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How old are your dolls, and what size/sculpt?

Mar 10, 2016

    1. Those of you who have dolls (anything from tiny to giant) that have a fixed age, how old are they and what sculpt are they?

      I've been looking through Iplehouse Doll Choice and noticed they describe their BID dolls as 3-4 years old, and KID as 6-7. I'm not great with ages but most of the KIDs I've seen look quite a bit older than that - it seems to be the clothes and face-up. I haven't settled on "Lonnie"'s character yet (she's still waiting for proper hair and a name) but she seems tweenish to me - about 9/10.
    2. Do you mean fixed age as age the company gives dolls, or the age we give dolls?

      Anyway, I have Pipos Mari (PO11, and I assume the 11 is kind of company's idea of the age of the sculpt), and she's shelled as a late teens/ young adult dwarf (in my Warcraft storyline). PO11's could be eleven, or 12-13-ish - the body is clearly in puberty, but there still is some childlike chubbyness in it.

      Iple's KIDs seem older than 6-7years in their sales pics, but as you said: thats mostly the face up. They could easily be age of 9-10 to my eyes.
    3. @she_flame Sorry, wasn't clear! I mean the age we've given the dolls, which might or might not match up to the company's idea.
    4. My girl is supposed to be 14. And the boy I'm waiting for is around 28-29.
    5. To be honest, I can't remember/haven't checked out what age the companies have given my sculpts :sweat
      But my dolls are:
      Napidoll Chesi 14
      MerryDollRound Merry 21
      Iplehouse EID Rebecca boy 23
      Feeple65 Angela 25
      Dollits Rey 31
      Iplehouse SID Marien 29
      Iplehouse SID Eva 26
      SWITCH Rusi 22
      Luts Honey Delf Lolly 4
      IOS Anos 22
      Volks YoSD Nana 4
      Ramcube Ravi 4

      I tend to bend the age of my dolls, so even if they don't look, let's say 25, I'll say "whatever it's my doll" :whee:
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    6. Some have specific ages and come have approximate ones. Here's the list (in roughly height order- copied and pasted form my profile page) with ages added. Colours indicate sibling or family groupings

      - Daisy Bacon (Dollmore Lusion Daish) - Around six or seven years old.
      - Sera (Elfdoll Soah) - late teens/early twenties, Oldest sibling in my SD family
      - Ephigenia/Phige (RML R-01/old CustomHouse girl body) Mid teens
      - Nancy (Ninodoll Juri/Dolstown 13Year body) Fourteen
      - Peggy (RML K-01/DollsTown Elf body) Twelve
      - Jean-Claude (Volks School A SD13 boy) Thirteen (eldest boy in the SD family)
      - Edith (AiL Heyley on Volks SD13 'Seirei' body) Twelve
      - Clytemnestra/Nesta (RML R-01/ long-leg Volks SD10 girl) Eleven
      - Cressida (RML R-02 head on Volks SD10 girl body) Ten
      - Hannah (RML X-01/modded Volks long leg SD10 boy body) Eleven
      - Bobbin (Ninodoll Bada/Volks, long leg SD10 boy body) Ten
      - Alphie (Luts Chiwoo) Ten
      - Meri (Merrigoround Merry head/modded Luts Delf girl body)Ten
      - Elfie (RML R20J head on SD10 Swarrico body) Nine
      - Bracken (RML R20J head on SD10 boy body) Nine
      - Nettle (Kaye Wiggs Nettle on SD10 Swarrico body) Eight
      - Arin (DT Arin 7Year boy) Seven
      - January (DT Alina 7Year girl) Seven
      - Winnie (DT Alina 5Year girl) Six
      - Charlie (RML M20F on Volks MSD boy body) Six
      - Lottie (RML M20F on Volks MSD girl body) Six
      - Mal (44cm Limho boy) Early teens
      - Jane (43cm Narae) Late teens/early twenties
      - Frankie (Unoa Lusis/Kid Delf girl hybrid) Mid teens
      - Madicken (Unoa Chibi Lilin on Roron body) Around ten
      - Elsbeth (Unoa Chibi Roron) Around eight
      - Heidi (CH -modded - Little Junior Ai girl) Around seven
      - Ikarus (CH Little Junior Ai boy) Around seven
      - Isambard (AiL Daryl head on MinoruWorld Junior boy body) Around 6
      - Raphael (elf-eared CH Petite Ai) Around four or five
      - Claudia (Gabriel CH Petite Ai) Around four or five
      - Pip (LittleFee Pipi boy) Four
      - Spike (LittleFee Elf shiwoo boy) Four
      - Rosie (Tan LittleFee Reni girl) Four
      - Willowbark (LightTan Kaye Wiggs Sage) Ageless Fae
      - Cordelia (LittleFeeBaby PongPong) Toddler

      I have some smaller dolls (Banji's and Pukis mostly) but they're mostly Fae types and have no specified ages.

      I try to ensure that my child dolls have approprite face-ups (natural looking, not like they're wearing make-up) and boduy types for their ages (I get creeped-out by child face-sculpts on mature-figured bodies with developed boobs/hips etc).

      My SD family are crowded around the eight-to-eleven age group and I'm having trouble getting body variation among them because there are so few bodies in that size that aren't adult proportioned. and/or shorter in height.

    7. Most of my dolls have specific ages~ It depends on how old the sculpt looks, and often on just the character since some of them are small in stature even when fully grown or they just don't age because of different reasons per character.

      Doll Chateau Austin { Orpheus } Old as literal dirt. He was the Creation God's first creation so you get the idea.
      Doll Chateau Colin { Elliott } Almost as old as Orpheus, he belongs to a species that was introduced to the world before death was a thing and because of complications wound up as what I could only generally describe as a 'vampire' or 'ghoul', stuck between life and death and constantly rejected by both.
      Doll Chateau Hugh { Mephistopheles } about 130 at this point in the story. He's an older teen for his race's standards.
      Dollzone Nyu { Ja'far } some speculate he has lived for about a millennium and aren't far off the mark
      Dust of Dolls Këte { Levi } technically timeless since he's a doll, but about three human years is how long he's lived

      Fairyland MNF Juri '11 { Ushiwakamaru } 16, although some think him to be younger due to his short stature
      Luts SSDF Avalance { Cadence } 26
      Paper Sakura Kazari kitty { lord Kazama } about 11, being a bakeneko that makes him a literal toddler
      Plasticmoon mr Kitty { mr Charming } around 25, but being another artificial being he doesn't have a real age

      SC doll Yabi pegasus centaur { Calvaethor } 20
      Soom After School Dia { Melchior } around 700, at the best part of his maturity, no less
      Soom Black Cat surprise Chesire { Myabi } 103, Myabi is just at the age where he's not considered 'young' anymore

      Unoa chibi Roron { Finnick } 12
      Volks DD MOMO { Irie } 4, she's a gynoid household robot
      Volks MSD F20 sunlight { Ealdred } 17

      Dollzone Freddy-1 { Kyoya } 16
      Fairyland MNF Celine mod { Yukine } he died when he was 19 in 961, has lived on as a shikigami to present day
      Fairyland MNF NF { Cecil } 15
      Fairyland MNF Shushu { Hyorin } 16
      Harucasting Adori { Satoru } 11
      IoS Chaos { Rayleigh } 47
      SC doll Kaka { Nyasuke } 68 which is the equivalent of about a 20-year old for his race
      Volks DD Aoi v.1 { Inaho } 7, an old prototype soldier android made to pilot large armaments
      Volks DD Ranka { Kotori } 2, practically Irie's little 'sister'

      Irrealdoll Nur toffee { had some issues with his name, so... } 13
      Fairyland MNF tan Mir { Faizel } 19
      Fairyland PKF tan Frozen { Fable } 7
      Fairyland MNF Nanuri '16 { Ravn } 14
      Fairyland MNF Sia { Artemos } 28

      < dolls in wishlist >
      • Dollpamm Shark { Reishi } 28
      • Dollclans Kien { Hellel } timeless, he's known to have been around 2000 years ago at the time of the angelic war
      • Dollclans Vezeto { Nicolai } 35
      • Doll Leaves Jeremy { Nowell } 348 in this iteration (used to be 20something years younger in the last)
      • Fairyland Minifee Ante tan { Midori } 21
      • Luts HDF Brownie { Ritsu } 30

      • Doll Leaves Maya { Grief } 29
      • Smart Doll 1/6 Eiji Seiun { Chiaki } about a year old, he's a navigational android unit
      • Souldoll Vito Cior { Tenka } 19
      • Unoa L-Bi { Kazuki } 23
    8. Most of my dolls have specific ages, or at least a ballpark age-range they'd fall in~ I'll include the dolls I'm waiting for, since I have most of them figured out already :P

      ❥ Merrydollround Mousse | Estellise | 85, which is about the equivalent of 17 in fairy years.
      ❥ Merrydollround Fang | Deudonne | 23
      ❥ Lillycat Cerisedoll Ellana | 24
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    9. Alright. ^^ Then I add my dolls by their age and sculpt. List has only "living" dolls, I have some which are androids or ageless immortals, and thus not have an age per se.

      ImplDoll Gela - Kheteora, child - in human age 6-8 years

      Soul Doll Rye - Lovia, in her early 20's

      SoomRosette body/Fairyland 2011 Juri head - Chinatsu, 16 years

      Freakstyle Salome - Tashinka, doesn't know her excat age, something like 18-20 years

      Doll Chateau Hilary - Saturnina Mea, 8 years

      WithDoll Luna - Sugawara Akiko, 17 years

      Doll Chateau Agatha - Aurelia Mea, in her mid twenties

      With Doll Mai/Dante head - Corethion Winterleaf, adult - in human age about 40 years old

      Resin Soul Ming - Istyros, adult - in human age about 40-50 years old

      DreamHigh Studio Ossia - Fanella, child - in human age 4-6 years

      Pipos Mari - Grundis Bouldershield, mid-late teens - in human age 17-19 years old

      Resin Soul Ju - Shalunia Moonshadow, adult - in human age about 25-30 years

      Resin Soul Yao - Chandira, mid-teens - in human age 16-17
    10. All my current dolls are realistic characters so all of them have an specific age.

      SoulDoll Vito Lester | Edgar | 26
      Bimong Narae 412 | Kerli | 23
      DollsBe Mango | Nelliel | 10-12 (not really decided)
    11. Interesting topic!

      Dolls I currently own (mainly 1/4 scale):

      Dolkot Day: 16
      DollZone Jake 17
      Fairyland MNF Rheia: 16
      Angel Fantasy Alice: 16
      Leekeworld Mikhaila: 16
      Only-Doll Tingyun: 16
      Loongsoul Momo: 16
      Resinsoul Song: 15
      Bambicrony Nia: 16
      DikaDoll AAAAA ♀: 16
      Doll Leaves Blue ♀: 16
      Doll Love Hugh: 16
      Doll Chateau Erica ♂: 16
      Mystic Kids Lillian: 25
      Dollmore Pado ♂: 28
      Bobobie Ariel ♂: 30
      Fairyland PKF Pongpong: Immortal
      Soom Pyrol Unicenta: Immortal
      Resinsoul Ju: 29
      Dream Of Doll Elf Petsha: Immortal
      Leekeworld Soda Ent: Immortal
      Kids-Sky Moonstone: 17
      DreamingDoll Little Elva Lia ♂: 24
      Xaga Doll May ♂: 21
      Volks YoSD Kira: 5

      I don't pay attention to a sculpt's "default" age. If I love a doll for a certain character, I'll do my best to make it work.
      #11 PeppermintPocky, Mar 10, 2016
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    12. Oh, this is fun! Most of my dolls age in real time, so if they have a birthday this month, I'm gonna go ahead and say the age they're turning. They are all in the SD range (57-64cm) except the ones with an asterisk.

      1. Justin - Little Rebel Andre on Luts Senior Delf Type 4 body - 18
      2. Parker - 5Star Doll Edmund on Impldoll Model body - 15
      3. Kier - Iplehouse Mars on Spiritdoll Elegance body - 17
      4. Dhani - Souldoll Iliya on Luts Senior Delf Type 1 body - 16
      5. Jack - modded Migidoll Cho on DoT body - 17
      6. Lakin - Luts Winter 10 on Volks SD13 body - 19
      7. Hailey - Mustic Kids Miri - 16
      8. *Piper - Fairyland Minifee A-line RFA - 19
      9. Jayden - Jie Doll Michel - 17
      10. Blaine - Iplehouse nYID Justin - 33 (poor old guy with all these kids)
      11. Eirnin - Volks SD FCS F-16 - 21
      12. *Derby - IslandDoll Emily - age varies between 4-6. I don't role play this character, but in comparison with SD, she appears to be very young toddler, but when she's with other yoSDs at meets, she seems school age
      13. *Pharaoh Ay - Soom Ender on Dikadoll body - no set age, not a roleplayed character, but I assume approximately 20-30
      14. Ben - Migidoll Ell currently on BlueBlood Doll body, but I want to change it to Senior Delf Type 2 eventually - 19
      15. Luc - 5Star Doll Bright currently on Only Doll body but I want to change it to Senior Delf type 3 eventually - 18

      As you can see, the majority of my crew ranges from 16-19, with a few exceptions. I think the faceup can make a huge difference. For example, I got Parker's SD head when he was barely 12, and I had a very light faceup with thin blond eyebrows at the time. He also had large bright blue eyes. Now he's 15, and he has a much darker faceup, thicker brows, smaller irises and he looks older.

      *Piper is 41cm, Derby is 26cm, Pharaoh Ay is 73cm. These dolls are not included in the main story line with the rest of the group, so their scale doesn't matter.
    13. I realized i just have teenagers and Kids

      Killari: 18 (LLT blue magpie / bambycrony)

      Evan: 16 (DnD king lucian)

      Isabella: 14 (volks mami sd10)

      Emily: 17? (Volks Ddh09)

      Camila: 7 (momocolor tasha)

      Elina: 5 (doll love yo yo)

      Nicolas: 4 (ringdoll bobo)
    14. Okay, these are mine + their age (please note that some are fantasy dolls), all execpt Emilia are SDs:

      young Tony Stark: 28 (Iplehouse SID Lee)

      Steve Rogers: 70 (looks like 30) (Impldoll Idol Tony)

      Bart Clinton/Hawkeye: 32 (hybrid - head Dollzone Cosmo, body Impldoll Idol)

      Natasha Romanov/Black Widow: 26 (hybrid - head Iplehouse Carina, body Magical Angel)

      Thor: ageless (looks like 29) (Impldoll Idol bearded Marcus)

      Loki: ageless (looks like 35) (hybrid - head Leekeworld Lionel, body 5Stardoll)

      T'Gai Spock: 150 (looks like 24) (Impldoll Idol Mzzen)

      Raphael: ageless (looks like 40) (Impldoll Idol Nicolas)

      Emilia: 11 (5Stardoll Tongtong)
    15. Puki puki Sugar and Piki (twins) - 6 years old (11.2cm)
      Latidoll yellow Ruki - 10 years old and Coco - 8 years old (16cm)
      Soom teenies: Beyla & R.Beyla (twins), Happy and Harucasting Adoris - 11- 12 years old (28cm)
      Soom Metato - 32 years old (31.5cm) he's like a mini SD, doesn't have childlike features
      KID Milly - 13 years old (35cm)
      DOD Zen (MSD) - 14 years old
      DOD Twin-B (MSD) - 17 years old
      Soom Serin (MSD) - 16 years old
      Volks Mina (MSD) - 16 years old
      CP Chiwoo (SD) - 21 years old
      Rosettadoll Zio (SD13) - 24 years old
      Switch Soseo (SD17) - 32 years old

      They are all human so their ages must match their faces.
    16. Oh, interesting!
      I suppose my littlefees are about 5-7 years, but with SD dolls they probably should be 3-4 years...
    17. Ah, for now... My bigger dolls, they're in their early 30.
      The minis however, they're in junior high.
      The tinies, nah... they're in kindergarten.

      <3 <3 <3
    18. My current dolls are as follows:

      *Johnny is an Angel of Dream Tao Hua Dao (MSD). He's 16.
      *Alistair is a Dream of Doll elf Kirill (MSD). He is 17, though he could easily be a year older or younger.
      *Chloe is a Bobobie March (YoSD). She looks young, but being a leprechaun she could easily be 500 years old...or more...or even less!
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    19. I have not decided all the ages of my dolls yet, it's not relevant to the story at all, but they are all over 100 years old and supernatural beings. I don't really pay attention on the age companies give to the dolls, I just do what I want and most of my dolls are 1/4.

      My younger character is Milo -Aiden5 from 5SD (1/8- 28cm) he's a teenager around 180 years old. All the other dolls are adults including my Luts Mytyl (1/6- 15cm) and Doll Chateau Beatrice (1/8- 27cm ) their species just happen to have a small height. 1/4 is the standard size for my story and the ones that will be 1/3 are all deities and because of that have a bigger size difference from others.
    20. My dolls are aged to fit the characters they represent.

      Dollzone Mo-2 (Raleigh): 18
      Obitsu 48cm (Andy): 21
      Magical Angel Kelly (Aldric): 26
      Dollzone Virgil (Raico): This one is harder to place an age for as he is not human, but looks it. He is a genetically engineered hybrid of multiple species so is technically only 8 years old, but has the body of a 27 year old adult man.