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How old can Delf El // Shiwoo // Yder Look?

Nov 10, 2006

    1. ONe of my characters, Emiru always seems to have to get his way, and is basically spoiled by those around him. He also dresses lolita a lot for some reason.

      The thing is he's only 13, would have been turning 14 if his master hadn't made him a vampire so I'm sorta curious as to what doll would look best.. I know the bodies wont match very well age wise but eventually I"ll probably get a modded girl body.

      Anyway. Any suggestions? =/
    2. Have you considered a Soo boy? Any of them really could work, with just a little sanding of the neck hole. If you want a mischevious type look, just have them do 'down' or 'angry' eyebrows. The young boy look would probably work well...
      Just FYI though, the bodies do NOT look age 13. They look like older teens, really the bodies themselves from CP aren't very suitable for the age you want.
    3. Eventually I"ll probably get a girl body modded @.@;
    4. I've never seen an El that looked that young, really... They can do late-teens and early-twenties pretty well, but they just don't have "kid" faces. Chiwoo is a better sculpt for that look. Yder, Shiwoo and Harang can do it too, with the right face-up.
    5. I think El would be too old for 13 or 14, but the others could pull it off. Chiwoo or Shiwoo are brattier looking than Yder is... Yder to me always looks like he's going to cry. X3
    6. So he would look like a girl without breast instead*_*?
      How about you get a Volks SD10 boy body, they look most definitely like they are about 13 or 14.

    7. Maybe~ Would NS CP resin match?
    8. Brightfires and Batchix: Seasons Final Colours actually already owns a Chiwoo, its in their signature;)

    9. With the right face-up it can be made to work:)

    10. Maybe.. I'm not sure. Everyone says looks too old, maybe shiwoo?
    11. Honestly I think the CP boys look atleast 16, with Chiwoo looking the youngest. Maybe it would be best to go with another company perhaps?

    12. can't even think of any other company that'd work.. I've only had CP dolls and part of me doesn't want to change companies.
    13. I know that, Cherry. It doesn't change the fact that an El looks older than 14 and a Chiwoo with the right sort of face-up (Which her existing doll may or may not have. I've never seen it.) can.
    14. Aww ;_; Brightfires never seen my Chiwoo-baby?! -cries-

      How old would you say El looks at LEAST?
    15. El? at least? uhm...17. (Ehh, mine's aged at 18.)

      Shiwoo's good at looking cute and young. My Shiwoo Jay keeps getting older and older in his story (drawn-out version..) but he first started as a 14 year old orphan. :3 He still looks pretty darn young, though, i think. here's a recent shot..

      your best bet though would probably be to stick with modding a CP girl. I don't mean just using a girl body, but using a girl head. Like one of Soo's many versions..dark elf, angel elf..someone with larger eyes..maybe try and get ahold of a Juri, and open the eyes more..? (my Juri's a boy..sortof. he doesn't have a body, yet. originally he was a girl-to-boy mod, but his story's changed enough that i can get away with not modding the girl body..>D *cough* anyway, the point was that Juris make cute boys..!)
    16. I may have seen him, because I do browse a lot of Gallery threads... but I don't remember him. :(

      Anyway, with a really sweet, really innocent face-up and eyes with larger pupils an El could look 17 or 18, I'd say. I don't think he'd look much younger than that, though. His face sculpt is just too grown up to really be a kid.
    17. chiwoos are definately the 'youngest' of all the CP boy molds, in that kind of pouty babyfaced girly preteen boy sort of way its the chipmunk cheeks
      out of the other boys
      shiwoo is probibly the next youngest ( can range through most of the teens ), El is about late teens-20's
      and yder can seriously go either way, though his mold is more of an extreamly feminine guy
      with the right faceup ( and wig, dont discount the wig, that can do ALOT ) yder can turn into a 13 year old girl or a 20somthing bishounen, and pretty much everything inbettween
      the only thing yder CANT do is masculine
      i mean, you just cant

      since im a shameless yder fangirl
      gowithhim ;_; there needs to be more yders <3333
    18. I think Shiwoo is great for 13-14 years old, and also great for brats, and would look great dressed Lolita.
    19. Shiwoo usually looks a little bit older than that to me... My own Harumatsu has one of those very sweet, very boyish kind of face-ups, for instance, but he still looks somewhere in the 16 to 18 range, depending on the angle I photograph him from, his eye position and the style of the wig he's got on. (He and Tien Jen are supposed to be 18, but he tends to look a bit younger than that, while Jen looks a bit older. 0_o)

      A Harang can do 14 and bratty, I think. That's about the age the one on Luts site looks to me... Though my own guys look older than that, they don't have the sweeter default face-ups and they're wearing 16mm eyes instead of 18mm. EYes can make a world of difference.
    20. I agree that El would be a bit too mature looking to pass off as 13-14. The very youngest I could see one being would be 16.

      Shiwoo is the youngest looking of the CP sculpts to me. He is meant to be the younger brother anyway. ^^ Those old pics of him they had on the site made him look about 12. XD

      But if I were looking to make a very young looking boy, I'd go with the Soo boy. I had one for a short while, (Soo special) and she makes a really cute, and young looking boy. ^^