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How often do your dolls turn out differently from what you had planned?

Mar 2, 2007

    1. I was just wondering how many of you have dolls that you had a personality/character in mind for, and then when they arrived, their personality was completely different?
      Like me, my Hadrian was originally named Mathias, and was a character from a story I'm writing. He was also mute, telepathic, and slightly insane. And then when he got here, his name changed and his personality shifted completely. Now he's alternately snarky and arrogant, and childlike and easily excited.
      So how often has this happened with the rest of you?
    2. I bought a Hound, Kristoff, and a Husky, Rasheed.

      They have a back story where they are lovers in 16th century Turkey. Kristoff is shy, fearful and dependant on Rasheed, who is strong and charismatic.

      After six months, Rasheed is still in his carrier, untouched. In the meantime Kristoff has been living in the 'modern' world by himself. He is fun loving, bi sexual, sassy and has a bawdy sense of humor.

      I didn't plan it that way. His personal development surprises me. He seems to write his own dialogue in photo shoots. I give him free rein and allow him to do as he pleases.

      I enjoy the 'person' he has become. I'm not sure what will happen when Rasheed joins us, but it will be interesting!
    3. Yes, my first doll was suppose to be a prince with charm and class. >_> Then, he became punk O_o I dunno know how it happened, but it just did!

      My other boys haven't really changed in their personality but my first one totaly shocked me!
    4. Yes, I pictured Maebe as a kind of heavy-metal irish step-dancer (that makes no sense, but I had an image in my head...:lol: ) When she showed up and I finished her, that just wasn't who she turned out to be. She's my first doll, and I think that any I get in the future I'm just going to go into it without any sort of a character in mind.
    5. I had a very edgy character in mind for Umeko but she is getting soft ><;;
    6. Nightengale was intended to be my little resin version of Nue from HaruToki, but ended up going in very much his own direction as a character after I had him here... My Harangs and Miyu all ended up being very different people than what I had I intended for them...

      Tien Jen wasn't supposed to be anybody. He was just supposed to be Harumatsu's alternate head. :D

      Kess was going to be Rain once he got here, but he wasn't having it. He was just too tied to being Kessari to be anyone else... Now my Juri '06, who was supposed to be a reworked version of the same character, Rain, has started developing in different directions himself. [laughs] I think it's entertaining when they do that.
    7. Ow man my ani Rudolph did a totally personality change on me. I first i was trying to make him a girly boy, He has more powerful now.
    8. Hayden turned out exactly as I planned. Vin, however, would have none of that. His name was Vincent and he was an aristocrat who was social and all that jazz. Vin is now Vinconte, a Spanish assasin who is in love with a priest. And he only dresses in shades. Hmm.
    9. Two of my boys, &#201;lan and Bai-Hu are very different fro, what I planned for them. They are very much funny and childish; not so distant, sophisticated or serious...They have their own personality and I can&#180;t help it! XDD
    10. That seems to happen to me pretty much all the time. Aaron was supposed to be mean and reclusive, instead he has turned out to be the lead singer of a rock band and more than a little outspoken. Ya-chan was supposed to be very aggressive, and instead he's incredibly cuddly and sweet. Nadia, on the other hand, was supposed to be sweet, but she's willful and spoiled.

      And my character Miya I've bought two dolls for - DOD U and Homme Kirill, but none of them wanted to fit the character at all. It's the only time I've been almost annoyed over the personalities being different than what I had thought and planned.
    11. Liek... almost every time!!! >_<

    12. It's good to hear all these other stories. Just in the two weeks that I've had him, his personality has changed so many times, so I'm glad to hear that so many other people have the exact same problem.
    13. That's why I try not to plan too much before they arrive, because for me they always end up doing their own thing, but I'm not complaning:D

    14. Well, not so much in character wise, but almost all of my dolls have changed in look wise :sweat Heh heh.. oh, actually, Shuro was originally supposed to be a happy little boy who loves snuggles and hearts! Oh my... >.> COMPLETELY opposite now. xD
    15. Pretty much every time... so I've just stopped planning and let them tell me who they are when they get here!
    16. Only once. I commissioned a custom wig for a specific character. The color came out quite different from what I requested. The maker was going to start a new wig for me, but I loved the "wrong" color. I told her I'd take it anyway, and that doll became someone else. It only worked because her face was completely blank. If I had already put her face on, I would have turned down the erroneous wig.
    17. When I bought the twins I had an idea how they would be. But as time went past Rory's ment to be quieter sister, got more bolshy, sneaky, cheeky and took the lead, being the stronger of the 2 personalities, This was never ment to happen, Rory was always going to be the typical teenage lad, with a 8 minute younger, quieter sister.

      I lover the way Rory and Risha have evolved and wouldn't have either of them any other way now.

    18. It's happened nearly every time with me :sweat I'm really hoping my next boy will fit the character I've planned so I can stop buying dolls for a while!
    19. That hasn't happened to me, but it happened to a friend. Her doll changed COMPLETELY upon arival.

      Mine tend to change little by little once I have the physical doll. But so far, I've chosen characters based on what I've heard about the doll and what I see in it from pics... so they've matched exceedingly well. Sometimes I'm really glad about that, and sometimes, I'm almost jealous that they didn't suddenly tell me "I'm someone else!" It seems kinda fun for the character to change. Makes the doll seem like a very forward personlity! ^_^
      It's so cool how dolls have personality, even if they are really just resin.
    20. I try not to have preconceived ideas about my dolls because they all seem to have their own ideas. Face-ups never turn out quite how I'd anticipated, as the dolls' personalities seem to start seeping through the moment I start painting.

      Perseus was supposed to be this brash, arrogant Lestat-style vampire brat prince - but his face-up came out soft and gentle, and his personality likewise! Lysande, my modded vamp elf Yder, was originally supposed to be a Shadowrun elven decker called Satin - but again, had his own ideas; the face-up turned out well, and was certainly beautiful, but equally certainly was not Satin! He wouldn't tell me who he was for quite a while though and ended up being dubbed "Enigma" until I tried a change of wig and eyes - at which point he suddenly announced he was Lysande and a whole personality and backstory came out.

      Finrael, my SoulDoll Paris, was the same; I'd originally planned to give him elf ears and turn him into a wood elf - perhaps related to my other elves. Instead when I'd finished he calmly announced he was actually a Demon Lord of Wrath and set to work to try and make life difficult for my other characters!

      These days, I just have rough ideas in mind but leave it up to the dolls themselves to "tell" me who they are; it gets less confusing that way! It probably helps that I don't have an established "cast" of characters that I'm trying to express in resin form; the dolls usually come first, reveal their character and personality, and then are slotted into the storyline accordingly - and the storyline for my crew is a fairly flexible thing anyway that is always changing and evolving. It needs to be - I never know when another "surprise" is going to be added to the cast! :lol: