How Old Are You (continued... 2)

Feb 16, 2018

    1. I'm so surprised at how many people around my age are in this hobby! I'm 21, will be 22 in July! I wish there were more dollie conventions in my area where I could meet more people my age and not feel so alone in the hobby
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    2. I'm currently 24 and got my first bjd last year. I have always liked bjd since I was a little girl but couldn't afford one since then
    3. i'm 29 this year :)
    4. I'm 28 and I'm ready for my first doll!
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    5. I'm 25 at the moment.
    6. I'm 22 and have always adored dolls. My grandma was an avid doll collector, and my mom collected designer Barbies. My grandma even sculpted her own dolls out of clay! Dolls kind of just run in my blood. I've only recently been in the BJD hobby though. I'm really excited to be a part of such a creative community.
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    7. It looks like a great family history, Sparkler! Keep going! <3
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    8. Thank you!! My grandma was so happy when I told her about BJDs. Definitely going to keep this tradition alive. :D
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    9. Haha, i am 63... Always collected the antique dolls...but you put those in a cabinet...
      I started with a resinsoul.... But discoverd i like to play with them, so i switched to
      Mature my momonita....
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    10. Im 38... :)
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    11. I'm 30 and started collecting bjds when I was 16:kitty2
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    12. I’m turning 28 this year I was amazed at how many people where round my age as well
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    13. i am 32 and buyed my first legit impldoll Iris this years :-) hobby started one years before :-) i always liked dolls, they are so cute and gives home some more living spirit i think so
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    14. I'm 62 :thumbup and have been involved in the bjd world for quite a long time. However, have not been an active participant for a few years now. Just sold the last of my SD girls a couple of weeks ago, thanks Zev01! At one point I had over 30 bjds! It was great fun during my active period, loved sewing for the clan! Will be keeping my smaller dolls and adding to them in the future.
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    15. 24 years old here. I've been interested in BJDs since I was 14, but only recently have I managed to get one.
    16. I will be 30 in October. I have to admit, I've only known about and been in the hobby for slightly over a year.
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    17. I'm 21 and will be 22 in August. I got my first doll way back when I was 15 or so :O It's hard to believe it's been 6 years!
    18. Joining everyone in the 20's club! I will turn 23 in august! Ordered my first bjd this past December but have been interested in the hobby since I moved out of my parents and started University and finally am at a point in my life where I can stop admiring and fully join the hobby :love
    19. I'm 19 and I'll be 20 in April, which is pretty weird to think about so let's just...not do that lmao
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    20. I'm 21! been interested since 5th grade whatever age that would be.
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