How Old Are You (continued)

Mar 16, 2015

    1. I'm 25 in June and waiting for my first BJD to arrive currently!

      I've wanted one for a long time now, but only recently summoned the courage to settle on one. I thought a lot of BJD owners were either much older or younger than me, haha! xD
    2. I'm 27 and just now waiting on my first BJD. 27 doesn't seem old, in theory, but I'm already starting to forget my age. For a few months, I was 80% sure I was 28 already. Literally had to pull out my license and do the math. To make matters worse, my SO and my own mother really couldn't tell me one way or the other until I did aforementioned math.

      So, apparently, I'm ancient.
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    3. I'm 20, and have been in the hobby for a little over a year. I started with Blythes, and then kinda got sucked into BJDs by that way. :P I feel like Blythe is a gateway drug to BJDs....
    4. I am 33. I started collecting dolls about two years ago. Just getting into bjd now ;)
    5. I'm 22 and waiting for my first doll now!
    6. 25. Been collecting dolls since I was 17. But it sure is easier now than being a broke teen!:sweat
    7. I'm 23. Hoping to get my first doll this year. (:
      But I've always been into dolls.
    8. I am 23 this year, wanting to get my first doll soon!
    9. I'm turning 21 this summer, it doesn't sound much, but it feels like more because I teach kids aged from 12 up in a drawing workshop. :sweat
    10. I love seeing that I'm not the only young (13-17) year old teenager in the hobby. :D
    11. I'm 36, started collecting dolls in general at age 5. I started collecting bjd's at age 26 :)
    12. I`m 47, getting 48 next Thursday.Collecting Dolls nearly 10 years now.My first BJD about 3 years ago.
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    13. I'm 24 years old and I'm turning 25 this coming 16th!
      I think age don't matter for BJDs as long as you like :)
    14. I'm 33 and started collecting BJDs when I was 30. I have never collected any dolls before then!
    15. I'll be 26 soon and have been collecting BJDs since I was 15. I've always been a doll person though, I just can't give them up. :)
    16. I'm 20 years old now, but I've been interested in BJDs since my junior highs school. I had a few years break from the hobby, but now I'm starting up again :)
    17. Turning 32 this year! And I started collecting... Well, the first one was a 21 birthday present to myself, I've been doing this longer than I thought!
    18. I'm 29 turning 30 in August. Got interested in the hobby around nine or ten years ago... Waited six years before ordering my first doll. Nope, I'm not to old for this. Just need to get it across to people that these dolls are not life size, nor for anything sexual in nature. Oh the things people think when they hear 'doll' :roll:
    19. I was 17 when I started and in less than a week I'll be 21.
    20. ;) I am 28 and I have been in this hobby for 10 years! I think I'll stick around for another 10 years :p
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