How open are you with your BJD as a hobby?

Sep 18, 2017

    1. I'm a pretty open person in general about everything...but for some reason I'm rather quiet about my new BJD hobby. It makes me happier than a lot of things though so I'm not sure why I feel that way. Maybe because I'm new to it. I get shy when my partner sees me doing stuff doll-related even though he's nothing but supportive!

      I think once I have more pictures and projects I'm proud of, I will be ready to flaunt it.
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    2. I'm pretty private about this hobby-- Only my boyfriend, my mom, and my friends who I already knew of in the hobby really know. But then, I tend not to talk about my hobbies until they're entrenched in my life, because I get pretty flighty sometimes, and it's awkward to talk someone's ear off about a hobby and then be over it two weeks later.
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    3. I'm mostly just starting out in the hobby in earnest and have been incredibly excited about getting my first doll and putting my second on layaway, so I've been telling everyone who will listen. :XD: My coworkers and friends have been really supportive, they don't really get it and some of them find the dolls creepy but they ask me how my doll is doing, if I've finished sewing his clothes and got excited for me when he arrived and I ordered my second. It's been pretty great and I'm really lucky to have people in my life that are just happy for me.
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    4. I've been pretty open! My dad enjoys seeing my dolls! he's even taken pictures of them with his phone lol, my mom likes the clothing aspect and has offered to help making doll clothes with me. I have a friend irl who isn't too much into the things i like, but even she finds them really cool!
    5. A lot of people have very visceral reactions regarding dolls so I am fairly private about it. Plus, to be honest, I come off as a very professional and relatively 'normal' person offline so I prefer it that way... I am a bit hesitant reveal that I'm actually a BJD collector along with being a furry artist and having a multitude of other strange hobbies. :lol:

      It's easier to just keep it to myself than it is to explain it to people or deal with people ranting about creepy dolls.
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    6. I'm open about all my hobbies. I love to create things so if someone asks what i making I'll say doll clothes. I find people are more curious than anything. Also it's not the weirdest hobby I have had so people that know me aren't surprised.
    7. I am open about it. All my friends know and I include them in college projects, so my teachers know to.
      I feel like as long I act normal about it and happy, people copy the mood and just be ok with it.
      In high school I was more closed and awkward about my interests so people were also more judgemental.
    8. closed about it. However open online. Just not with people that come into my home, prefer to keep them private. However my mother has seen a few and was in awe of the high end clothing from some of the Japanese dressmakers. She's a sewer herself and couldn't wrap her head around the work involved! She knew better than to ask the cost too ;) :cake:
    9. It depends really who I am talking to.
      Some people will never hear about it , and with others I'm ok to share.
    10. Almost never before. Only my family members know about my hobby (just because it is hard to hide from households) and a couple of good friends. But even in this case, I had to deal with sidelong glances. This is very disappointing :atremblin
      Although now I try to pay less attention to the opinions of other people and more to my desires :3nodding:
    11. I'm also very open about my hobbies and so I even talk sometimes with totally new contacts directly about my doll hobby. I think there is nothing wrong or bad about that :)
    12. I'm very open. I keep my dolls and doll projects around the house. If people say they are scared of dolls, I'll put them away but otherwise it's too bad so sad XD
    13. I'm very introverted, but generally speaking, some of my friends/family know, and some don't. I don't hide them from people, but unless someone talks about it I probably won't bring it up. I also have a collection of fake animal skeletons/fossils, so the dolls are not the weirdest thing in my room by far.
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    14. All my friends, family, and associates are aware that I collect bjds. If they don't like it they voice their opinions and I keep the rest in check.
    15. I try to be open about it, but sometimes I get embarrassed. When I get a new doll or finish a new faceup I like to show everyone photos on social media or on my phone during small talk conversations. But the other week a coworker asked me what I did all weekend and I was too shy to say I just played with dolls for two days straight :sweat
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    16. I’m pretty open about it. Yes I totally gush about my 4 angels like a middle school girl talks about her crush. But only if I’ve known them for a long while.
    17. I don't talk about my dolls specially but I don't hide them. Just some people can accept my hobby some not. So I don't show dolls to last ones.
    18. Semi-open!! I like to be fairly frank with my immediate family about the things I’m currently taking interest in, and I think my younger bro is actually the only person who’s known that I’ve been interested in BJDs for years (mostly because younger-he protested very loudly about the idea of bringing such a Very Large and Realistic Doll into the house haha!). My parents are generally supportive of whatever makes me happy, though they’re more than a little baffled by such high price tags on dolls of all things. *_*

      For others, I’m a bit more close-lipped about being in the BJD hobby. My poor roommates had to suffer through the sight of me wrangling a naked, bald doll for dressing, sueding, etc. and have openly told me that I’ve shot up the “scale of weird” in our apartment as a result (my roomies are a small handful of pretty odd personalities, of which they’d placed me on the more normal end....until now, heheh). I don’t mind really! I’ve always been weird.... it’s just taken a while for that to reveal itself to them... ;) For strangers, coworkers and extended family, though, I think I’d either only mention the topic if somehow it manages to come up or just not mention it at all. But somehow I do get the feeling I won’t have to. My parents have been telling everyone in the family about my doll already!! :sweat
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    19. i am fairly open about it but i feel like i have to explain it more and tell people its not just about the collecting but the customazation options
    20. I’m open about it with my husband and he’s super supportive (if not an outright enabler), but I haven’t told anyone else. I’m afraid of being judged as it is an expensive hobby, I know my family won’t understand and my best friend has a phobia of dolls. So it’s just my hubby and all of you haha!