$, but 100$ now for one piece of clothing and 50$ later for another and so on can really add up, and I could definitely see myself doing that.
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    17. The most I’ve paid was about $350. Most of my dolls have outfits in the $100-$300 range.
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    18. I love collecting fantasy and limited outfits and they can be pricey ~ $150 - $250 per set. I actually have more outfits than dolls so my crew enjoys plenty of pretty clothes *envious*. I would say, usually the price reflects the details/material/quality of the outfit. I think my max would be $300 for an outfit but if I really, truly want it, who knows... self control is apparently not my forte when it comes to BJD lol.
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    19. I spend more on one outfit of doll clothes than I spend on clothes for myself in an entire year, maybe two. Now, I hardly ever buy myself clothes, but I'd love to know why I can't justify buying myself a twenty dollar dress but can entertain a $150 set of clothes for my resinlings.
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    20. Realistically? $100-150 is probably my max. But I go nuts over fancy hanbok/hanfu all the time that are $200+... I want to learn to make my own :...(
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