How open are you with your BJD as a hobby?

Sep 18, 2017

    1. I am quite secretive about my hobby, cause I think people won't understand it or find it weird (also I am quite scared about getting sexist comments haha)
    2. I don't see my hobby as any kind of problem.
      Some of my friends think of BJDs as kinda creepy but it's allright. I also don't like some of the things they do, like, collect, look at or listen to, so they're free to dislike one of my hobbies.

      Even though I just started out, when I ordered my first doll, I told quite some people that I'll get one of those "amazing customizable dolls" soon and proudly showed photos around. Some didn't understand what this was all about or why it was special but when I'm hyped about something I want to tell the world about it!

      Even the followers of my art-facebook-page know about the new hobby because I posted the doll as soon as I got her, so why shouldn't I also share this cool new interest with friends and family, too?^^

      When I told my parents during our latest phonecall, my mother just was like "Oh, the faces are blank and you can draw on them? I need to see yours when you're done!" and I'll definitely send her a photo or even bring the doll with me the next time my fiancé and I are visiting for dinner or something xD
    3. I don't talk about it much. In fact when I decided to start sharing my dolls on instagram I was horrified to realize I'd forgotten family followed me from when it had been enamel pins and cats. Thankfully they've been supportive or quietly unfollowed it.
      I know most of my friends found them creepy, so I keep them in my room, and mostly share them online.
      I'm ok with it. My mother and mother in law love to see what I do with them. And one of my moms friends, lol. If I want feedback or am really proud of something I'll share it with them.
    4. I don't actively talk about my BJD unless I'm asked about it. If I'm asked about my hobbies, I might bring it up depending on how I think the person I'm talking to will react. So, if I'm having a conversation about hobbies and/or interests with some one and they seem open to different interests, then I might mention it. Or if I know the person is interested in the arts, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. I'm more likely to bring it up if I think it might be a hobby they could be interested in themselves.
    5. I won't put BJD under the hobby column in my resume or introduce myself as a doll collector to a stranger that's for sure. But I don't mind posting lots of photos on social media where my family and friends follow me.
    6. I'm almost obnoxiously open about my dolls lmao. They're lowkey a special interest so if some one is willing to listen I Cannot and Will not shut up about them
    7. I haven’t shared that I purchased my first doll for fear of judgment. They are very expensive; however, my purchase makes me happy. It wasn’t an impulse purchase.
    8. My family only knows a very very tiny part of collection and little of the hobby. I get judged by them enough as it is lol so i don't need to add more to it. Maybe one day I'll get a nice glass case for them all then the family will have to deal with my entire collection of dolls staring at them when have dinner here :P
    9. I'm open enough. I don't necessarily shove it into everyone's faces but I definitely don't go out of my way to hide it. I'm too old to be ashamed of things that make me happy ;)
    10. I take the smaller version of Chaeri to work with me. She sits on my desk all day and watches me. I work in a call center with very understanding bosses who know I'm weird anyway. XD
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    11. I think I’m a bit in the closet for this hobby! I’m more reserved about my things. Is not that I get ashamed, the opposite I’m very proud of my artistic dolls. I’m pretty sure not anyone could afford the money and time I dedicated to my dolls! I just feel uncomfortable with people or their ugly opinions so I keep it for myself. Only a few friends and family knows. :hamster:
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    12. I am typically really happy to share with people. But the last time I did share with a male co worker I felt so awful I low key wanted to throw them all in the dumpster. He just made me feel so crappy about something that brought me joy. He was such a narrow minded jerk about them. So I ignore him now as much as possible.
      And the dolls aren't going anywhere.
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    13. It's no secret, people usually know I colect dolls and action figures, but I'm tolking about them just to these who are interested. These who aren't creative or collectors themselves are usually bored by these things.
    14. I'm generally a very shy and reserved person, so I probably wont mention it unless someone specifically asks. But of they do ask, I'll tell them, it's not like it's a secret or anything :)
    15. This hobby will probably be kept the same way that my anime figure collection hobby is kept.
      Meaning, I won't put it out in the open, only close friends of mine will know about it.
      The only exception is when I find people who are into the hobby as well.
      As of right now, I have only shared with a group of online friends that I started this hobby,
      everyone I know in real life has no idea that I purchased a BJD.
      This is not because I'm embarrassed or anything like that, but I simply feel that it is not necessary for everyone in my life to know, only the important ones get to know...
    16. I'm pretty open with it tbh. Most of the stuff I'm really committed to right now is customizing dolls so I like to keep my friends and partner up to speed with what I'm doin
    17. I keep it secret completely. Once I told a friend at work that I'm into anime and he thought I was just joking... Don't want to think about reactions I would get for talking about dolls. However if close friends visited my home I wouldn't hide it from them.
    18. I had reservations about buying my first doll because I've never been a "girly" individual and while my interest lay in seeing my characters in some sort of physical form, I knew other people would see a "doll" and make the obvious feminine associations. I told myself it didn't matter because he would just be staying in my bedroom, and no one had to even know he was there unless I told them. Little did I know that my mother was going to be so enamored by the idea that she was going to tell EVERYONE we knew (and some people we didn't even really), despite my asking her repeatedly not to. :doh Parents.
    19. Sadly, I do hide my doll from almost everyone. Very few people irl know that I own him. I'm not ashamed of the hobby in any way, but I've gotten enough negative and rude reactions that I just avoid showing anyone anymore.

      I'm open about it with my mother, who is the only other person I've met who actually likes my doll. I'm also relatively open with my partner, but he's completely uninterested.
    20. I work with behaviourally complicated kids as a behaviour support and I also work as an art teacher. I'm pretty open about my dolls because I find them to be a really useful therapeutic tool for my behavioural kids, and really good models for my art kids.
      And my coworkers have always been pretty respectful of them.
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