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how old are your minis?

Apr 19, 2006

    1. in the short time i've been in this hobby, i've seen a lot of variety in the given "age" of MSD-sized dolls. some people see them as teenagers, some as miniature adults. a lot of people seem to see them as children- in one community, virtually every doll was supposed to be exactly 14 years old! my Isazu is 14, his brother Akemi 17, which has nothing to do with size- Akemi could have been a Soom Romantic Dimo and he'd still be 17 years old :)

      so i was wondering... how old are your dolls (if they have any age at all?)
    2. I think Roo is 16 XD It's an arbitrary age... I think it might have actually come up during the FCS process, but I can't remember :'D

      I won't know for sure until he gets here and I see how old his faceup makes him look, but I'm pretty sure he's 16-17. I originally wanted him to be 20+, but decided that wasn't possible with my want for a mini... and Roo's personality XD He works best as a mid-teen.
    3. ................
    4. I think of my current minis as being in the 8-10 yr range, as they are 'child' style bodies (volks MSD type), and my petite ai as 4-6(ish) But when/if I get more mature-shaped minis (as I hope to) thier age/style will be appropriate to their level of apparent development, though maybe on the youngish side (late teens early 20's)
    5. Reila is 18 now. @.@
    6. I think it depends on the sculpt, in many cases. Traditional MSD sized bodies have been more childlike, like the Volks MSD and Kid Delf, etc. But Unoa, Narindolls, and some other new "mature" minis have a slimmer body type and more mature shape to them.

      Also, if someone has some 60cm dolls and then they get a mini, if they want their dolls to be within the same character continuity, the height difference seems off unless they are supposed to be younger.

      I am getting a 43cm Narae, and I've never thought s[ecifically of how old I want her to be, though she is supposed to be mature and not a child. Probably late teens/early 20s?
    7. Tai (angel region Halloweird) is 18.... We poke fun at her for being really flat but really it suits her looking so athletic and not so curvy :3

      Farren (soulkid tiffie) is 16 soon to be 17... and he's got a great mature body for a mini :3

      Dante (DoD tentoo) is 567 ^.^;;;; I'm not very plesed wiht his body and how it looks... I'm going to perhaps invest in an ismy body or a minifee when they release just the bodies <3
    8. I'm not too sure about my girl =/ I thought she was around 12, which is what I put in her database info, but she seems older or younger depending on lots of things, so I'm not sure. I think maybe she's ageless XD
    9. Dawn is 17 (often acting like 13), and we are not sure how old Dahlia really is - most likely late teens or early twens. Older than Dawn, in any case, even though Dawn has by far the more mature body.
    10. my ren girl is 12ish but i was thinking about getting a latidoll girl body for her to mature her a little bit if the resin would match and the head would fit on there....i will have to wait and see how well it would work out.
    11. Mi (DoC U) is 17, but, I can see him as older with a different wig, maybe a bit of facial hair.
      Quinn (Ttori) is 15 but he looks really young for his age (he looks around 13).
    12. I've chosen MSD-sized dolls for characters with a huge range of ages, from pre-teen to late thirties. Seichi (OrientDoll Tae) and a Dollzone Xi are going to be the two oldest of the minis, at thirty-four and fifty-seven respectively (Seichi is human - the Xi is half-dragon and thus look a bit younger than nearly sixty). On the other hand, Takara (Blue Fairy Niky) and Verity (Blue Fairy Xiao) are going to be the youngest at eight and twelve.

      Most of them fall into the mid range of fourteen to twenty-one, though. There's only an exceptional few sculpts - some of the Mini Fee, OrientDoll Tae, maybe one or two others - that look older than that, and a handful - Some of the Blue Fairies, some of the Dollmore Kids, most of the CP Kids - that look younger. And there's a lot that can be done with the right face up and wig.
    13. one of my minis is fifteen, the other is nineteen - which makes him older than some of my big dolls! He's a DoC, and I think they have quite a mature sculpt.
    14. Edit: I no longer own MSDs. While at first I found SDs to be too big, now I consider MSDs too small! X3
    15. the Oldest? Over 4000 >_>; silly summerian(Azrael). Looks though the oldest looks wise 23 (Sieben- a Jade) or so, the youngest 15ish (Egil- a Dana).

      And yay for other MatureMinis *waves flag* Still say we need an icon for mature minis. ^_^;
    16. Chloe (MSD Nasia) is 8, she's just a kitten. Shiva (MSD Hewitt) is in his mid-20's, but, being half demon, appears to be about 12.

      It bugged me at first that the two were the same size and one was so much younger looking than the other, but since Chloe is a catgirl I just figure that her aging process is different than a human's. But any other minis I get will have to be around the 10-13 age range, I think, given all my other dolls' ages.
    17. I thought Nina was 11 when I was waiting for her. But when she arrived I found out she's just 7 years old. ^^
    18. Annabelle is 19, one reason I like the Aidan head sculpt is because of how mature she looks (and with a boob job, the body now looks mature too :lol: )

      Nae is 21, and maybe she looks a bit younger, but she's a silly character, so it works I think :)
    19. Yori is 9
      not because of his msd sized body, but because i don't want him to have already come with a past and a gone childhood
    20. Urf, &#201;mile is maybe 9-10? I'm no good at gauging kid's ages, but he's pretty young still.