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How often do you bathe your doll and wash their clothes?

Dec 8, 2009

    1. I was thinking about this a few minutes ago while I was dressing Kyoharu back into his pjs that I just washed last night. lol And I started to wonder--how often does everyone else wash their boys/girls and their clothes?
      I know most everyone washes the V-Jeans, and other jean material in fear of it staining, but I also mean other clothes. :)

      -I try to wash my boy at least once every two weeks, as I am very hands on and like to carry him with me a lot. :)

      -His clothes I tend to wash when I notice that they are starting to get dirty looking.

      EDIT: Sorry I wasn't really clear with this but what I meant was:
      Wash the doll = Magic Eraser them. lol
      Washing the clothes = Hand wash with soap. :)
    2. I've never washed any dolly clothes, actually, now that I think of it. My dolls are very gently treated, not dragged around all that much, and I don't have many dark colored clothes. Nothing's stained yet.
      I've actually never restrung a doll and gave the whole thing a good scrubbing. I was all second hand dolls when they arrive with a Magic Eraser. Otherwise I pull out the eraser whenever I notice that there's something on the doll.
      I really need to take my oldest girl apart, scrub her, and put in new elastic. She needs it like woah. But I'm afraid to take her apart :(
    3. I've never needed to actually wash doll clothing. (Other than setting dark colors--which I've mostly avoided for Claire by just having her wear the white underclothes included with her navy stock uniform.) I think I would be more likely to spot-treat if there were stains, or even take to my crazy and awesome dry cleaner if it were really bad. However, just a run in the washing machine is less likely; I don't own any doll clothing that I think could withstand that kind of washing very well, and I don't own an iron to press things after washing.

      I don't really "bathe" my dolls. I never needed to for Claudia or any of the others, and Claire hasn't been out of her box long enough to really pick up any dirt. I would be more likely to wipe down with a damp washcloth than actually bathe, but I presume that's what most doll owners mean by "bathe."
    4. I don't ever use water on a doll unless they get really dirty. Most of the time I "dry" clean them using a Magic Eraser. I thought about tossing my dolls' dark clothes in the wash but I am afraid they will shrink or something bad will happen to the fabric!
    5. I used a magic eraser for the first time recently, and my dolls are four years old! I thought they had started to yellow but it turned out they were just dirty--a little magic eraser and they were good as new. ^^

      I was on a roll, so I washed their clothes for the first time too--the white ones were noticeably dirty.
    6. I probably should try washing the lines the pants made on my B&G Afra >.> But I think they would just come back anyway. Besides him, none of my others really have any markings that need cleaning.. so it's pretty rare I wash them~
      As for cleaning clothes, I haven't done that once yet. I don't really see a point in doing it unless something is spilt on them or they get really dusty.
    7. I only got my first doll on the 2nd, last Wednesday, but already I've unstrung him, washed him down in a white utility bucket, magic erasered him, and had restrung him the next day after he dried out completely. The reason? His black pants leave this black fuzzy-like crud EVERYWHERE. In his joints, all over his legs, even INSIDE his legs, and I wasn't going to stand for it.

      His hands still need some magic eraser, but I lightly blushed his hands and they aren't MSC'd yet, but tomorrow I'll get down to that. His clothes will get washed as soon as I get some white vinigar. Untill then, I'm just dealing with the black crud, and he needs new longer elastics anyways, so unstringing and restringing him is good practice. ^_^
    8. I washed my Song a couple of weeks back because he was really dirty-took him apart and the works. Did my Sprite as well. Danica, my DIM Sergei, got washed about a month back after I did a full body sand on her. Haven't washed the SDs yet.

      I haven't washed the doll clothes yet, but most of them are recently sewn and not dirty. I do pre-wash all the fabric, with vinegar if it's dark stuff.

      I should say I've had the Sprite for about ten months now and the Song about eight. So I don't do it often.
    9. Unless it's something that won't wash (like a special type of fabric, etc.) I hand-wash all clothes before I use them. Same with synthetic wigs. Following that, they don't ever really get washed again. My dolls don't ever really go outside, I don't do many photoshoots, they don't sweat (lol), I... just don't need to wash them, really! ^_^

      As for the dolls themselves, they get taken apart and scrubbed every once in a while. Probably not as often as they should be ^^;
    10. Unless there is VISIBLE dirt on the doll, I don't bother. The most I do is blow dust off their faces.

      Clothes I don't wash either, though I am hoping I can stumble on a Clorox bleach pen ... an orange soda bottle eraser stained the lace trim on a dress and turned it NEON YELLOW. I would leave it, but it's not evenly stained. (Maybe it would be easier to just stain all the lace than find a bleach pen.) I have yet to have an article of clothing stain a doll, including jeans and dark wigs.

      My oldest doll is almost six years old and she's not even all that dirty. I don't think it's really very necessary to wash anything unless you're mucking about in mud puddles and dead animals. Or live animals with bladder problems.
    11. *considers*
      I probibly wash mine alot more than most people because I do Aesthetics work and i'm always changing faceups on my dolls. But for straight up play They get fully taken appart scrubbed and cleaned out about twice a year, OR after any big meet or convention, because i'm always really open about people being able to pick up my dolls and hold them. So hand grubbies get on.

      The one that gets the most baths is my little fee because he gets played with the most and hes white skin. So he gets a once over probibly once every two months.

      clothing I only wash if theres a very good reason. I got some chocolate on the sleeve of one of his little coats during some event, and i scrubbed that and washed it off. but other than that I don't usually put much in the wash unless i'm treating blue jeans and denim to keep it from fading.
    12. I had a bunch of American Girl doll clothes that I found in the basement. They smelled mildewy, so I put them through the wash. That definitely taught me that should I ever plan to wash my more expensive BJD clothes, it's going to be by hand!

      I did get one pair of corduroy pants that were covered in fuzz, so I washed them in a lingerie bag on gentle and hung them to dry. They looked much better afterward!

      Like Sims, I'm a face-up artist, so I generally end up redoing my dolls' faces every summer. When I do that, they get completely stripped and scrubbed and then re-blushed and restrung after. But my dolls don't get handled a lot. When I was very actively taking photos of Caldera for a pageant, she very much needed a new face-up and body blushing after it was done.
    13. I wash new dark clothes before they wear them, usually, and other than that only wash them if they're dirty. Those white button-ups can get grimy. The dolls themselves get any visible dirty spots wiped with a damp cloth or a magic eraser if needed, and once in a while I'll give them a quick all-over damp cloth wipedown. I have given the white skin dolls a complete magic eraser wipedown, but haven't done that to the others yet. I'm thinking I'll make that a once a year thing unless otherwise needed. I've not disassembled and scrubbed anyone yet, I think that will be a only-if-needed thing or done if someone needs a complete re-string.
    14. I wash him whenever he changes into a new set of clothes, during this time I give him the once-over to see if there's any cracks or whatsoever, just to be aware.
      But if I see some black stains that manage to get on him during the time when he's not suppose to have his 'sponge bath', those will be scrubbed away immediately.

      I dont wash his clothes if they're are not dirty, so far none of his wardrobe have even been wash cuz' I was careful enough not to get them dirty when he's wearing them, though they probably need some good ironing...
    15. I dont wash my doll's clothes. I keep them carefully wrapped in a box with lavender. I live in a 15th century house, so we always keep lavender and herbs to prevent moths or weird bugs ^^. I only wipe my dolls with warm water, but i never soap them or dip them.
    16. I wash Shinta's clothes from time to time. Because I take him to conventions and just to keep everything fresh. I just tuck them in the laundry washer along with my own laundry. He's an SD, so his stuff isn't that small, more like baby sized.
    17. I don't wipe my dolls down all that often because they are usually in my house. And if I do take them out it usually to a friends house. I do bathe them after meets though and check their wigs since bugs tend to like my dolls wigs for whatever reason, especially the tinee-tiny spiders. And I just throw their clothes into the washing machine with my clothes and I let them air dry.
    18. The last time I really washed a doll (unstring and soapy water in a bucket) was two years ago. I used to like doing it to get rid of lint that inevitably gets stuck inside the joints, and back then I played a lot more with my dolls and they went outside, etc. That last time was for a neck mod and I was just doing a "full service". Nowadays, my dolls stay inside and don't get handled very much so I don't feel the need to wash them.

      I occasionally wash clothes...there was this one time when I tried to wash some extra dye out of a dark pair of MSD jeans. What do you know, it ended up staining the entire inside of my dryer...!
    19. Most of my dolls only get scrubbed down with a magic eraser occassionally. They stay home and don't get very dirty. Shriara, my tiniest tiny, travels where ever I go and gets dirty. She is my bjd ambassador and gets handled alot. I usually check her for grime every week and keep a tiny piece of sponge in her wardrobe to clean her up. I will be washing her stockings this evening because they are grimy. I need to make her a second set of combinations so she has one to wear while the others are drying. I shampooed her wig 2 weeks ago because something sticky got in it.
    20. I wash the clothes if I notice them staining or shedding. Other than that, I guess I don't think of it much. Most of the fabric I use has been pre-washed anyway.

      As far as cleaning HER... man I need to do it more often. If I'm changing her clothes and notice marks, I'm right on it with an eraser... but that girl gets so dirty in her joints and everywhere else... I just sometimes wonder if she goes hunting scorpions outside while I'm asleep or something. So much dirt! Even when I haven't taken her outside or anything! >.< And her body blushing rubs off so easily... I'm thinking that I seriously want to start de-stringing her and giving her a full bath about once a month or once every two months. Maybe I'll alternate months with her and Gael when I get Gael... >.>