How quickly did your collection grow in the beginning?

Jul 24, 2018

    1. haha i am actually in the same boat though i knew about this hobby 3 years ago and created a hypothetical doll 2 years ago (that i think will actually become one but it's on the back burner for what i'm planning to buy). i purchased my first doll secondhand like 3-4 months ago and purchased parts for another in the same month/following months. bought another doll secondhand around the same time and now i have 4 full dolls in my possession, preordered another doll (straight from the company so yay! my first doll that i'll personally own first [nothing wrong with secondhand :) ]) and planning at some point to buy one more doll (and that hypothetical doll)
      i feel like i'm done buying dolls (since i don't want to own too many, trying to keep it less than 10) but like i just went straight down the hole once i got into this :P now other than those 2 dolls i plan on buying, just concentrating on buying clothes and accessories, maybe some eyes and wigs for my dolls that don't have a defined look yet.
      but yeah it happened so very fast...guess i might have a slightly obsession-type of personality where when an interest catches my eye, it's all i focus on for a while :P cooled down a bit...but there are just so many things i could get *.* just money :P
    2. When I first started, my resin family grew pretty fast. But the only reason I was able to get into the hobby at all was because of the money my father had left me when he passed. Things have slowed down a lot since then. I actually ended up "quitting" the hobby when that money was gone because looking at all the beautiful dolls I couldn't buy anymore made me sad and frustrated. Fortunately, I found my way back and, even though I can't buy dolls very often, I've learned how to save up and be patient if I really want a certain doll.
    3. Oh man my first doll could go two ways really, I'm brand new to this hobby like only a couple months in and my first is I guess technically is an order from black box the sleeping Anubis doll, it's still being made only a month into the waiting process but the first one here with knee is a soom fosy my sister sold me

      I'm living at home still so I've had cash to burn and it shows in the fact that I have 4 dolls already Anubis, fosy, a big dipper and I've also ordered mochi from black box on layaway (i'm pulling back now though since I've got moving out plans) but I've got a crazy start to this!
    4. Quickly at first and exponentially slower for each doll I loved. I started with a second hand doll I loved than got a mix of new, old and re-released dolls.
      I think it’s more cost efficient in the long run to buy the doll(s) we absolutely love first. I know if I had done that, my collection would be different, smaller, probably a bit better. Im not unhappy with my collex but hindsight shows me more about my true preferences.
    5. Pretty slowly at first honestly, though I first got into the hobby when I was 13-14 ish. I saved up for my first doll with babysitting money, then immediately got to work collecting pocked change for my second. My second doll actually turned out to be a floating head that I won in a contest and I'm genuinely concerned at this point that I'll probably never find a body for him due to his age. My third was purchased in 2011(I think?) on layaway with Soom's FC event. After that I didn't get any new dolls until 2013. 3 at once lol. Dang sales. Since then it's been about one new doll ever 2 years or so, though I've purchased three this year!
    6. I started with 2 secondhand heads (ordered the bodies from the company) within days of each other. Then got Soomed the a month after I had them... and a month later was Soomed again... I ended up with 8 dolls ordered in the first year of doll ownership (although 2 of them didn't arrive for several months into my second year of ownership).
    7. It took about a year for my collection to go from 1 to 3.
    8. 6 dolls over a year and a half.
    9. At the beginning I was a student so I didn't have much money for dolls. I used to own around for of them for the four first years. After that I had a job and I began to buy many BJDs. Now after 11 years in the hobby I own 50 bjds.
    10. I started with two new from the company, had only those two for ten years, and then bought three more in past 6 months. The newest three were all secondhand. I'd like one more, and then I think I'll be done expanding dolls for another ten years or so. Of course, I'll still need clothes, and maybe some more furniture, and.....
    11. I got one and then he needed a boyfriend, of course. It took me a long time to find a suitable sculpt. Then when I did, it was when Ringdoll was going through a rough period and cut off communication with people and weren't updating us on our orders and such. It was 9 months before I got him. I really almost quit right there because that scared me so bad. I thought I'd been scammed. But, inevitably, another captured my heart... lol Then I got 25+ more in like a 3-year period.
    12. Well, having just gotten my first doll about two months ago, I just brought home number three. The first and third were second hand, the second was from DDE (the in-stock availability tempted me and I knew I wanted an anthro doll). I echo some of the others in saying that having the money to buy dolls is dangerous, lol.

      I am probably going to pump the breaks now for a while because buying three dolls so fast did make a dent on my bank account. I actually have a "fourth" that came bundled with the third (she'd just a floating head) that I should really sell because I don't care for sleeping plates, but letting go of literally anything is hard for me. :sigh
    13. I'd say it grew fairly fast - I felt the need to give my first doll some companions, and I kept coming across secondhand dolls that either fit existing characters in my head or else inspired characters. (And then one was a dragon, and I just couldn't resist that.) I bought five secondhand dolls (four MSDs, one tiny dragon) within a few months and bought my first (and so far only) new doll, a tiny, when I got a similar one for a friend for Christmas since they were both in stock at DDE. Finances and other interests pulled me away from dolls for a bit, but I'm currently reexamining my dolls and their characters and considering making some tweaks. I'm not planning on buying more dolls, but we all know how that goes. :sweat