How open are you with your BJD as a hobby?

Sep 18, 2017

    1. I've collected dolls all my life, so I'm neither secretive nor loud about it. At work/school I have drawn out a few students out be mentioning my doll collecting, since they have a BJD. They'll ask me if I've heard of them, and I'll tell them I own one. Instant conversation.
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    2. I am pretty open about it, I think! it depends if the person is asking about my hobbies-- if they do, I usually will mention BJD as a hobby I'm interested in! If it's another hobbyist, sure! If it's someone who isn't into BJDs, then they would learn something new, so it's okay! If a person were to go in my room, they'd see my dolls, anyway, so it's not really a big deal. : - )

      but I can totally understand why someone would be a little more reserved about showing their BJD hobby. I've been told by older people, "Aren't you a bit old to be playing with dolls?", but that's because they don't understand the hobby and what it really is. they don't understand the artistry behind it, because they're just used to the conventional idea of dolls society makes, etc.

      Also some people can be judgemental about many things. So when you're worried someone is going to judge you, you might keep it to yourself, just because you're worried or anxious about it (and anxiety is a feeling I experience often). So I understand why people would not want to mention their BJD hobby. But on the flip side I've been trying to be super open about my hobby because there's nothing wrong with loving dolls. : - ) also I'm super intrigued and interested in making dolls, too, and the process of sculpting a doll, so I think that's cool and also a good reason to share the hobby with people! Because man, that's a lot of hard work there! I mean, if you watch videos of people sculpting BJDs, you can see how much time and effort they put into making the finished doll look good! I really admire that. (honestly I wish I was better at sculpting, so I can make a doll someday, but that's a whole different topic in itself) : - D

      But yea, the point is: it boils down to, does the person I'm talking to know much about dolls? Regardless yes or no, do I feel comfortable telling them about my interest in dolls? Sometimes it really depends on how well I know the person and how I feel about them, too. If it's just posting pictures of my BJDs on the internet, that's another thing! It's somewhat different if you're talking to someone about your interests, I guess. At some point or another people are going to know I like BJDs. and that's fine with me! : - )
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    3. I agree with this 100%!! : - D
      I have lots of different hobbies, ranging in very different areas too! and I do agree it's really bad when people are bullied or insulted for their interests. It's like when people used to make fun of me (and others I knew at the time) for being into Pokemon.
      But I still like Pokemon! and who cares, right? So yea I agree with you! don't let those types of insults get you down! find people who will embrace and acknowledge your interests! (and maybe share your interest, too?) : - )
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    4. Yeah I have a handful that I’ve always left out. My friends think they’re weird or ignore them but the way I decorate is very weird. My aesthetic is heavily inspired by New Orleans so I have creepy catholic art and Victorian mirrors draped in rosary beads and Mardi Gras beads lol so my friends are like “oh. That’s just Adam.” However, since Covid I’ve accumulated a lot more and no ones been to my place so they’re out everywhere on dressers and crowding my bookshelves that if a friend WAS to come over, I’d probably put a lot away. It might be overwhelming and I think I do experience some shame around it which stems back to my youth and kids making fun of me for being a boy who plays with dolls. But I’m slooowly starting to gain some confidence around it all and getting more comfortable with this hobby of mine that I love. And I’m getting to that age where I stop caring what people think about me. So maybe in the next few years I’ll be able to come out of the closet around it all. So I totally feel you. <3
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    5. As an older man, I am not very open about it, for fear of being seen as 'creepy'. When I first started getting into the doll hobby, even other collectors thought a man collecting them was creepy, but I think it's become a much more accepting community full of collectors of all genders.
      Outside of the hobby, I will only bring it up when I have been friends with someone for a while, when they have got to know all about me and the type of person I am. Once they are cool with all sides of my personality, then they get to know all about the dolls, and they all seem to go 'that's totally you!', like of course that's the sort of thing I would be into! I joke that I find it easier to bring up the fact that I collect medical antiques than it is to say I collect dolls. The friends who I have told have all been really cool about it, because they are people who are arty, nerdy, interested in fashion etc, so they find something about the dolls that appeal to their interests.
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    6. I've been talking to everyone about it whether it be friends or coworkers :D
    7. I'm pretty open, though I don't like to show people pictures. I also sort of try not to say I "collect" dolls simply because I feel like that might sound scary to some people. But most of my friends know about my bjds to some degree.
    8. Hoooo boy, storytime! I used to be SUPER embarrassed by my hobby. I've been in this hobby since I was a high schooler, and I did an entire presentation for my speech class on the history of BJD's. I was really proud of it! People were actually interested in them and thought it was really cool how you could customize them, but the second I actually brought my doll out a lot of people bullied me and I was kind of traumatized.... Even my close friends said they're really scared of dolls and I felt really bad!!

      This bothered me so much that one day, a boy I was going on a date with saw a photo I had "liked" on Instagram of a doll and started laughing at me for it. I got so embarrassed I literally stopped talking to him, even though looking back I think he was just kidding. I know it's really stupid now but at the time I just was so freaked out someone knew about my "secret" and I didn't want him to make fun of me.

      Now, it's been 12 years... I'm a lot older and I live in a big city where people are encouraged to be themselves. BJD's are the only hobby I've ever had that actually stuck with me into adulthood, and they bring me so much joy, I finally stopped caring about who knows. I tell people up front if they ask about my hobbies, and when I was still single I would bring it up pretty quickly because I wanted my boyfriend to accept it. Now I'm dating someone who encourages my hobby! I figure everyone has a weird thing somewhere, BJD's are a pretty harmless thing and it makes me really happy ~
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    9. I don't have a BJD doll yet, but once I do get one it would be out and known to the world just like all the other things I proudly collect. Even if I'm not allowed to fully display anything, I don't shy away about it from friends and family.
    10. I think I might be a bit closeted with this hobby. Sure, my family, boyfriend, and some of my friends know, but it's not something I like to talk about much to people I don't know. Maybe it's more like a personality trait, I don't feel the need to open up about my hobbies to almost anyone.
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