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How old were you when you got into the doll hobby?

Jul 23, 2018

    1. Hey I was wondering everyone's ages as to which they got into bjd's and when they brought their first I'm 20 I got into this at 18 started customising other dolls before I found bjd's but I'm still struggling to find a job so I can't really save to get the dolls I want just yet hopefully soon I can finally get my characters alive!
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    2. My interest in dolls started at the ripe age of 14. :) I was a freshman/sophomore in highschool when we learned about the dolls. I didn't get my first till I was 18 due to funds and what not, but lived through my high school friend who had 3 at that time.

      Hopefully you can start saving soon!

      Edit: I'm 28 now!
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    3. I discovered Volks' Shirou Tachibana in late 2003, he was the reason why I searched for BJD, so I was 22 at the time I discovered BJD. I didn't get my first doll until late 2004, so I was already 23 and didn't actually get a resin one as my first. My first resin boy came to me as a Christmas present in 2005, so I was already 24 by then. I was still in college during all of this and living by myself, so it was a pain in the gut (due to lack of finances). (:
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    4. I think I first saw a BJD when I was about 20, but it took me some more years to really discover the hobby for me. So, at the end I was around 26. But I earn my own money and I am so happy to spend it on what I like XD
    5. I was 52 or 53? I'm so old I can't remember.
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    6. Hello, old memeber here. I was 17, bought my first doll in highschool...and im 31 now.
    7. 15-16 when I discovered them, and my first arrived a week after my 18th birthday.
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    8. I first fell in love with BJDs when I was 17, because my best friend owned a Resinsoul Mei. I was pretty inspired by her, and saved up Christmas money and whatnot to buy my first doll a year or two later! I'm 24 now, so it's been....seven years of dolls, holy toledo! :sweat
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    9. I discovered BJDs right at the beginning of this year, at... 13! And after ages of research and saving up, I'm going to buy one this month ^^
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    10. I think I was... 21 or 22? :O I don't know exactly, I have a few bjd pictures saved on my hard drive from 2012, but I'm pretty sure that at that point I'd already been aware of the existence of bjds for about a year or two already. Either way, I got my first bjd only much later, when I was 27 :)
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    11. I entered the hobby on Memorial Day 2010, when I brought a Ringdoll Rebecca home directly from an actual brick and mortar store. I'm 31 now. The store is no longer in existence (it may have moved to Tampa, but it's definitely no longer within a reasonable distance). I also just now heard that Ringdoll is discontinuing Rebecca...
    12. I knew about the hobby through toy collecting and playing the Nameless dating sim at about 16 years, but after looking at the price tags I told myself I’d never join the hobby, I’d just appreciate it from afar.
      Fast forward a year later and I got my first doll in December 2017 for Christmas. This year I’m eighteen with four dolls. ^^; I’ve been working all of this and last summer for the funds, thankfully University isn’t a problem to pay for with the help of scholarships.
      I hope you’ll be able to get your first doll soon!
    13. I was 65! I was knitting a doll for a new grandson and was researching how to make the toys knees and elbows move when I saw the smiling face of a fairyland real puki!! I bought the first one mostly just to see how they worked. I'm only in my 2nd year of dolls, but I gave myself a dolly dispensation the first year and bought a room full of dolls and now am knitting for them instead of the grandchildren--
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    14. 49, almost 61 now.
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    15. I was 23 when I got into BJDs.... and I'm 36 now (gosh, time really flies by fast!!) -__-
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    16. Well, I'm 21 right now. But by the time my first doll arrives, I will be 22. Happy Birthday to me!
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    17. I think I was around 14 when I was first introduced to dolls. I discovered them when searching for something to draw for my art class. I purchased my first doll about a year later, and funny enough, I think the doll I have now and the one I referenced back then look very similar lol. I'm 18 now and just recently got back into the hobby.
    18. I think I was about 13 when I started liking dolls -- I had to window-shop on my Mom's computer because I didn't have my own lol. My mom discouraged me from getting any because they were too expensive (we didn't have much money) but that actually was a good thing because I hadn't realized I'd been looking at recasts.

      Because I couldn't have one I kind of forgot about BJDs... But when I rediscovered them I had my own money and could start purchasing right away! I got my first dolls a year ago, when I was 21.
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    19. I think I first discovered BJDs and wanted one when I was around 19 or 20, but I was still in school, only working part time and there was no way I could reasonably afford one, and asking for one as a gift was completely out of the question. I ended up finally being able to get my first doll when I was 25. :)
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    20. I was first introduced to bjd at a local anime convention back when i was....15? One of the people in line by me and my friends had one.
      I was really interested, so i then researched a whole bunch and at the time narrowed don my choices to a blue fairy olive and louis, but i had no money so that never came to fruition.
      Fast forward to last year, i'm 24 and have a full time job and remembered, "hey, what about those dolls i always wanted to buy? I could probably do that now."
      (I didn't end up getting the blue fairys though, because my aesthetic has changed somewhat. although i still think they're really cute!)
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