How often do you play with your dolls?

Jan 18, 2021

    1. I see a lot of people post their collections and they have their dolls in cases, chillin on desks and etc. so I’m just trying to see how many people actually play and pose their dolls! Do you play with them and how many times a week do you do so if you do?
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    2. I haven't for a long time, life has been a mess recently. :(
      When the weather gets warmer again, though, I'd like to take one out at least once a week for pictures. That was my usual schedule.
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    3. Most of my girls are MSD sized and currently they all fit in doll stands on top of the short bookshelf next to my desk. I'm still pretty new to the hobby and am working towards getting everybody full outfits, wigs and face-ups, so it's nice to be able to have them at hand. Just got this set up this month though, before then things were not that well organized. :sweat

      So, daily... sorta.
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    4. I rarely play with my dolls. The clothing I give them restricts their movement somewhat, so they mostly sit on my shelves or on my desk looking pretty. Maybe one day when I have more time I could play around with them to see what kindof poses I can get them into.
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    5. I fuss with them on the weekends when I have time. Change outfits, comb wigs etc. But I dont often pose them or take them all out for photos. Its a lot of work and theyre cute just to look at:sweat
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    6. Lately I just have them sitting around looking cute but I do always keep one on my desk next to me and I'll just play with them randomly during the day. So, I guess I play with them every day! Photos, not so much as I've simply lost practically all my inspiration for photography :(
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    7. I only got my first BJD a month ago, but I handle her & hang out with her multiple times a week. I'll hold her while I read, I'll sit her in bed next to me if I'm going to chill on my phone or laptop, sometimes I just hold her and tell her I love her bc I'm a weirdo and the character I've developed for her means to much to me, lmao. I have a few stressful things I'm doing today, and I'll probably have her chilling on my desk next to me for moral support.
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    8. I don't really play with them, but in the past I used to handle them a lot for sewing, face ups, body blushing and modifications. Like some of them it would be every few days, then it went to every few months as years passed by (and I got old). Sometimes, I would just want to look at them, so I would take them out of their box for that as well. I like to keep all my resin dolls in my closet, inside their own boxes, as well as my floating heads. I have seven fur babies, so it's mostly for their safety as well as just keeping as much heat and light away from their resin.

      I haven't touched most of them in years, although I was planning on modifying my largest male doll, and a few of my floating heads last year. I discovered my Apoxie Sculpt is all most completely solid, so I didn't get to mod any of my dolls. I am still debating whether I should get more Apoxie, or if I should just repaint the ones that I feel like repainting and later waste money on more Apoxie I won't ever use again after the small facial mods I have planned. DX I did take my largest doll last year out for a few photos, but probably handle most of them randomly in many months or years at a time. (:
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    9. I feel like I “handle” my dolls in waves. I say handle because it’s mostly changing them for photos or just moving them to another place on my shelf. Sometimes it’ll be like 5 days straight but then sometimes I’ll take a week or so off. I would definitely play with them if I had a diorama. Gotta get on that.
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    10. Between daily and a couple times a week, I hold, or pose, or do stuff with one of my dolls. I have an army of them, so yes there are a few shelf dwellers, but I try to show them all love in turns. I love playing with my dolls, and for me I do not think I would enjoy the hobby as much without the "play" aspect of it.
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    11. mine tend to sit around on my desk, so i move them around a ton!
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    12. It depends on what else is going on in my life at the time. Sometimes I'll pick them up a couple of times a day and pose them, change their clothes etc and other times I'll leave them for weeks without touching them.
      At the moment I'm occasionally picking one up to play with but not everyday.
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    13. I'm working my way up to expanding their wardrobes. The vast majority of their clothes are made by me. I don't have many props (chairs/toys/miniature accessories) for them. However, my crafting table is directly behind the couch. The couch faces the tv, so I will pose them looking "shocked" when I watch a horror movie. Otherwise, I'll place them next to me when I'm using my laptop, or have them close by if I spend the majority of my recent time in another room. I have their hands and arms up if they're "helping" me hold something up real quick.

      Once their wardrobes expand I want to do dress up mix/match sessions with them, like I see people do in youtube videos lol
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    14. My dolls are in a china cabinet in my living room. I just started collecting bjd's. I went from one (who is in his box as he has no faceup and no clothing) to four and a Doll Chateau on preorder in a very short amount of time. I take my Volks Nana out quite frequently. When I'm able, I plan on purchasing a wig and outfit from Volks USA to redress her. My Luts Diez inspired me to try and crochet a doll sweater. LOL but it will take much practice for me to complete.
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    15. I love toys for both playful and visual aesthetic, so I've always set up some toys to display and some easier to access if I want to handle them to enjoy them.

      I've got a split... 1/4 display/on hold, 1/4 playable, 1/2 WIP, for my dolls right now:
      • 2 of them that I have a project planned for but on hold: they sit because I painted their faces and like them the way they are, but I think their characters don't quite call me to play with them or photograph them until I create their scenery/accessories
      • 2 of them that I connected with immediately and would say I have been "playing" with: making clothes for one consistently, and have done a couple photoshoots with the other... I pick them up, move them around the room, smile at them, fix their hair and shoes, pretty much interact with them as often as my heart pulls me to them... it's regularly but not on a schedule or anything, they're just in my space!
      • 4 that are fully WIP: like, heads/faceplates off for painting, one character shelling totally in progress so she's half naked and waiting for her updated makeup ... I don't "play" with those but I've been touching those ones a lot too, plus they get moved around in my room more as I take them down to work on them a bit or change something, think about them, make room for my other projects depending on what I'm working on.

      Overall, I've been handling dolls in total a lot.
      Playing, specifically, accounts for less than half the total handling time, but the "percentage" is just because I have indeed been doing all that active work on them.

      LMAO, I love this.
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    16. Depends on how I am feeling to be honest. Some days I get super inspired and take them out and take photos... and then other days they just sit around. They are usually always around me, but I won't always play with them.

      Lately I have been trying to get out and do at least once a week with them. (And I try to rotate my collection and who gets photos that week)
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    17. I have a fairly large crew, all on display in artistic settings throughout my home. So I’m always interacting with them routinely, since they’re constantly on view. I’m into sewing and fashion in general, so they all have specific wardrobes (roughly 3-5 complete outfits each at this point) so I change them often, reposition them, switch them to a different display, comment to them as I walk by, etc. That’s my way of playing which, yeah, I pretty much do every day.:)
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    18. My dolls have evolved into an interactive art installation. When there was just one, I was redressing her & posing her more. But as the resin accumulated I've ended up setting them on shelves where I can enjoy them with out risking them falling then several times a year I'll get an idea and work on a scene for a particular doll or group of dolls. My adult dolls stand about cheering me up when I see them while the kid dolls end up getting played with more though it's just rearranging their poses or sewing for them. Setting up scenes & photographing them and figuring out props & sewing for them are my favorite things about my BJDs. And they get lots more attention than any of my other doll collections. ;)
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    19. Not as often as I'd like. It's hard to find time to sit and work with my dolls, or sew them clothes. I often find myself not having "enough" props for photoshoots, so I'm worried my pictures will get boring quick. As I slowly add to my collection, I hope I can take more creative photos! When the weather warms up, I hope to find more time for sewing & crafting. ❤️
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    20. Not that often anymore :sweat
      They mostly just sit on my shelf and I admire them when I enter and exit my room.
      I did photoshoots a lot before but I also had more free time and lived alone.
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