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How rare are Unoss dolls?

Aug 15, 2007

    1. Hi there,
      Just curious, how often do Unoss dolls come up for sale?
    2. In response to your question: not very often as far as I know ;)
    3. You'll see one come up for sale about once every two months on average.

      You might want to check Y!J for one. They weren't quite as expensive in Japan when they were released since they Japanese didn't have to go through a buying service for one.
    4. rinkya.com and crescent-shop.com both have built-in translation services. You can find Unoss auctions by stopping by the Unoss page at Cassiel's extensive database and info page on Volks dolls: http://angelden.net/volks/other/unoss.php.. there is a link to search Y!J for Unoss at the bottom of the page.
    5. I use crescent shop or rinkya to search. I registered with crescent shop.
    6. Not very rare at all. There's at least one unoss for sale most of the time on Y!J. Finding a full set, especially with unsanded eyelashes and eyebrows might take longer - up to three to four months, I'd say.

      They aren't horribly expensive either.
    7. i got my unmodded unoss (please, if you intend to mod one, buy an already modded one, since the unmodded are so rare!) on Y!japan auctions, she was just a head and i found the body on DOA. i used crescent shop to buy her head, they are great! it took a lot of waiting for an unmodded one, 2 or 3 slipped through my fingers because i didn't have the money.

      i paid about $835 total for unmodded head ($220) and nude body($615). i don't have her wig, original box, paper work, or outfit. i bought her earlier this year.

      they are awesome dolls, i love unoss so much! my flickr has some pictures of mine in the optional kitty ears.
    8. Wow guys Thanx for all the responses....I wasn't sure whether or not to jump on one because they are rare or wait. The idea of waiting and losing out is just terrible. I have an account on crescent shop, but didnt' really know how it worked...I only registered when the unoa preorder was announced.
      I want one sooo badly!
    9. They aren't too rare, I find one Unoss will have many owners just due to the fact they get annoyed clothes shoping for them.
      I love mine but due to her huge hands and tiny waist she's hard to buy for ...and shoes SD13 boy, sized feet. That my main complaint is there's not enough "girly shoes" out there for them. I love mine lots. So I wish you luck in getting one.
    10. my problem with those is that they are all platform heel kind of gothic lolita. i would love some more normal girl shoes, like leeke,volks, or dollheart makes for sd girls. some of leeke's shoes for unoss are okay, but again they are all platforms! no dainty heels! though leeke does have one ballet flat type that i want to buy.
    11. Hear hear! More dainty, feminine shoes for all lovely unoss girls! :thumbup