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How often do you change your dolls' outfits?

May 9, 2017

    1. How often do you change your dolls' outfits? Every day, or seasonally, or so on?
      I usually have one or two exclusive outfits for each doll that they stay in, with maybe small changes in accessorizing or so on. Do you have a lot of clothes for your dolls? Do you like your dolls to 'get dressed' for the day with you? I hope to one day have several outfits for a Minifee so she can get dressed alongside me, so we can both be ready for the day! If you are a photographer, do you change clothes for every photo shoot?

      Feel free to share pictures!
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    2. I am like you, most of my dolls have one or two outfits that fit their character or were made specifically for them and that`s it. Sometimes for photoshoots I change their clothes to have a little difference in the pictures but on a daily basis it would stress me too much. It is already hard to find clothes for myself every day xD
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    3. I have quite a lot of doll clothes, but feel like each doll has only two or three real outfits; some are a little more spoiled than others.
      When you own a certain amount of dolls it will end up looking like a lot no matter what.
      Have fifteen dolls, give each a pair of pants, boom...you have fifteen doll pants :sweat
      I usually re-dress a doll whenever I get a new piece/outfit for them, else I am mostly content with leaving them in a certain outfit for a longer time.
      Most of the outfits are also pretty big with several pieces (i.e. not just pants and shirts), which also means expensive sadly, so I prefer to have them in an outfit for a while to make it worth it.

      In case of photoshoots I dress them accordingly.
      Of course they might wear the same piece more than once, but I always aim for a fitting one for every shooting.
      I don't take pictures often though, and when I do it's for a bigger planned shooting, the outfit is usually part of the planning.
    4. I change them at least once each season (winter, spring, summer and autumn) and I also change them whenever I feel like it.
      I have only 3 dolls that wear proper clothing (anthro ones only wear one thing that it's permanent) so it is easy for me.
    5. Most of my dolls have one complete signature look - one outfit, a pair shoes and a couple of different accessories that can be switched around for different looks, like hats, belts, or scarfs and jewellery. Some are more spoilt and have 2 or 3 looks, but even then i'm content to only change them occasionally. They aren't people and I don't want to feel pressured to change them everyday. I find that when I really love a clothing piece, I don't ever really get tired of seeing it worn anyway. i'm a bit jealous of dolls in that regard - I can't help but feel sad thinking of some of the lovely unique clothing pieces i've owned and loved over the years but have had had throw away due to wear and tear/ weight gain/ loss - I would have loved to have gone on wearing them forever if I could! Dolls at least never have that problem.
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    6. I always take photoshoots for my doll, But i don't have a lot of clothes. The best is to change her/his outfits constantly, especially if you want to take photos. We all know that the doll clothes are quite expensive, so change a new outfit per day maybe difficult.(I have 4 or 5 outfits and some accessories per doll, I think that i will present them more and more sets, but everything should be done little by little >w<)
    7. I see a lot of people have one or two outfits and it makes sense to me if I had a character doll. But I don’t. I really much rather have only one or two dolls and a box full of outfits/wigs/eyes to change up their look. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy and store a bunch of outfits than display a lot of dolls. You can have a really nice outfit for less than $100, wigs/eyes/shoes for another $100 if you buy used?

      Currently I probably have about eight 3-4 piece outfits for my SD size doll. I change it weekly or so. She’s got a lot of fantasy outfits as well as some casual stuff and a bunch of wigs and eyes. I’m pretty happy with this. :)

      FL Rin wearing Volks marine set and a casual outfit. I really need to take more pictures, if anything just to catalogue what I have for her. I'm really loving Volks outfits lately. :3nodding:
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    8. I sew, so I have quite a few separate outfit pieces already... And will doubtless have more by summer's end, once I have consistent access to a sewing machine! Therefore, I tend to change my girl's outfits pretty often, because I love playing dress up with her. (Although she may get a break once my second doll arrives. She'll probably be pretty relieved. XD)
    9. I generally only change my dolls' clothes when they get a new outfit or I want something specific for pictures. Ilya's outfit is reaaaally hard to get on and off, so it stays put (plus finding normal clothes for his massive hips is a pain anyway). Toshi has a specific style he wears, traditional Japanese outfits, and as of right now I only have one of those; the hakama and under-kimono are pretty standard, but I'm hoping to get him a few more haori and some fancier kimono and yukata eventually. I still probably won't change his clothes too much though.

      Aelic is really the only doll whose clothes I change fairly frequently, because I shop for him the most. He has a super cute style and his body is easy to dress, plus I've had him the longest and therefore have the most clothes for him. I do tend to keep him in his most recent outfit though, unless I'm taking specific pictures (or if Toshi is borrowing his body).
    10. I try to keep a good variety of clothes for my dolls. This means at minimum, 5 shirts, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes to mix and match, but most have quite a bit more than that. How often I change them...really varies. The favorites tend to get changed at least once every week or so, the others, maybe every 2-3 months, but it depends on how much I'm photographing them. I do try to change them regularly if I'm taking frequent pix.
    11. I only really change them for photos, afterwards they go back to their "default" outfit ;p Sometimes I switch things out if I'm in the mood to redress them, but otherwise I don't really bother with it too much because it's such a pain to redress them sometimes.
    12. I have mainly boys, so all I have to do is change their shirts. The few girls I have get changed if they are going to be photographed. I am planning to cut down my collection, so those that stay will be because they are in the stories I create.
    13. Heheheh, not often enough. One day I will stop buying dolls and actually buy different outfits/accessories for the ones I already own.

      One day.... :eek:
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    14. I have a fair amount of clothes for my dolls, but I'm lazy, so they often don't get changed for years... and I've had outfits that have never been worn for years and years.

      I usually change doll clothes when I'm going to a con or a meet... often change to match a theme. Or to just look good with each other. I will also change for photoshoots, but will need complete outfits--with all accessories and props... and that can take time. Not to mention that I'm lazy, so getting photoshoots done can also take years... :doh

      I wish I could change dolls for the seasons and holidays, but I totally fail at that.
    15. I'm lazy but I change my boys clothes about every 3 to 4 weeks. Some of them have more clothing then others especially my Dollshe Knucci twins & my 2 Iplehouse HID guys do as well.
    16. Most of my fantasy dolls only have one outfit, but I do have a handful of dolls that have a larger wardrobe. The nice thing is that my guys can wear the same thing for the most part, so I have no trouble swapping their outfits.
    17. I rarely change the outfits since i find it to be quite a hassle. Girls get outfit changes more than boys do because skirt/dresses>pants :P
    18. My favourites tend to get more frequent outfit changes :'D Even then it's not that often... Maybe every 3-4 months, and even then it's only a few that get changed at a time. My girls get changed more often than my boys because I buy them more clothes /'D My MSD boys have been in the same outfits for close to a year now;;;
      When they get new clothes there's usually a clothing shuffle, same thing happens when I manage to go to a local meet. My dolls don't have specific outfits for themselves, but most of them have a particular style they'll stick with. I usually mix and match things until I find a combination I like on them ^^
    19. I'm a sucker for doll clothes, especially the fantasy ones. I changed my dolls look all the time, at least once per month. It's a plus to recycle outfits, I mixed and match some of the outfits too.
    20. I usually put my dolls on display, so I'll change them whenever I got bored of their outfits :p my doll family has a set of matching outfit for each member so it's a big change since I have to change ALL members of my doll family...I would say once every 2 months!