How open are you with your BJD as a hobby?

Sep 18, 2017

    1. I get to talkie about it but mostly I try to shy away from it. I'm just afraid of being made fun of. Even on doa I don't usually talk about them. I think I lost interest for now. But hopeful I can gain it back.
    2. I'm very careful about who I'm talking to. Most people I know can't tell and don't want to learn the difference between dolls for children and BJDs, the collectible dolls. So, they think all dolls are for kids, and if you like dolls, you're not a mature person despite how old you are. This is sad but true.
    3. I definitely talk about it with my friends, none of which are in the hobby. I do not tend to talk about it at work or post about it in social media since I know there are some people that have a fear of dolls
    4. I am not open with others at work or school about the hobby. In my experience, people who are into anime, manga, lolita, etc. understand how bjd's are for me. However, I would never tell others in my graduate program about my hobby.

      The people who pet-sit for us, family members, or anyone else who comes to the home are welcome to look at them if they enter my sewing room.
    5. Hmmm. I’ve always been really open to my family about collecting dolls! I’ve been a reborn collector for about 5 years and recently stopped to pursue my bjd collection! I’ve loved dolls since a young age, I’m 17 now! I am a collector mostly, I don’t “play” with them. My closest friends are in the doll community, I do have one Irl friend that has known about my dolls since we were in middle school! But other than that I’m pretty closed off to new people. I won’t shout out to everyone I collect dolls but if they ask what I’m interested in I might tell them, but my family does know and my friends!
    6. I keep it pretty quiet to be honest, but as a male in the hobby it's easy for me to understand and accept as I'm pretty open minded, but I can't imagine sharing with many people other than - my other half as she's the one who got me into it;she had always wanted one, I was open minded and thought why not - and my best friend who thinks I use them as props for photography :sweat but I have made a few good friends in this hobby already! I doubt it will make me open up more but there we go
    7. I’m a Registered Nurse, and I have completely kept the BJD hobby a secret from my coworkers. When you work in a hospital, your credibility can be undermined by any little thing. I feel like if I were outed as a crazy doll lady I just won’t be taken as seriously. It’s quite sad, as The BJD hobby is my biggest joy and I feel like I can’t be close to my coworkers hiding that big of a secret. They know I like to sew but I can’t tell or show them the intricate doll dresses I make. When they ask me what I sew I make up vague lies.
    8. I work as a Patient Transport Attendant on the ambulances, its bad enough for me at my level never mind a nurse :/ at least you have people in the hobby to talk to :) can always DM if you want to chat :)
    9. A couple coworkers and classmates know. My friends know, parents and spouse of course know. One could never guess by visiting our home though. I don't keep anything bjd related out, mostly because I try to keep the stuff in mint condition. I have a large antique cabinet in our bedroom that has removable velvet curtains in front of the door glasses so that you cannot see inside. It can be locked. It looks like a big wardrobe, and nobody has ever guessed I have dolls inside. Sometimes people have wondered if I keep something forbidden from kids there, as it is a large display safe across the bed and the glasses are blocked. Then I usually tell about the dolls.

      On my workplace one of my bosses know, as I told him during a lunch hour when we were alone in the kitchen. I never told him how much they cost though, so he wouldn't decline when I ask for higher salary again. I'm scared he'd think I just use my money in nonsense. Let him think it is just about in the Barbie price range.
    10. My coworkers all know - I’m open about much weirder stuff, if I think people will be receptive. I talk about it a lot with my friends, too, but I try to be sensitive about the money aspect. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with the idea of spending 200$ or more on a doll, and I don’t want to upset them by reminding them that I have the money to do so. <_<
    11. I'm actually pretty open with it if someone asks me what I do as a hobby. It definitely helped that a lot of my close friends fell into the hobby at the same time I did, but for those who aren't into such unique hobbies as this, I usually take it as a chance to expand their horizons :lol: I wouldn't hesitate to tell them that I collect dolls and if they're curious, I would even start showing them my instagram account and why I love the hobby so much :XD:

      I've been met with a few weird looks, but they usually get it and only have nice things to say after I go into detail about how much work goes into and the number of skills one needs to develop in this hobby for it to be so satisfying for someone like me...
    12. It's not the only thing I talk about but I do mention it to people if I think they won't be dumb about it. Most of my coworkers and friends have their own nerd thing so they couldn't judge me for mine. And my family knows I have unusual interests but they like me anyway. I've had to accept the fact that they are kinda terrifying to the uninitiated, but, but that's part of the appeal.
    13. I'm no good at keeping secrets or hiding my interests. So I've already told my friends and some of my coworkers about it. I spent my entire teenage years and young adulthood being scared to voice my interests, it's something I refuse to do now that I'm older. And I've found that no matter how "weird" your interest, if you talk about it like it's totally normal and no big deal, people will just roll with it.
    14. My parents and friends know about it, but not my extended family (my interests don't come up much when talking with them). I'm not sure how ready I'd be to tell strangers, but because a lot of my friends are artists like I am they understand the appeal.
    15. I am an avid doll collector (not just BJDs) and I belong to a couple of doll clubs. Dolls are so much a part of my life that folks who know me, know this is what I do.
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    16. My friends back home mostly know that I collect BJDs, especially since I used to carry one around with me all the time. :XD:

      But nowadays, since I moved to a different state, I only bring my Crew out when there's a BJD meetup, or I'm doing a long-distance car trip alone. Bringing resin along gives me someone to talk to so i don't feel so alone. :3nodding: If my anime club ever does a "what anime-related hobby do you participate in?" I would bring a doll with me as a kind of show-and-tell.

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    17. I honestly try to hide it from ppl I know, they might think its weird especially if I brought up the prices of them. It would be nice to have a friend in the hobby who understands though
    18. I have all kinds of dolls in my collections. Everyone knows I love dolls. It's fun!
    19. I had a guy give me shit about the costs of dolls, right after he talked about how he spent a boatload of money to upgrade his internet/computer/misc. to become a Youtube Star to make money. I kept from laughing at him by sheer will. At least I get my dolls because I like them, nt because I think I'll make millions off of them.
    20. I tell anyone and everyone that ever inquires about my interests, or even asks what I’ve been up to lately, including strangers. lol. And they’re all over all of my social media. I have zero shame and have never felt the need to hide them or purposefully not talk about them. I know most people are not like that, though, and respect everyone’s privacy decisions when it comes to dolls.