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How often do you update your wishlist?

Aug 22, 2018

    1. I update mine every single time I see a new sculpt I like. What about you guys?
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    2. I used to have all kinds of dolls in my wishlist, but honestly, I like too many dolls and I can't own them all. Now I just keep dolls in my wishlist if I am almost certain I plan to buy them. It's a very short list.
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    3. Similar to idrisfynn, I could have a huge list... but I only will add dolls I absolutely plan on buying in the future, or sincerely hope to buy/find in the future (Unless I find a better character shell... in which case I'll switch one in my wishlist out for that one :) )
      It keeps the list short! And my future wallet happier. Lol.
    4. I can't say I have a wishlist. I sort of have a doll I'm keeping an eye on if my bank account behaves, but with my attention span I either need it now or not at all. Feels less urgent not to have a physical list of things to collect, I suppose!
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    5. I only update once I see a unique type of doll which will be worth of my savings.
    6. Oh man, all the time. My wishlist is way too long, I’m always fiending after a new doll so my list is always growing and changing lol
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    7. Every other months... to remove or rearrange the dolls I want/plan to get. Rarely adding anything lately because I am getting to my max limit. 34 dolls, wish list will bring me to total of 50 at the end. It’s already getting a bit too much for me. ^_^
    8. Whenever there are changes to it? xD; My wishlist has thankfully dwindled over the years and I'm more than ecstatic to have as few items on it as I do.

      Counting my incoming doll and head I'm at 15 dolls and 10 floating heads at the moment (several of which need their own bodies, the rest can share) and I really don't plan to add more than another 3-5 dolls in the crew, and even those i don't really plan to add anytime soon (thank god for them not being limited sculpts)

      I've been in this hobby for eight years though so I had plenty of time to figure out what I do and don't like and I'm hard to become easily enthused just because a new release happened or maybe I laid eyes on a new doll. I used to be much like the OP several years ago though. At one point I had nearly 50 dolls in the house!
    9. I have a pretty small wish list. I try to be realistic about what I want / will use plus what I can afford comfortably.
    10. I would say not very often i forget to a lot of times, or i wait awhile and add/remove things as maybe my taste changes!
    11. Sometimes weekly, but it's not just adding to it, but changing it. It really all depends on what characters I have unshelled and which I think I'd like to have shelled the most at any given time. If they stay on my wishlist without being removed for several months, I'll usually try to get them. If I fluctuate on them, I probably shouldn't buy.
    12. The list in my head of all the dolls I would like changes a couple times a week probably... An actual written out list, not very often and is pretty much just older sculpts that I really want and have to watch for on the second market
    13. I probably update mine every few months or so , I’ve got quite a few that have been there awhile but haven’t added any new ones until I saw that new minifee today lol
    14. I love making lists and keep actual written out 'Wish lists.' My wish lists mostly consists of BJD related items I'm needing (like I just changed my girls face up and now her old eyes no longer work for this style, so she's in need of a different pair....so I add to my Wishlist ; 'new eyes for P..").
      I rarely add dolls to my Wishlist tho- as it's simply not very often I come across any new dolls these days that I feel I really want to bring home.
    15. Whenever I find a doll I really want. This isn't often tho because I'm picky and admittedly am not quick to like a sculpt
    16. Whenever I find a doll that I cannot get out of my head. Right now, though, I don't have a wish-list. It's not ideal for me, because I drive myself to the point of madness trying to find a way to afford the dolls I want. So, I try not to keep a wish-list. No Grail, no longing, just... existing, browsing. I don't have many needs for sculpts right now, either.
    17. At the moment I'm only shelling RP characters of mine, so my wishlist (which is a folder tab on Chrome) consists of sculpts I pass by and go "Oh my god, that looks like *insert character here * I need to save it!". It can fluctuate if I find another sculpt that makes me say that and I'll spend a few days looking between them to decide which is better.

      It's highly unlikely I'll get them all. But it's nice keeping an active list so that if a good deal comes up on the second hand market, I can pounce and cross it off.
    18. I've been discovering tons of beautiful dolls now that I'm poking around DOA, some that are intriguing, some that make my heart ache, but I haven't added any to my wishlist yet because none have survived my whittling questions:

      1) Could I face up / blush this doll?
      2) Could I dress this doll?
      3) Do I have a strong character in mind for the doll?
      4) Is it 100% worth the money I'd put down for everything above?
      5) Would it work well with my existing dolls/sets/clothes?
      6) Do I actually need to own this or can I just look at other folks' pretty pictures?
      7) Do I have photosets in mind that I'd want to take of this doll?
      8) Can I see myself actually playing with this doll or would it sit on the shelf?
      9) Do I REALLY have the money for it?
      10) Does my infatuation last > month?

      If I can say YES to all of those questions, then, yeah, the doll will be on the wishlist and I'll get it :) Until then, it's just going to sit in a tab.
    19. My wish list is saved to my computer and gets updated when i find a new doll I love or change my mind about what I want. Of course there are a ton of lovely dolls out there, so a doll has to meet certain criteria to go on my wish list. Like @nomanono , I have to be able to answer yes to a series of questions-

      Will they fit with my current group?
      Do I really want to own one or would I be just as happy to admire other owners pictures?
      Do I have a character in mind?
      Is it worth to price to me?
      Is getting one practical? (I won't order through Toaboao.)

      I occasionally re-evaluate the dolls on my wish list to see if I still love them as much as I did originally.
    20. Depending on the wishlist. I have one for full sets, and that is a short list and is rarely updated. The second being the shells and is updated almost every month.