How often do you change your dolls faceup?

Oct 5, 2016

    1. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place but I always wondered something, do any of you guys ever get tired of your dolls first/original face up and do you guys ever change them after while? I know with some of my older dolls i sometimes redo their face up but i wanted to hear others opinions about this as well.
    2. Once a year i change the face ups i did. And never changed face ups of my seconhand dolls. I guess, it is something like taboo for me ))) Really, i don't think it is right ))) But still it happens. May be they are just too beautiful for me )))
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    3. At first, I was painting all my own dolls, so I'd redo the faceups only when I thought I could do an improved version. Then my daughter started getting into painting faceups. After a bit of practice, she was way better than me, so I let her redo my dolls, to their great improvement. Now my dolls get their faceups refreshed every so often, when the daughter unit levels up her painting skills and feels like she can do an improved version. The faceup concept for my dolls always stays the same tho. It just gets refined as skills grow.
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    4. I only decide to change doll's face up when it gets damaged or I want another style.
      I can do my own face ups but I'm never satisfied with my own work on them. Therefore I always send my dolls to face up artists or get them secondhand with face ups that I like. Changing them often would cost me a fortune.
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    5. I've been wondering this too. I'm new to face ups so currently I keep changing the face up every few weeks when I've studied up on techniques and want to try them out.
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    6. When I feel like it. Few of my dolls don't get change because the face-up is just perfect. While some others need refreshing because I haven't found the right style yet. Or when I want to change character on a doll. It depends, thus, when I feel like it. ^_^
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    7. Well, for the first time, I'm considering changing one of my doll's face-ups. That would be 3 years.
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    8. My first still has her first faceup because I love it. It was my first, but it suits her so well ... and I'm scared I'd mess up if I re-did her. I really should, there is a spot on her nose where her blushing rubbed off.
      I have re-done a bunch of others, whenever I wasn't happy with how they turned out. But as long as I'm happy with a faceup, it stays (even if it has sustained minor damage).
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    9. If I've gotten a custom face-up for my doll, the face-up doesn't change unless it needs to be re-done due to wear. The oldest custom face-up I have is nearly 8 years old. It should be re-done as the doll has been loved a lot and despite how careful I am with my boys, the sealant has rubbed off in some areas and his extensive body painting has chipped in some areas.

      I have a few dolls with default face-ups and while I like the face-ups, they are fairly old (5-6 years) and some of the blushing on them has rubbed off on their ears so should be re-done. 2nd hand dolls that I've gotten with face-ups is a case-by-case thing. Most of the time I get a custom face-up for them but I do have 2 that I've kept with their face-ups. One has the original company face-up (it's about 7 or 8 years old) in pristine condition and considering that the company (Unidoll) is long gone, I'd hate to have it re-done. The other has a custom face-up and tattoos and was part of the reason I bought him.

      So I suppose my answer is never.
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    10. I don't have a set amount of time. Usually, I redo them when I feel my skills have greatly improved, the faceup gets damaged or I want a different style. I usually do my own, but sometimes I do commission someone or buy a secondhand doll with a faceup I love. I redo my own faceups a lot more often than the ones by other artists that I love, but if I buy a secondhand doll whose faceup just doesn't fit my character, I wipe it the day they arrive, regardless of how pretty it is.

      But the ones I do varies so much. I have some that I did 3 years ago, like Jayden, that are holding up just fine and I don't have any reason to wipe, and others, like Piper, who have been repainted three times in the last 8 months!
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    11. If the faceup was commissioned, I usually don't change it since it should be exactly like I envisioned it would be. The only time I would consider changing a faceup is if there was damage to a commissioned faceup or if it was one of the few that I did and want to re-do it because my skills improved. But in general, I don't typically grow tired of my dolls' faceups.
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    12. I'm not talented in that area of design so I pick one & have it professionally done & they stay in that face as if they were born with it!
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    13. There are a few things that prompt me to redo a doll's faceup:
      - It gets damaged
      - It's so old that all my other dolls have significantly better faceups
      - I don't spend as much time looking at the doll as I used to (repainting usually reignites my love for the doll, hehe)
      - I didn't capture the character correctly and it bugs me

      Generally my doll's faceups last for 3-5 years before #2 and #3 kick in. In the case of #4, it depends on how badly I did capturing the character... if I completely failed, I'll wipe the faceup within a week. If I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I'll live with it for a year sometimes.

      Some people never change their dolls' faceups unless they get damaged (some people still wouldn't change them). But for me, it's nice to freshen them up a bit every once in a while! I also like to change their eyes or wigs every few years just to keep them from being too stagnant.
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    14. I've been in this hobby since 2006 and I haven't changed the face-ups of any of my dolls yet. There are plans for a complete overhaul in style, but that'll have to wait until I have money and time :).
    15. Not nearly often enough... at least in Vince's case.

      With the other two full dolls, their first faceups still look really good, and they're never going to really sport a different look from their basic concept anyway, so there hasn't been any need. And with the floating head, well... I could switch his style up, but I just never feel like there's much point in repainting him unless I already plan on doing someone else.

      Vince is in sore need of a new faceup, but I just moved house, had to replace a lot of my supplies, and then by the time I was all ready to go... the rains came.

      I also tend to wait a long time before doing the first faceup on a blank doll-- this holds especially true with my off topics, some of which I've had blank a long time, but even my resin guys, they had a long wait while I studied and sketched and thought about what exactly I wanted to do. And then Vince just kept his for ages after the one detail dark enough to really see got smudged, and I prioritized giving the others their first faceups over redoing his... So I have the next forecasted-as-sunny day marked on my calendar to give him some extra love on.
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    16. My first doll went through... 10 face-up or something within 5 years, haha. Learned a lot from repeating it over and over again...
      My other dolls still all have their first face-up - the only exception was Val, my Zaoll Luv boy, who got a new face-up thats very similar to his old one, but a bit more mature.
      Normally I'd say that the only reason for me to redo a face-up is when its damaged - but I've noticed that its possible to repair chips, so... no new face-ups anymore ^^"
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    17. Only if they are damaged/faded etc.

      I will change the faceup of a doll that is newly come into the house if the one it has isn't what I like or want, but once it's how I want it, then that's the character's face so it doesn't get changed unless it needs repairing and I just have to hope the new one will be close enough to old one that it doesn't change the doll's character.

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    18. Most of my original crew has been through at least one repaint. I've changed faceups for a number of reasons. The first being, the faceup either got damaged or had faded over time. Since I do my own work, I've changed a few simply because I felt my skill level had improved since I first got the doll. Occasionally, I'll repaint one because I come up with something I think suits the character a little better than my original concept.
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    19. Not at all unless the face-up is really peeling and flaking off and absolutely needs to be replaced.
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    20. It depends :)

      I have a 5-years old doll still with original factory face-up. But I'm learning how to do face-ups, so each new face-up allows me to improve my skills. Yesterday I did a face-up just for practice and after I finished it I got a new idea with a new image of this doll. Thus I hope I have time this coming weekends to realize the idea.
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